Sample Sunday – Nirvana part 2

Hey y’all! July 5th, Alexis Cñe returns with the finale of “Nirvana.” If you haven’t read part one already, here’s the link to do so.



In the first installment of this series, Nirvana James and Roland Washington’s love was ignited and then put to the test of standing against time by his deployment. That year proved to be more of a test than either of them could have ever imagined – especially Nirvana. Chasing her dreams came right along with twins Trell and Trez ultimately vying to occupy her most valuable possession. Her heart. A heart that belonged to Roland Watson.

Upon Roland’s return and reclaiming of Nirvana’s love, merging their new lives isn’t exactly as easy as the merging of their hearts has always been. It’s been said that with elevation comes separation, and that’s the last thing Nirvana wants from Roland. As careers take off and love abounds, hurdles arise, and an unexpected heartache threatens the fate of Roland and Nirvana’s relationship. Will their love fizzle and fade away, or will they ultimately reach that perfect state of nirvana?


Sneak peek


The first three months Roland and I spent completely on our own was nothing short of a passionate whirlwind. There wasn’t much that could separate the two of us as we managed to physically, mentally, and spiritually intertwine our lives. We were thriving together and sitting on close to eighty grand after fully furnishing our new town house in Buckhead.
Less than two years ago I was headed to the group home I met Roland in with one hundred and eighty-seven dollars to my name. That, and a suitcase stuffed full of the remnants of the only life I’d known for sixteen years. I was an emotional wreck and my life was a mess. A mess that has begun to manifest into a masterpiece.

The sitcom I starred in started blowing up and so did my phone. People were inquiring to work with me left and right, and it was only my first year in the industry. I was a trending topic almost every Wednesday, following the airing of each new episode. The viewers loved every juicy, jaw dropping episode and were hoping for another season almost as bad as I was.

I had become a social butterfly on social media because I now had fans. I was followed by people who loved my acting, my looks, my smile, my style, and people who just wanted to get a glimpse into the girl behind the camera. It didn’t take long for people to connect me to the scandal with my father or the video of me being stabbed, so when I confirmed their suspicions, the attention made me even more relevant. My pockets weren’t complaining and neither was I.

Roland saw the video and hated that something like that could go viral so he paid to have it removed. In my opinion, I think he hated the fact that he wasn’t here and was tired of it popping up on his feed to remind him. It was out there so long I had gotten over it.

The season finale of Behind the Music aired a week ago and I was officially contemplating my next move. The cast and I were almost like family now, and we just flowed in front of the camera, so I couldn’t see this season being a one hitter quitter. The network would be absolutely crazy not to pick up another season so I was waiting on a word. When Mr. Vinnel called me this morning to meet, that was the only thing on my mind.

As for Roland, he started working on a nonprofit like Aneesa’s for young men and his commitment to it was expediting it into rapid success. I introduced him to the world of social media and he was raising money left and right. He had so many letters coming into the P.O. box we bought for privacy we had to check it every other day. The letters were from mothers and loved ones concerned about young men they felt needed a spot in his program.

Roland and I were ten times pass swamped. When we weren’t busy, we were exploring each other’s bodies like nothing else mattered. When I say nothing else, I mean nothing. Not even birth control. It was the furthest thing on my mind for months. Scratch that . . . Trell and Trez were the furthest thing from my mind . . . most of the time.

They had stopped calling me after about a month but that didn’t stop me from having the same dream every time I felt that part of my life was officially over. On top of that, I was still tip toeing around telling Roland that I dreamed about Trell reaching for his pistol with him as the target which made me feel like I can’t permanently sweep it, or them, under a rug.

Hope you’re ready for this epic finale!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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