Sample Sunday – Nirvana

Here’s a brief look into “Nirvana” by Alexis Cñe, releasing 6/1/18.




“Someone’s a big girl now!” he said playfully, making me smile and blush a little bit. “You ready to hit the streets with ya boy?”

“Do you have to ask?” I said giddily, walking to the front doors like I already knew where we were going.

“You tired of eating the same basic BS they’re dishing out around here yet?” I could see it in his face he already had a plan and was looking for confirmation.

“Am I?!” I paused. “But Roland, we’re just hanging, right? Like friends?” I nervously asked because I had been up and down about the way I was feeling about him lately. Getting away and alone with him would probably make those feelings harder to decipher.

“Nirvana. Why do you keep doing that? Every time you feel a little something good, you want to stop it. It’s okay to just ride those good feelings out.”  He sounded a little disappointed as he grilled me with his gaze and I felt guilty that I was ruining the mood.

“I think you know the answer to that,” I said uneasily.

“I know that I know the answer to that, so I need to address it before we leave this place. I want to hear you say it. You’ve been hesitant and indifferent about your own thoughts since we met. I can see it on your face every time you get in that head of yours. Go ahead and say why?”

He was ready to clear the air and I knew it was time. I looked away not knowing how I wanted to put it. “Naw, look at me.” He came close and gently guided my face with the side of his index finger beneath my chin and locked eyes with me. The butterflies started waking up in my belly making me smile, which made him smile, causing those butterflies to have a field day.

“I…I’m not even going to lie. You’re kind of pulling me in, if you know what I’m sayin, and I don’t get pulled in, ever! I have never, ever, been pulled in!” I giggled as I saw him lighting up. “On top of that, I’m trying to learn how to cope with losing everybody I loved. I don’t know if I could handle losing…”

I hesitated because I realized that it was too late and he already knew that, too. I already looked forward to seeing Roland every day. I would miss the newfound happiness I get from him if he left today. I wasn’t in love with him or at least I felt like I couldn’t be, not yet. Whether I’d admit it or not, I was falling for this charming, intelligent, young man, the more time we spent together.

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Up next, Alexis Cñe makes her fictional debut release with “Nirvana” on Friday, June 1st.



When Nirvana Lynn James’ life is turned upside down by a heartbreaking confession of a classmate, the last thing she expects to find is love.

In the midst of Nirvana trying to piece her life together, Roland Watson finds himself trying to piece her heart together. Problem is, time is not on their side.

Just as quickly as Nirvana receives Roland, she loses him and is left to sort out the heartache that landed her in the arms of Roland along with the hurt of losing him. Pair that with trying to make a name for herself in a city she quickly made enemies in, Nirvana finds herself in some life changing situations.

Only God can turn this mess into a masterpiece, and Nirvana can only hope and pray that peace, love, and Roland will find her again.

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Tomorrow! – The Colors We Make

Tomorrow, Chelsea Maria returns with “The Colors We Make”.



The change in the four seasons can prompt changes in us as human beings and the world around us. For Milan Butler, the change in the seasons meant her days of juggling books and late-night studying concluded and she would graduate from law school. Following in her Mothers footsteps, Milan pushed her dreams of becoming a psychologist aside and picked up the gavel. Needing to release the frustration of not having the courage to take control over her life, she seeks comfort in the arms of not one but two men.

Open the dictionary and look up loyalty and sacrifice. There, you will find a picture of Hendrix Gordon. Owning one of the largest paper and printing outsourcing companies in South Florida, Hendrix and his family lived a life of many luxuries. A late night of celebration caused Hendrix to make a decision that would later shift his entire empire. After spending seven years in prison for taking the rap for a loved one, Hendrix is a free man with one goal – take back everything snatched from him.

After crossing paths with Milan, Hendrix knew from the moment her brown eyes lit up from seeing his drawing that she was the one for him, but when is love ever that easy? Giving into the desires of her heart, Milan takes a chance on Hendrix and soon realizes that the colors he painted on paper matched the array of colors he brought into her life. Will the colors they create together brush into a portrait worth hanging, or will the oil and water of their structure not mix and cause their colors to run dry?

Sneak Peek

The sound of her heels clicking against the wood floor matched the drum of the beat of my heart. I purposely came early to sit in the front waiting area. I loved the walk of a woman. The sway of her hips. Calf muscles exposed thanks to those neck breaking heels. My gaze started at the strappy heels and her white painted toes. The olive-green dress she wore clung to her curved body like a glove.

I turned my hat around and ran a hand over my beard. Milan broke the patient-doctor protocol. She didn’t need to seduce me with the dress or the cherry lips. Whatever she wanted to know about me, I was ready to be forthcoming with the information. Biting my lip I watched as she stretched her hand out to me, giving me a flirtatious smile.

“Nice to see you again Hendrix.” When our hands touched, a charge of electricity surged. I watched as a shiver ran over her body. Knowing the affect I had on her body caused me to grin.

“Good to see you as well Milan.” I stepped back, but she did not attempt to release my hand. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I rubbed the back of her hand, watching her breathing hitch and eyes flutter.

“Ready to get started?” She asked with a shaky voice.

“Yes, ma’am.”


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