Final sneak peek – For You I Will

Tomorrow, Chelsea Maria is making her debut with ‘For You I Will’, and it’s another beautifully crafted love story to add to the B. Love Publications list! Check out the synopsis and final sneak peek below.


Synopsis –

Andre Joseph learned at a young age what it meant to cleave to another soul. Since the age of 15, he has sacrificed his happiness and placed his dreams on hold to make sure the one he cleaved to the most lived out their dream. Being a producer under his best friend’s record label came with a lot of perks… except true love. His desires for love went beyond the lyrics he wrote. He craved it like the air he breathed.

Landon Carter had it all. The money, cars, clothes and a plethora of women. Being COO of a major record label, Landon has seen first-hand the lengths women will go to just to attach their name to his. Tired of the lies and deceit, he takes his heart off the market and hardens it instead.

Set out on being struck by Cupid’s arrow, Andre opened himself up for love unlike his best friend Landon. Only thing, well person, stopping him is a Kenyan beauty whose own insecurities cause Andre to rethink if the fight for true love is worth it.

Being the scrooge of love, Landon thought the black ice surrounding his heart would never melt. That is… until he meets an unlikely spirit that causes him to rethink the true of meaning love.

Sneak peek –


The flight from Miami to New York was long and tiring. Having a three-hour overlay in Atlanta reminded me why I hated to travel. Before I reached baggage claim I received a notification that my UBER had I arrived. I had one destination on my mind – Euphoric Beauty Salon. I pushed open the door and the smell of frankincense and Sage engulfed me.

“Hey. Is Dafina in today?” I asked Jade the receptionist.

Jade did her normal lustful ogling. “What’s up, Dre? Your girl is here.” She winked. “Go ahead in the back.”

I knocked my knuckles on the glass counter. “Thanks.” I barely rounded the corner when I collided with beauty… her beauty. A smile spread across my face as I took in Dafina. My heart had a habit of freezing each time I beheld her and then pound controllably. Each encounter felt like the first. And each time I found something else about her that made her beauty beyond compare.

“Hey King.” Her raspy voice seeped into my ears while her mahogany arms wrapped around my neck. Diving face first, I planked right in her neck. She squealed as I squeezed her slender body tight releasing all the anxiety and stress of Miami.

“Hey Beautiful.” My voice muffled as I spoke against her skin. Three days too long away from my mahogany treasure. She lived up to the meaning of her name. Since the day I saw her talking to Drea at the coffee shop down the street, she captivated me in ways no other woman has. Between her deep Kenyan accent to Drea’s ease of talking with her, she had me smitten.

“Here for a touch up?” She leaned back in my arms racking her hands over my dreads. My eyes scanned down to her ankle moccasins up to her thick toned legs to the African print dashiki dress. The name plate resting on her chest to the roundness of her face. Red lipstick. Long lashes. And my favorite, her big unmeasurable afro.

“Yes. Can you fit me in?” Memorizing myself with her scent of the day, I inhaled deeply.

Running her fingers through my beard she gazed in my eyes with a look of interest. The same interest that made me question her motive to keep me locked in the friendzone.

“Sit in my chair.”

As soon as my hands released her I felt a void. It never failed when she removed herself from me.

“Where are you taking my girl tonight?” Dafina spoke over me as she massaged the shampoo into my scalp. As much as I wanted to engage in conversation my attention sat elsewhere… her face. Her entire presence over me. “Dre, are going to let me talk to myself?” She snickered.

I cleared my throat. “Sorry baby. What did you ask?”

She shook her head. “Dre, you are the absolute worse. I asked where are you taking my girl tonight?”

Realizing what she asked I smiled. “A friend of mine owes me a favor so I’m taking her to a private screening to see Black Panther. I can’t wait to see her face.”

Dafina’s eyes widened. “I’m so jealous. She is so lucky. You treat her like a queen and I love it so much. She’s lucky to have you.”

“Nah, I’m lucky to have her. How did she look when she left? Any issues?”

“None. Sit at my booth.” I followed behind her. “The new style I gave her is different so please be nice.” She pointed a comb in my face.

“Really, Daf? You think I’ll do that to my baby? You know how sensitive she is.” I held my hands up.

“Glad we’ve come to a mutual understanding.” She began retwisting my dreads. “And before you ask, I ordered the bouquet from Tasha. She said just come by.”

I reached for her hand and kissed her palm. “Thank you Dafina.”

“Stop playing around. We’re on time restrictions. I’m not getting in trouble with her because of you.” She giggled. For the next hour and a half Dafina asked questions about my trip to Miami. What upcoming projects I had. Unlike my response to Landon, I openly shared all aspects of my life with Dafina. She held a different meaning in my heart than Landon. I trusted her beyond my comfortability. Not to mention Drea loved her and said that her spirit was genuine. If Drea liked you, I had no choice but to do the same.


Just what exactly does Andre and Landon have going on with these ladies??? You’ll find out tomorrow when Chelsea Maria’s debut release goes live!


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