We’re baaaacccckkkk!

Up next, Alexis Cñe makes her fictional debut release with “Nirvana” on Friday, June 1st.



When Nirvana Lynn James’ life is turned upside down by a heartbreaking confession of a classmate, the last thing she expects to find is love.

In the midst of Nirvana trying to piece her life together, Roland Watson finds himself trying to piece her heart together. Problem is, time is not on their side.

Just as quickly as Nirvana receives Roland, she loses him and is left to sort out the heartache that landed her in the arms of Roland along with the hurt of losing him. Pair that with trying to make a name for herself in a city she quickly made enemies in, Nirvana finds herself in some life changing situations.

Only God can turn this mess into a masterpiece, and Nirvana can only hope and pray that peace, love, and Roland will find her again.

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Until next time,

The authors of BLP.



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