Final Sneak Peek – Smash into You

Hey y’all! Take a final look at ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “Smash into You” before it releases tomorrow 7/26! We’re so excited!

Smash Into You


“You can’t just close your eyes and pretend I’m not here.” —Angrous

Naomi Jenkins’ parents warned her to be careful with what she asked for. Craving love and a dire need to be admired, she’d embarked upon the pressure of being utterly exalted. Angrous DuPont was a rarity she’d consistently dreamt of. Now that he was present and eager to love her, accepting everything that came with him was an ongoing battle she struggled to accede.

It was true that Angrous dabbled in more chaos than she was used to, however, nothing withheld as much importance to him than Naomi’s role in his life. Although he was desperate to do whatever it took to hold onto the woman he loves, her relentless actions to push him away could turn him cold, leaving him defeated. Will Naomi catch onto her self-sabotaging ways in fair time to right her wrongs? Or will she wind up losing the man she prayed for?

Sneak Peek — Angrous


Damn, I’d slipped up. It was the middle of the night and I was off my game. Making love throughout the night had put us down early. Now, we were up at midnight arguing because my phone was ringing repeatedly. Naomi’s mouth was wide open as she shouted assumptions that I’d lied about powering it off at all. The truth was, I’d only turned it on to check on business during a trip to the bathroom. Loud notifications sounded back to back with calls that I’d done my best to silence before she could catch wind and assume I wasn’t up to any good. Unfortunately, my best wasn’t good enough yet again. Roaming through the darkness to return to bed, she/’d stopped me by cutting on the light, blinding me by shouting under the sudden brightness.

“You must think I’m stupid,” she spat and folded her arms.  Impulsively, I scoffed, holding back from calling her a dumb ass if she really thought that I was out here cheating on her. I wished I knew how to shift her tainted mindset. Instead, I was stuck on what to do and at a loss for words because I’d said them all. Naomi was sadly misinformed, yet she was still the most appealing woman I’d ever laid eyes on as she stood before me in a tall, black bonnet and one of my T-shirts that stopped at the middle of her thighs.

“You live for this shit, don’t you?” I dropped my head to ignore the influence of her presence that urged me to fondle her.

“Says the one who was hiding in the bathroom with his phone? Yeah, okay!”

If she was anyone else, I would’ve been gone without so much as looking back. If I didn’t love her more than I understood, I would’ve dead every past memory or future plans we’d discussed. A clueless fool stood before me. This woman had me pissed off with her endless assumptions, but my feet were planted, budging would only be to grab and shake some sense into her.

“You dead ass?” I double-checked before I participated in a brewing uproar.

“You’re the only player among us,” she quipped. Naomi’s witty remarks made me cringe every time a disagreement occurred. A reasonable conversation during conflict was not her forte. I couldn’t even deny that I loved that ignorant shit about her too. The sound of heavy rain hitting the window pane almost hypnotized me. I was tired, and it was evident in my low eyes. Naomi’s current agenda was clear. At this rate, sleep was far-fetched.

Beginning to pace back and forth the way she always did when she was upset, she murmured things under her breath and eyed me like I was an enemy. Her smooth brown skin was burning up. I could feel anger seething from where she stood.

“This is…”

“Sad!” I cut her off to finish it for what it really was.

“Who is calling you at this time of night, Angrous? And why were you locked in the bathroom, sneaking on your phone?” Walking around her to get in bed, she jumped in front of me. “Well?” she provoked me by pushing my head back with her fingers. “Who was it? Say something!” Naomi’s arms flailed in the air. Snatching them to subdue her, tears clouded her big brown eyes and I didn’t care to stop them before they fell.

“Grow up.” I clenched my jaw and scanned the room for something quick to throw on and leave. My mom had been trying to contact me to come over and get through to my disrespectful little brother. Multiple text explained Jahaad wasn’t obeying her or following curfew. We were both concerned that he was headed down a destructive path, or worse, in the streets trying to be like the older brother he looked up to. I’d planned to take care of it first thing in the morning but tonight was the better option. Putting distance between me and the woman who was ultimately testing my patience seemed logical. The fire burning in her eyes told me she wasn’t going to let up. The truth wouldn’t have been enough either; she doubted me continuously.

“Go ahead, Angrous.” she fought back a breakdown and chucked things around the room. “Leave. Run the way you always do,” she said. Ironic how she was actually the one running and sabotaging a good thing. Kissing her forehead, I stared at her one last time before forcefully tearing my eyes away from her and leaving.


Find out what happened between Naomi and Angrous tomorrow 7/26!

Until then,

Love, The authors of BLP.




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