Tomorrow – Cinfully Delicious

Tomorrow, things get sinful with A. Jones’ “Cinfully Delicious”

Cover #14 - A. JONES


At twenty-nine, Angela “Cin” Patterson has more than she ever thought she’d have. A thriving cafe, great friendships and most importantly a love like she’s never experienced. Though cloud nine doesn’t fully depict the joy Cin feels, it’s the best word that defines her happiness. The only problem with clouds is that they sometimes bring rain.

Amad Moore, formerly known as The Playboy, finally has the one woman he’s always wanted. He’s jumped through hoops and knocked down heart walls to get to where he is today… in a fully committed relationship with Cin.

One mistake… one misunderstanding… is not only threatening their happiness but digging up a past that they’d prefer to keep buried. Will Amad and Cin weather the storm that’s threatening their happy ending, or will the past make them both give up on what they thought they wanted?

Sneak peek


Shaking my head, I asked aloud, “Why, Amad?”


The song ended and I was still standing there in silence. The problem with breaking things is that it only felt good for the moment.


I whipped my head around to the garage door that led into my house and saw Melanie standing in the doorway. She slowly stepped out.

“Stop. It’s too much glass.”

“I see that, but you’re bleeding.”

I looked down at my arm. I never even realized I got cut.

The concern that was etched all over Melanie’s face made my stomach drop.

“Cin, what’s going on?”

She looked down and I followed her gaze to the bat in my hand. I dropped it and swallowed. “Just doing some demolition therapy.”

“You don’t demolish your own stuff though, Cin. Again, what’s going on?”

I grimaced as the pain from the cut started to kick in, “Ask your brother.”

Melanie walked over and looked at my arm. Sighing, she ordered me to go in the house. “Let’s go so I can clean this.”

Once we were in the house Mel went to get my first aid kit and my peroxide. She came back out to the kitchen. “Where is your iodine?”

“Medicine cabinet main bathroom.”

I sat at the island in my kitchen thinking about what I just did.


Mel grabbed my arm and put a towel under it. She poured the peroxide over my cut to clean it and then gently pressed around it.

“Does it feel like any glass is in your cut?”

My eyes started to water, not from the physical pain of my cut, but from the fact that my emotional behind really did this. “No.”

I swiped at the tears that started to fall as she poured iodine over my cut then wrapped it in gauze.

When she was finished she cleaned everything up and came to sit down next to me. We were both quiet for a long time. Mel just sat there staring at me before she stood up and pulled me into a hug.

I broke down in her arms and I hated myself for it. I didn’t cry. I didn’t show weakness. This whole thing with Amad was too much from the beginning.

Mel rubbed my back in circles as she held me.

“Cin, what happened between you and Amad?”

Find out tomorrow!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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