Sample Sunday – Cinfully Delicious

Friday, 3.16.18, A. Jones returns with the highly anticipated spinoff of her debut release, “Cinfully Delicious!”

Cover #14 - A. JONES.jpg


At twenty-nine, Angela “Cin” Patterson has more than she ever thought she’d have. A thriving cafe, great friendships and most importantly a love like she’s never experienced. Though cloud nine doesn’t fully depict the joy Cin feels, it’s the best word that defines her happiness The only problem with clouds is that they sometimes bring rain.

Amad Moore, formerly known as The Playboy, finally has the one woman he’s always wanted. He’s jumped through hoops and knocked down heart walls to get to where he is today… in a fully committed relationship with Cin.

One mistake… one misunderstanding… is not only threatening their happiness but digging up a past that they’d prefer to keep buried. Will Amad and Cin weather the storm that’s threatening their happy ending, or will the past make them both give up on what they thought they wanted?

Sneak peek


I sat up trying to keep myself from jumping to conclusions, but how couldn’t I?.

Amad pocket dialed me while he was having sex with a stripper?

There wasn’t a single way I could spin what I heard and come out with a different outcome. So many emotions were hitting me at once. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to break stuff.

Unfortunately, crying is what gave way. As I laid in bed tears slowly started falling down my face. I thought about how I trusted Amad. How I listened to him. How he did the very thing he never said he would do.

He didn’t protect my heart.

The more I sat there and thought about it the more I became mad with myself. Good things didn’t last for me. Especially when it came to love. So why was this so different? Why was I surprised and why in the hell did this hurt so much?

Because Amad was different…or so I thought…

Find out why Friday!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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