Final sneak peek – Nirvana part 2

Hey y’all! Here’s the final look into Alexis Cñe’s “Nirvana” the finale.



In the first installment of this series, Nirvana James and Roland Washington’s love was ignited and then put to the test of standing against time by his deployment. That year proved to be more of a test than either of them could have ever imagined – especially Nirvana. Chasing her dreams came right along with twins Trell and Trez ultimately vying to occupy her most valuable possession. Her heart. A heart that belonged to Roland Watson.

Upon Roland’s return and reclaiming of Nirvana’s love, merging their new lives isn’t exactly as easy as the merging of their hearts has always been. It’s been said that with elevation comes separation, and that’s the last thing Nirvana wants from Roland. As careers take off and love abounds, hurdles arise, and an unexpected heartache threatens the fate of Roland and Nirvana’s relationship. Will their love fizzle and fade away, or will they ultimately reach that perfect state of nirvana?

Sneak peek


I studied myself as I waited on the results of the pregnancy test. I had developed a deeper attachment to this body of mine as I watched Roland grow a deeper connection with it. My body brought out a side of Roland I was confident only I had seen.

Focusing on my perfectly flat and toned tummy, I couldn’t help but worry. Would we be able to reach our full potential with a baby? Although I would be departing my teenage years, I would still be a teen mom. Just the thought of it made me queasy.

I have always seen Roland and I as the type of couple that would get married and then have a baby. Our kids won’t even have grandparents. Roland and I had to build all the bonds we have now and it had not been easy. A child in our world would be kind of lonely. Correction, a child in our world would be very lonely because I wouldn’t just have another to fix that. Just then, my phone started ringing on the counter, pleasantly shifting the atmosphere with the only contact stored that instantly produced a smile.

“Hey, beautiful, you head over to the studio to see what they have to say yet?” Roland asked, checking in with me because he had been over at Aneesa’s all morning.

“Hey, baby, not yet. I’ve just been laying around here but I’m about to go now.”

“Okay, cool. I should be back at the house in a few hours.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later. Love you!”

“Love you, too.”

I looked at the time once the call disconnected and realized it was already 2 p.m. and I needed to hurry over to the studio. I quickly threw on some ripped jeans, a fitted black and white Jordan V-neck, and black and white Jordans to match. I didn’t really feel like getting dressed up but I still made sure I looked cute.

My hair was long, pressed, and looking healthier than ever so I was good to go. Right after I checked that pregnancy test. I was so nervous Roland would have heard something was wrong by my voice if the results hit me by surprise I had completely left the room. My phone vibrated again, completely throwing off my focus. This time it was a text from an unknown number and I knew before I finished reading it was Trell because I could feel his energy.

Nirvana, I know you enough to know you’re not changing your number. Too much money and connections attached to it. You can block me but you know that won’t stop me from reaching out. I’m not about to start blowing you up again, though. I know that’s what you’re thinking. I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry for everything I did to you, and what you did to me hurt, but I get it. You still that one for me. Stay up, baby girl. Keep doing ya thing!

I rolled my eyes as I headed to my car. I thought I had heard the last of him. Well, not really, but I had hoped. Either way, I refused to reply. Ignoring Trell and Trez gave me false hope that I was doing my part to prevent my dream from becoming reality.

Get ready to read this baby tomorrow!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.



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