For You I Will.

Can we first just take a little time to appreciate this beautiful cover???



1/29, Chelsea Maria is debuting with a book that’s not like anything you’ve ever read. I can pretty much guarantee that!

Synopsis –

Andre Joseph learned at a young age what it meant to cleave to another soul. Since the age of 15, he has sacrificed his happiness and placed his dreams on hold to make sure the one he cleaved to the most lived out their dream. Being a producer under his best friend’s record label came with a lot of perks… except true love. His desires for love went beyond the lyrics he wrote. He craved it like the air he breathed.

Landon Carter had it all. The money, cars, clothes and a plethora of women. Being COO of a major record label, Landon has seen first-hand the lengths women will go to just to attach their name to his. Tired of the lies and deceit, he takes his heart off the market and hardens it instead.

Set out on being struck by Cupid’s arrow, Andre opened himself up for love unlike his best friend Landon. Only thing, well person, stopping him is a Kenyan beauty whose own insecurities cause Andre to rethink if the fight for true love is worth it.

Being the scrooge of love, Landon thought the black ice surrounding his heart would never melt. That is… until he meets an unlikely spirit that causes him to rethink the true of meaning love.

Sneak peek –


“We need to…” I stopped as I felt the cold breeze sweep over my neck. Turning my focus to Dre, I felt heat radiating from him. My eyes landed on the face behind him. The heat didn’t come from him. It came from her. A woman I never met but felt like I needed to. A woman that intensified the twister in my gut with each tap of her finger on the face of her watch. She and I were strangers but in this moment, we felt like distant lovers.

My eyes scanned in closer. Analyzing and studying their body language. Though they stood close to one another, the vibe wasn’t one of intimacy but of close friends that shared an innocent love for one another. Ignoring the angry scowl on Dre’s face I continued to assess. Their features were closely similar; hers softer to his masculine. Staring into her grey orbs of ashes, I did the most outrageous thing; I summoned the presence of God, hoping that this was him answering my mother’s prayers to send me a Godly woman. Hoping he’d not only answered my mother’s prayers, but my own.

Answer the prayer I prayed years ago when I felt my heart hardening due to every woman I met using me for my name and money.  The prayer to preserve my heart, after Juliette shattered it into pieces, until he aligned my path with my wife.  I needed him to confirm it. He needed to send a smoke signal. A message in a bottle. Bat signals. Something. I needed confirmation because this woman was about to receive my last name with no thought of a prenup. She was going to birth all my children; have me cooking all her meals and washing her clothes.

“Ready?” He asked over his shoulder. She nodded.

“Who might you be, pretty lady? Dre, introduce me.” She smiled not taking her eyes off me.

“Nope. Absolutely not. Have a good night.” I smirked as he moved quickly but not quick enough. My Lord why did I have to look and see each curve of God’s creation? He helped her put on her coat, then took her hand in his.

“It was nice chatting with you, Mr. Carter.” She called over her shoulder.

Wait, she knew my name? Had I met her before? No way I met this woman and didn’t remember being in her presence.  I was at a disadvantage; she knew of me, but I knew nothing of her.

Who is this mystery woman?? You’ll find out 1/29/2018!


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