Not mine to give – TOMORROW


Chelsea Maria returns tomorrow with “Not Mine to Give”!



May you ever appear where you are most needed and least expected.

Carefree and living life one color of the rainbow at a time, Jacolby knew numbers like she knew fashion had no rules against color coordination. When a close friend of the family requests her services to uncover stolen money, Jacolby enters a world of past love, hurt, and the unknown. The man she swore never to give access to her heart again is five floors above making slow steps down until both are left to confront the past and decide if moving on together is worth it.

He was unable to love and be loved… or was he?

Paxton and love were like oil and water; they never mixed. Seeing Jacolby after all these years awakened parts of him that he thought were dormant. Refusing to end up more hollow than he already is, Paxton consistently fights his feelings for Jacolby.

They say if you love something let it go. If it returns it’s yours; if it doesn’t it wasn’t. Will this be true for Paxton and Jacolby? After nine years, did their paths cross just for business, or is there a deeper meaning that neither of them could ever imagine?

Sneak peek


She needed to leave. Jacolby had to leave. Vacate the building. Vacate my life and never return. I needed… wanted her gone. Three days I’ve suffered at the cost of her. Nightmares intensified. Only slept by the aid of sleeping pills or smoking. No matter how stressed her presence made me, I haven’t feened to touch a bottle of liquor since I laid eyes on her; which was a first considering I drunk myself to sleep for the last six years.

My family hounded me to seek psychological help or to sign up for one of those group meetings that required me to sit in a circle and discuss my issues. It was easy for people to suggest what they feel will help when they don’t even understand the pain and strength it takes to wake up in the morning.

On my way out the office, the other day, Jacolby and I ran smack into each other. My chest to her chest. The minute my body realized it was her hands on my chest as I helped stable her on wobbly legs, my sensors went off. The feel of her touch. Of me touching her. There was a time when she begged me to keep my hands to myself in public. Staring down into those coffee brown eyes, I allowed myself to feel… just for a moment. All I needed was a moment. I just needed a minute.

Skin to skin contact.

Her in my arms.

I needed to feel my home.

The tremble of her bottom lip heated the blood flowing through my veins. My lips became envious of my thumb as I swiped back and forth on her lip. She exhaled and gave me her sweet minty breath; waiting for me to exchange my own with her.

A perfect moment short lived once I realized our hearts were beating in sync. How was that even possible? The groan and look of disappointment on her gorgeous face hit me in the gut the second I released her from my arms. A void felt between the both of us.

Read the rest tomorrow!

Until next time,

The authors of BLP.




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