Sample Sunday – Allegiance to Your Love

Hey y’all!

ShanicexLola is no stranger to penning beautiful masterpieces, but she’ll be making her B. Love Publications debut with “Allegiance to Your Love” July 3rd! Here’s the synopsis and a sneak peek into a book that you do not want to miss out on!



One look required a double-take, and a double-take revealed his fate to love a woman who didn’t know how it felt to be honorably loved.

Naima Jenkins obtained a life many women kneeled to pray for. The exterior showcased a happily married woman with a beautiful smile so envy-worthy that she should’ve considered watching her back. Contrarily, she was sleeping with the real enemy – a man who promised to love her endlessly, but his actions didn’t correlate. Enough becomes too much to bear when her scars run out of time to heal before another is enforced.

Anxious to reclaim control over her somber life, Naima is determined to stand up for herself. Focused on the bigger picture, being accompanied by another man didn’t fit into the plan. However, Mannix Campton wasn’t just any man. Harboring charisma and profound thoughtfulness, he was irresistible. A plea to trust him could change her life if she’s willing to give herself up again. If only she was willing, an unconventional introduction could lead to the electrifying passion she’d always craved.

Sneak peek



The night’s frigid conditions threatened to numb my being the second I stepped foot outside my car. Following suit with the other foot gradually, the all-black attire I wore helped me blend amongst the night.

“Shit.” I bit the side of my hand when I cursed aloud. The suburban community was quiet, appearing practically deserted if the line of cars along the curbs weren’t there to prove the area was fulfilled. Inching closer to the home I’d just followed my husband to, the strong wind restricted me from walking as swiftly as I wished to. Needed to! The blatant lie my husband leaped from our bed in the middle of the evening and told me wasn’t sitting well with my heart. Draven could convince my mind to believe anything he wanted. He was an attorney. A damn good one too. Lies and scandal were a part of his resume and livelihood. But my aching heart was onto his games. My rapid heartbeat was screaming, ‘how dare he try to play me.’

Running down the road from where I’d abruptly stopped when I noticed him pull in a driveway, I pressed my key to alarm my brand-new Volkswagen GTI. If it was this easy for me to follow him in the unattended gate, who knew what else could go on around here? The Volkswagen I’d recently leased was only three months old, and it was one of the few things between us that I rightfully owned and earned without his name being attached to it.

Getting out of my own head, I stopped crouching and tiptoeing on my favorite wedge sneakers to stand tall. My husband was without a doubt cheating on me. Had been for months! Why was I hiding my hands like I was the guilty one?

The sign in front of his whore’s house said, ‘Don’t Walk on The Grass.’

“Fuck this grass,” I muttered and kicked the sign over.

Stuffing my numb fingers in the pockets of the oversized hoodie I sported, I approached the front door discreetly until I heard laughter. His genuine chuckles belonged to me, and he was giving them away without remorse for the woman he’d recited vows to five years ago. Suddenly I was crouching again. My thighs burned as I kneeled and kept my back against the bricked home for coverage. Soft giggles joined in on his laughter as I glanced around the corner and saw them holding hands in the dining area. The white curtains were closed, but they were sheer. I could see everything clearly, down to the sink in the background filled with dirty dishes. A bottle of red wine sat between them as they sipped from their glasses occasionally before returning both of their hands to the middle of the table to hold onto each other. They looked in each other’s eyes like they were head over heels for one another, and I just wanted to fucking scream!

Controlling myself had never been this difficult, and the cold air wasn’t helping my case. It was taking my breath away as the wind was already being knocked out of me with every wink and head nod he provided her. Damn. I’d failed to realize how corny he was all along. Draven was attentive, sweet, and a provider like I’d always witnessed my father be to my mother. Still, he was corny, and a manipulative cheater. He hadn’t beaten on me in a few days to get what he wanted out of me, so the wink and head nod put forth was an initiation for sex. I could recognize the meaning behind that twinkle in his eye anywhere.

Surveying her body, I easily noticed the breasts, thighs, and ass she had that I lacked. Ironically, she seemed the opposite of me from the dirty dishes in her sink to the extra weight she carried, but what else could I expect from a man? Were they ever certain of their type? As ugly as I wanted to make her out to be, I couldn’t. I couldn’t deny the recognition she deserved. The chandelier above their heads glistened against her teeth as she flashed a perfect smile. Running my tongue over my gap, I wanted to feel envious, but all I harbored inside was anger. As I watched them interact with each other, I awaited a jealous feeling to overwhelm me, but my anger only strengthened. Draven had betrayed me for the last time.

Hope you’re ready for this amazing story!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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