Sample Sunday – Smash Into You

Hey y’all! Take another peek at ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “Smash into You” before it releases on 7/26! We hope you’re ready for this ride!

Smash Into You


“You can’t just close your eyes and pretend I’m not here.” —Angrous

Naomi Jenkins’ parents warned her to be careful with what she asked for. Craving love and a dire need to be admired, she’d embarked upon the pressure of being utterly exalted. Angrous DuPont was a rarity she’d consistently dreamt of. Now that he was present and eager to love her, accepting everything that came with him was an ongoing battle she struggled to accede.

It was true that Angrous dabbled in more chaos than she was used to, however, nothing withheld as much importance to him than Naomi’s role in his life. Although he was desperate to do whatever it took to hold onto the woman he loves, her relentless actions to push him away could turn him cold, leaving him defeated. Will Naomi catch onto her self-sabotaging ways in fair time to right her wrongs? Or will she wind up losing the man she prayed for?

Sneak Peek — Naomi


“Tell me why it’s easy for you to vent to everyone else but me. I’m the one who’s in this with you and I’m not even allowed in your head.”

“Angrous.” I tried to stop him. He didn’t want to hear anything other than his questions being answered. The scowl on his face displayed his frustration with my antics, but as always, his touch was genuine. His baritone was sensual, and his patience was intact. Angrous really loved me and I didn’t know how to accept it. I didn’t know how to enjoy it without doubting it.

He smelled so good and looked even better. With an embrace this protective and secure, I should’ve been able to tell him anything he needed to know. And anything he wanted to hear including I love you on a consistent basis. Hesitation due to wanting to protect myself failed me. Stepping back, Angrous put space between us and changed my world in seconds with an ultimatum.

“You can talk, or lose me,” he said. “That’s one fear that’s holding you back from fully loving me anyway, right? Shit makes so much sense with you,” he quipped.

“Do we have to do this right now?” I tried to approach him to be close again. I wanted to be in his arms again, but he kept backing away from me. “Angrous?” I begged him not to do this. Not after the day I’d had. I could already feel my knees buckling. The distance between us was tearing me down.

“I figured this shit out, Nae. It all comes back to you. Each time I ask myself what more I can do or question what I’m doing wrong, I realize I’m doing all I can and there is nothing more I can sacrifice You aren’t ready and I’m hurting. I know you see it.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” I cried. Angrous chuckled faintly and dropped his head.

“You can talk…” he repeated. “Or you can lose me.”

“Why can’t you just understand that I don’t know what to tell you right now?” Nodding through his disappointment with my response, he stepped forward and kissed my forehead. Tearing his eyes away from me, he looked at the door and headed for it.

“Please.” my voice cracked. “Don’t go.” Angrous’s hand was already on the door, turning it to leave.

“I’ll be by to get my things tomorrow,” he said. Without awaiting another response from me, he slammed the door behind him, leaving me in the middle of the living room alone and officially without him. I’d lost him. The room spun, making me dizzy. Stumbling forward, I thought to chase him, but my strength was seeping. I wanted to do so much more than stand there shattering in millions of pieces that I wouldn’t be able to graft back together alone.

Dropping to my knees, I opened my mouth to scream but no sound emitted. He’d abandoned me, and I couldn’t blame him. I blamed myself because he was right. I was hurting him and neglecting his needs in the process. Fumbling with my phone, I tried to call him, but the voicemail greeted me each time. The clock on the wall harassed me as seconds without having him ripped at my heart. For an hour straight, I cried silently and called his phone hoping it would at least ring. When it didn’t, I gave up by chucking my phone across the room and mourning my loss. Allowing the sudden drowsiness to take its toll on me, I prayed I awakened to it all being a bad dream. God please return Angrous to me.


Save the date for 7/26!

Until next time,

Love, The authors of BLP.





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