Final sneak peek into “Why don’t We Fall in Love?”

Are you ready for Chelsea Maria’s “Why don’t We Fall in Love?” If you aren’t, you better get ready because it drops 6/20!


Synopsis –

Nyla Monroe prided herself on never falling in love. She wore it like a badge of honor. Unlike her free-spirited friends, who freely loved, she created a rule book that gave her specific instructions to follow when it came to guarding her heart. Over the years, Nyla allowed her painful childhood to be a blanket of protection and reason behind being anti-love.

At thirty years old, Nyla finally grew tired of her Mother’s coddling ways and decided it was time for a change. Unsure of the first place to start looking, the person who has always guided her steps in and opens his home to her – her best friend Chea Bradley.

Whenever these two are in the same vicinity of one another, a harmony of love encompassed them to the point of suffocation, but what can be done when one is determined not to fall?

Uprooting from all she knew, Nyla heads to Colorado with the intentions of getting her business off the ground. Along the way of expanding her brand, it seems Cupid has a bow with Nyla’s name on it ready to strike its target – her heart, causing her to be open and honest about her feelings.

Chea Bradley is a man of strength and determination. Every step he has taken in life has been calculated down to the house he would buy. Unlike Nyla, who is blind to their unmeasurable chemistry, Chea steps in and gives Nyla all the love and strength she never thought she needed. But will that be enough? Will these two best friends of eight years do the unthinkable and embrace the inevitable, or will the fear of falling in love keep them stagnate?

Sneak peek – Nyla

Seeing Chea standing on the wrap around porch caused my stomach to somersault. I missed feeling the tremors in my heart when he smiled. It had barely been a month since I last saw him, and a feeling of longing formed in my chest. I never wanted that amount of time to pass between us again.

He stood, feet gapped and those bowlegs wide. The khaki’s and navy-blue polo shirt complemented his sweet gingerbread skin perfectly. His dreads were freshly done and hung loosely. Seeing the pink of his tongue glide over his succulent lips caused my heart to pound so loudly in my ears that I was afraid I might go deaf.

I sucked in several deep breaths as my eyes watched him swagger over to my side of the car. Chea had a distinctive walk that I could bet my last dollar on identifying in a crowd. He walked and dripped sex appeal. The authority in his hips let you know that the member between his legs was the heavyweight champion of the world. His thick neck matched his perfect posture and broad shoulders.

“Girl, you got it bad,” Moe teased as Chea opened my door.

Ignoring her, I took a deep breath and smiled. “Hey, pudd.”

“Sing to me, baby.” Instead of holding his hand out for me, he wrapped his strong arms around my waist and scooped me out the car. I tried, I really did, but the whimper and moan fought harder than my inner will.

Being in Chea’s arms, feeling his hard-chiseled chest, and smelling his panty-dropper cologne ignited an X-rated hunger and weakness within me. I was hungry to climb up his body and latch on and never let go, but too weak to think and remember that those lines were never to be crossed.

Running my nose along the thick vein near his Adam’s apple, I ran my hands up and down the back of his head. “I missed you, Pudd. You miss me?”

Where was the fire truck when I needed it?

His rough hands squeezed me closer. I never wanted to leave the confinement of his arms. It was my haven. My place of peace and protection. They provided the perfect comfort, and from the feel of Chea’s heartbeat leveling out to match mine, he felt the same. Our hearts were in sync. Our hearts were finally home. They may have been in the wrong body, he had mine, and I had his, but they were finally in the same space.

Gripping me by the back of my neck, he looked me deep in my eyes. His burning gaze held me captive. “I never stop missing you,” he professed. Slowly, not breaking eye contact, he placed a kiss on the corner of lips.

My body began to hum and vibrate as I fought to keep my head still and not turn to meet his lips. “Chea,” I gripped his shirt to stop myself from moaning. His drugging kisses were getting too intimate. I didn’t know how much more I could endure before I begged for more.

“You feel so good in my arms, Ny. Do you know how long I’ve waited to have you here with me? All to myself. Just you and me. Mmm, I’m never letting you leave me,” his words shocked me to complete silence. “Let’s get your car unpacked.” He didn’t move. Made no attempts to let me go. His lips moved from the corner of my mouth to the hypersensitive spot on my collarbone.

Our surroundings became a blur. Moe’s giggling and snickering became distant static. His teeth grazed my spot, and then the feel of his tongue opened the dam between the river that flowed between my legs. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he bit my flesh.

Why was he playing so unfairly? Why was he torturing me like this? What was he doing to me?

“I hate to break up this moment, but I’m hungry. Chia pet, what you got to eat?” Moe tapped her nails against the roof of my car.

A man on a mission to slaughter me in the middle of his driveway, Chea answered without lifting his head or breaking the groove he created between licking and biting my collarbone. “Foods on top of the stove.”

I snapped out of my drunken state at the sound of his front door closing, “Chea, please stop. We can’t.” The hot little person growing against my thigh made me want to recant those words. “Chea, please.”

His fingers tightened around the back of my neck. An animal growl brushed from his lips to my own. Rolling his forehead against mine, he spoke a series of words that frightened and aroused me. “Nyla, I won’t hold back any longer. The minute you agreed to live with me you agreed to allow me to break down every wall you have up. I know you’re scared to play around with our friendship like this but trust me, Ny, I will protect your heart and love you how you deserve. Trust me. I love you too much to play games or hurt you.”

Part of me wanted to hop back in the car, drive back to Florida, and change my number. The other part of me, my heart, planted my feet on Colorado’s soil and dared me to move. I never ignored Chea’s advances. He never hid them. From the beginning, he has been open about his feelings towards me. It was me who cowered out and hid. I liked this new Chea who put his foot down. As much as I wanted to embrace it, I knew that my demons wouldn’t allow me to.

The guest bedroom that Chea deemed as my own was the room next to his. Shoulda known. When I asked if I could have the room downstairs, he gave me a stern look to not even think about it. He prepared not one but two places for me. In the back of the house, there were seven large ceiling to floor windows. It captured the mountains beautifully. He had the area turned into my office. What did I do to deserve this man?

Until 6/20!


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