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Hello again! Chelsea Maria has a new release coming 4/27/18!

“The Colors We Make”


The change in the four seasons can prompt changes in us as human beings and the world around us. For Milan Butler, the change in the seasons meant her days of juggling books and late-night studying concluded and she would graduate from law school. Following in her Mother’s footsteps, Milan pushed her dreams of becoming a psychologist aside and picked up the gavel. Needing to release the frustration of not having the courage to take control over her life, she seeks comfort in the arms of not one but two men.

Open the dictionary and look up loyalty and sacrifice. There, you will find a picture of Hendrix Gordon. Owning one of the largest paper and printing outsourcing companies in South Florida, Hendrix and his family lived a life of many luxuries. A late night of celebration caused Hendrix to make a decision that would later shift his entire empire. After spending seven years in prison for taking the rap for a loved one, Hendrix is a free man with one goal – take back everything snatched from him.

After crossing paths with Milan, Hendrix knew from the moment her brown eyes lit up from seeing his drawing that she was the one for him, but when is love ever that easy? Giving into the desires of her heart, Milan takes a chance on Hendrix and soon realizes that the colors he painted on paper matched the array of colors he brought into her life. Will the colors they create together brush into a portrait worth hanging, or will the oil and water of their structure not mix and cause their colors to run dry?

Sneak peek



The door creaked as it was pushed open. My breath hitched as my eyes locked in on the large burly man standing in the middle of the door frame.

No way. There is absolutely no way in heck this man is my client.

He turned and closed the door, giving me the perfect view of his back. Instantly my mouth went dry. Parched from his broad shoulders and wide back.

I think I’m drooling. No. I know I’m drooling.

The large specimen of a man turned around blinding me with all his fineness.

A black hat covered his eyes, but I knew they could hypnotize me dumb. I felt it in the pit of my gut. He had a ruggedness and vital power that instantly attracted me to him.

Neither of us said anything. He glared at me with a frown while I daydreamed about the six kids and beach house we were going to have.

He took a step. Then another. And another. I leaned back into my desk and gripped the edges until my knuckles hurt. I wasn’t afraid because of his past run-in with the law. I was afraid because I couldn’t breathe. The closer he came the wider my eyes got and the longer I held my breath. The muscles rippling under his white thermal quickened my pulse.

“Hendrix Gordon.” He held out his bear claw of a hand. His voice sounded like three martinis. Oh, don’t forget the olives as a garnish. A drink I wouldn’t dare drink in fear of hair growing on my chest but felt tempted to from the perspiration on the glass. That’s how this mystery man looked. Tempting and drinkable.

Finding my voice, I introduced myself. “Milan Butler. Nice to meet you.”

“Same here. Can I have a seat?” He nodded towards the couch.

Snapping out of my trance, I stood up straight. “Uh, yes. Sure. Of course. Please have a seat.”

He chuckled before taking a step backward.

No, don’t go.

I wanted him to stay close. Close so I could drench myself in his scent. Close to rub my cheek against his goatee. Close to figure out the name of our firstborn.

I grabbed my notebook and clipboard, making sure to bend a little more at the hip. What was I doing? He’s on probation for goodness sakes.


Find out who this man is and why Milan has this type of reaction to him 4/27!


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