Coming Monday – Not Mine to Give

We’re back!

Monday, 3/12/18, Chelsea Maria is returning with “Not Mine to Give” and you do NOT want to miss this emotional tale of love returned!


May you ever appear where you are most needed and least expected. 

Carefree and living life one color of the rainbow at a time, Jacolby knew numbers like she knew fashion had no rules against color coordination. When a close friend of the family requests her services to uncover stolen money, Jacolby enters a world of past love, hurt, and the unknown. The man she swore never to give access to her heart again is five floors above making slow steps down until both are left to confront the past and decide if moving on together is worth it.

He was unable to love and be loved… or is he?

Paxton and love were like oil and water; they never mixed. Seeing Jacolby after all these years awakened parts of him that he thought were dormant. Refusing to end up more hollow than he already is, Paxton consistently fights his feelings for Jacolby.

They say if you love something let it go. If it returns it’s yours; if it doesn’t it wasn’t. Will this be true for Paxton and Jacolby? After nine years, did their paths cross just for business, or is there a deeper meaning that neither of them could ever imagine?

“The confidence I had to accomplish walking around every day vanished at the mention of Paxton Reid. He siphoned the gas that it took for me to function properly. His alluring eyes ordered my steps simply by a blink. Even in his absence, he controlled the one organ I needed him to return… my heart.” – Jacolby



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