Dropping tomorrow – If we could do it again!!

Tomorrow A. Marie Johnson’s latest release goes live! “If We Could Do It Again” has relatable characters, humor, love and one of the most swoon worthy book baes I’ve (B. Love) encountered in a while! Here’s one final look into If We Could Do It Again before it’s available for purchase!


“Nothing can go on between us. You can’t come in town and just sweep me back into your arms, Noble.”
“I can’t? Because that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Starting right now.”
Noni Clark never imagined living her life without Noble Preston by her side… until she had to. Their high school sweetheart love came to an unwanted end when Noble graduated and moved to California, leaving her behind in their hometown. With no other choice but to move on, Noni finished her final year of high school alone and continued to find her way through life without him… until he came back.
Riding on the upside of a promising acting career, Noble Preston has never been more satisfied with life, but there is one thing missing to make it complete; Noni Clark. After nine years without seeing her, fate finds a way to bring them back together through his younger sister, Avery. Avery needs a wedding planned, Noble is going to stay for the planning and fund it all and Noni is the best wedding planner in the city. The chance for Noble to win Noni back and keep her for good seems promising… until trouble pops up.
A mother that never wanted to see the two of them together, a man who has already made a place in Noni’s life and an enticing vixen from Noble’s very recent past make it hard for the unforgettable lovers to truly reunite.
Can a love that never seemed to fade win? Or will the destiny that first set them apart continue to trump all?
Sneak peek


“Oh shit,” Lyla and I both turned toward Mia at the sound of her voice, “I don’t mean to interrupt… but… is that Noble?”
My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach as soon as his name left her lips.
My Noble?
I mean… my old Noble.
There was no way…
“Where?!” Lyla panicked, “I didn’t invite him. Given his and Noni’s past…”
“Shit! That is him!” I yelled in a whisper, “Lyla, what the hell?!”
“I swear, Noni!” she yelled back in a whisper, “I would not have invited Noble. We lost touch when you two broke up… nine years ago. I don’t know how he would have found out…”
“That damn Kenny!” Mia burst, “Kenny just walked over to the table he’s at.”
“Kenny? How would Kenny know Noble? Kenny didn’t go to high school with us.”
My brain was spinning trying to figure out how Kenny knew Noble well enough to invite him to his wedding. The only thing that might make sense was if…
“They had to have played basketball together back in the day. That’s the only thing that would make sense,” Mia offered up the same thing I was thinking.
“Kenny went to Bellevue West, right?”
“Right,” Lyla answered, “We used to play them all the time, and Kenny is twenty-six too, so it makes sense for them to have played with each other.”
Bellevue West was one of our high school’s biggest rivals. They were from the other side – the uppity side if we’re being honest – of town and they always thought they were better than us because of it. Noble only played basketball for a year or two, and I never caught too many games because of my commitment to volleyball, so the girls and I never knew much about the basketball players that didn’t belong to our school.
“Are you going to talk to him?” Lyla’s brows were wrinkled and she looked genuinely concerned when she asked the question.
“Am I going to talk to him?” I repeated it more to myself than her.
Was I going to talk to him?
I wouldn’t even begin to know what to say or where to start. We hadn’t seen each other since he graduated a year before I did and moved to Los Angeles, California. A whole nine years ago.
And it wasn’t that Noble and I left off on bad terms when he moved, either, because we didn’t. His mom sent him to live with his well-off uncle who had a few connections with a few different Hollywood movie producers. Acting had been a dream of Noble’s for as long as I knew him and it just seemed… best to let him live that dream out. I didn’t want to be the reason he was held back from it.
Though our relationship ended right before he moved, we still tried to keep in touch the first couple months he was away, but eventually, that stopped altogether.
 We stopped altogether. Stopped trying to hang onto each other.
“Well?” Lyla’s voice brought my mind back into the conversation, “Are you going to say something or?”
“Or not. I don’t know what I would say. I mean…”
“Welp. It looks like you won’t have a choice. He’s making his way over here, lovey.”
“Oh no! I can’t do this. Not here. Not right now.”
My palms were sweating and I was pretty sure the low chattering sound I kept hearing was coming from my own heels.
“I have to find Chad,” I rushed out, “Maybe Noble won’t come talk to me if he sees me with him.”
“Well, you have about ten seconds, babe. Go!”
Lyla didn’t have to tell me twice. I pulled my dress up so I wouldn’t trip trying to fast-walk to the table I left my date, Chad, sitting at and hightailed it. I looked over my shoulder to try to somewhat calculate how long I had left to make it to him… and damn should I not have done that.
My eyes locked with Noble’s as soon as my head turned and I froze. Froze at the sight of those intense, vanilla syrup colored eyes that used to only soften at the sight of me…
Oh no. Why were his eyes currently softening at the sight of me?
That wasn’t supposed to still happen, and it didn’t even stop there. Not only were his eyes smiling at me, the corners of his mouth were too. The same corners I used to smother in kisses. The same corners that were not supposed to still send butterflies to the middle of my stomach… but did.
And I had to admit, nine years did Noble well. Nine years turned him from the cute, young boy that I once knew into a fine-ass grown man that I truly didn’t think I’d run across again. Not after all this time, anyway.
And fine-ass grown man might have even been an understatement. Noble looked more than fine. Noble looked more than any and everything I could’ve remembered.
His skin was still as light as sand, but everything else? Everything else was… magnified. His jawline looked to have been chiseled on behalf of God himself.
Strong, thick, black eyebrows. A neatly shaved and thin mustache. A small amount of hair on his goatee that I could already imagine tickling me between my thighs. Big hands, deep dimples, and a top lip that was light brown paired with a bottom lip that was light pink had somehow become my favorite things about him all over again, in a matter of seconds.
All that wrapped in all that was him had become my favorites all over again, in a matter of seconds.
And at the same time, in that same breath, all that had also just become my biggest fear, in a matter of seconds.
No… a full grown, devilishly handsome Noble Preston had just become my biggest fear, in a matter of seconds.

Get ready for Noble and Noni’s story tomorrow because it’s one that you do not want to miss!


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