Sample Sunday – Our Type of Love

Hey y’all! We’re back with another exclusive sneak peek! Be the first to take a look into Chelsea Maria’s upcoming release “Our Type of Love” that will be releasing 8/1!



The depths of his love became the remedy to heal my broken soul….

On stage, rapper KC demanded the attention of his fans. With lyrics that captivated the hardest thug to the nerdiest geek, he mastered the art of appealing to a diverse crowd.

Once KC left the stage and recording studios, he became Kellon Cambridge, the devoted family man. While his purpose was to encourage people through his lyrics, his passion was to make sure that his wife, Delilah Cambridge, never went a day without knowing how much he loved her.

Celebrating seven years of marriage, the happy couple is determined to show that the seven-year itch was nothing but hocus pocus. But, all that changed the minute a blast from Kellon’s past ends up on the couch in their home revealing secrets that Delilah prayed weren’t true.

Fresh off tour and healing from a devastating loss, Kellon and Delilah are left figuring out if their love was worth fighting for. Will the couple remain standing, or allow past transgressions to rob them of their happily ever after?

Sneak Peek — Kellon

In the twelve years that I’ve graced the stage and sold out stadium after stadium, nothing felt better than standing in the middle of the stage holding out the mic while thousands of fans rapped along to my lyrics. They paid to see me perform but it felt like I was the one getting the show. People danced. Swayed and bopped to the beat. From the distance that I could see, some wore shirts with my name plastered across their chest. Some had signs that expressed their love for me. In all, no matter how many times I sold out, each concert felt like my first.

I named the tour The Closed Chapters Tour for a reason. Not only was this my last tour of the year but my run with Gump Records had come to an end. The question of me resigning with the label after the tour had been plaguing my mind for months. I knew the direction I wanted to head in with my music, but I also knew the politics of the music industry.

Since the beginning of my rap career, I’ve held this sense of pride for not conforming and setting myself apart from the rest. My lyrics weren’t about material things or degrading women. I rapped about real life issues and struggles. Lyrics that uplifted kids, men, and women to be more than the enigma society has set. Fans connected with me because I told their stories. I kept it real, and people respected me for that. Now, I wanted to rap on a deeper level, and I hoped these same fans that filled this arena would still rock with me once my new single dropped next week.

As DJ Skew switched gears and changed the beat to my latest release, my eyes drifted to the middle of the arena near the engineering section. Standing up on the man-made platform stood my world dressed in samples from my upcoming clothing line, Redemption.

Like the others among her, she bopped her head and snapped her fingers ready for me to rap. Her smile grew when she took notice that I was watching her. It didn’t matter if a million people swarmed around her. I’d still be able to spot my world without hesitation.

“Miami, this is my last show of the tour. I had to end it at home. Man, the energy in here is insane.” Hopping onto the stacked speakers, I threw up my ‘L’s.’ “Y’all ready to turn up one last time with me?” The screams vibrated off the stage as I jumped down. “DJ Skew, let’s go.” The screams grew louder and louder. My heart pumped as the adrenaline raced through my veins.

To anyone else, it looked like I was pointing just to point at something random in the crowd. No. This song was meant for somebody in particular. Someone special. I wanted to make sure she knew that. “My little mama, this is for you,” I spoke in the mic. The fans went wild. They knew who this song was for.

As it had done a million times before, her face lit up as she jumped up and down when I began rapping the words to ‘Your just my type.’ I wrote the song two hours after I laid eyes on her nine years ago in college. Delilah Cambridge was my world. My everything.

Hope you’re ready for this amazing story!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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