Final sneak peek – Allegiance to Your Love

Hey y’all! Here’s one final look into ShanicexLola’s “Allegiance to Your Love” before it goes live tomorrow!



One look required a double-take, and a double-take revealed his fate to love a woman who didn’t know how it felt to be honorably loved.

Naima Jenkins obtained a life many women kneeled to pray for. The exterior showcased a happily married woman with a beautiful smile so envy-worthy that she should’ve considered watching her back. Contrarily, she was sleeping with the real enemy – a man who promised to love her endlessly, but his actions didn’t correlate. Enough becomes too much to bear when her scars run out of time to heal before another is enforced.

Anxious to reclaim control over her somber life, Naima is determined to stand up for herself. Focused on the bigger picture, being accompanied by another man didn’t fit into the plan. However, Mannix Campton wasn’t just any man. Harboring charisma and profound thoughtfulness, he was irresistible. A plea to trust him could change her life if she’s willing to give herself up again. If only she was willing, an unconventional introduction could lead to the electrifying passion she’d always craved.

Sneak peek



I took time to think my mission through before knocking on the door to see Naima again. An excuse to provide her some essentials was backfiring due to my wandering eye. It was hard ignoring the dark bruises and redness covering her beautiful body. Without them, she would appear flawless. With them, she was still stunning, she just looked helpless and in need of being rescued. I hadn’t figured out what it was about her that drew me in, but I wanted to be the one. I wished to be her hero.

“Go!” she screamed for me to exit and leave her to her sorrows. I only wanted the back-story on her pain to learn more about her. And I was anxious to pick her brain to receive as much information as possible that would lead me to the coward that needed his ass handed to him.

Exiting her apartment, I felt like a jackass. I let myself have it for disturbing her peace and requesting memories she dreaded. Somehow, I’d made things worse when I was only aiming to make her feel better. One foot was outside of the building while the other refused to follow suit. I just couldn’t leave her alone and broken like that.

“Naima.” I backtracked and knocked. “Damn.” I dropped my head and questioned my actions. It all felt right, but I had to be going about this wrong. When she didn’t answer me, I listened closely for her cries that hadn’t stopped. I could hear her on the other side of the door begging God to ease up on her heavy heart. The pain was eating her alive, and it was tearing me down to witness a woman at her lowest, crying over a fuck nigga.

Grateful the doorknob twisted to grant me access, I barged in and stood in front of her. Naima was in fetal position against the wall. She clawed at her chest during cries that were so loud she didn’t notice I’d reentered.

“Get up,” I whispered and cleared my throat. The lump that formed was going against my strength. Naima’s breakdown was helplessly breaking me down.

Without meaning her any harm, I grabbed her arms gently to stand her up. She was so delicate that I couldn’t fathom a nigga beating on her like she wasn’t the ultimate prize. Snatching herself away from me, she backed up quickly with horror on her face. That look had become all too familiar to me as a child. I never wanted a woman to fear me the way my mother and siblings feared my father.

“I wouldn’t,” I assured her. “I would never.”

Surprisingly, she nodded. Her face softened, revealing she believed me.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to take your life back. This isn’t the end of it. What are you crying for?”

Naima scoffed and wrapped her arms around herself. It was a habit I’d noted whenever I was around her.

“What am I crying for?” she mocked me. “You don’t know the half, but you see it, right? You made it clear that you see it all over me.”

All I could do was stare at her; I hardly had an explanation besides wanting to know more. I also wanted to know why she would subject herself to such misery. Maybe I shouldn’t have inquired because it wasn’t my business to know. But damn, I wanted it to be.

“You’re here, so that means it’s over. You stepped up for yourself.” I was anxious to make her feel accomplished for taking a stand, but Naima only looked at me like I carried more than one head.

“Just mind your business,” she spat.

“Will that change the way you’re moving?”


“Will minding my business change the way you are going about this? Will it keep you off the floor from crying over a nigga who didn’t understand what he had on his arm?”

When silence replied, and she cut her eyes at me, I decided to get comfortable.

“What are you doing?” she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips when I sat on the couch. The tight tank-top and shorts that hugged her impressed me. It showcased the curves she hid underneath baggy clothing.

Glancing at the watch on my wrist, I told her I had time to hang out until she figured out her next move. If looks could kill, I would’ve been a dead man.

“You know what!” she began shouting. Putting distance between us, she backed away from me and voiced her anger. She had every right to be angry, so I let her rock. “You men are all the fucking same. Y’all don’t listen or respect anything a woman says. Makes me wonder how your mothers raised you mutha-fuckers.”

Naima’s breakdowns were reminding me of my mother’s. She too had an angry phase that shifted her life. Recalling the hurt wasn’t easy, but I’d learned it was necessary. Vastly mandatory.

“Naima.” I stood to reason.

“Don’t come near me.”

“You got it. Just hear me out.”

“For what? So you can manipulate me? That’s the only thing you niggas seem to be any good at. Leave, Mannix. If you don’t, I will.”

I didn’t get a proper chance to decide my next move before she started chucking random things across the room. Helping her realize she was better off had turned into an internal war. I thought to grab her in my arms to console her, but the hands of any man weren’t to be trusted by her. Failing to verbally express what she may have needed to hear, I swore my reassuring touch would’ve relieved her heartache in some way. I just couldn’t risk it.

“Fine! I’ll leave!” she screamed. Just as I spoke to object, she rushed in my arms and wept like a baby. Hesitant to wrap my arms around her, it happened naturally after only a moment.

“One minute I’m fine and the next I can’t even breathe.” she panted. The harder she cried, the tighter she held onto me. A knock at the door didn’t break our hold on each other until Naomi barged in and ran to her sister’s aid.

“What did you do to her?” she shouted and pushed me away from Naima to protect her. Grabbing Naima in her arms, she questioned if I’d hurt her. Naima’s breakdown didn’t cease, not even for a moment. She could only shake her head to assure her sister I wasn’t the cause of her pain.

As much as I didn’t want to leave, I had to. Only her sister could soothe her back to health the way I wanted to in that moment. Looking back before I left, Naomi nodded and mouthed a Thank You for my being there. I felt guilty for taking Naima where she’d gone. My intentions were to help her realize the steps she’d taken to rid someone detrimental mattered. Instead, traumatic recollections ripped through her heart. I vowed to stay away from her despite how desperately I wanted her. She deserved peace after all the bullshit she’d been through.

Read the rest tomorrow!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.



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