Final Sneak Peek – Our Type of Love

Hey y’all! We’re back with the final sneak peek of Chelsea Maria’s upcoming release “Our Type of Love”! Preorder is available now and it goes live on 8/1!



The depths of his love became the remedy to heal my broken soul….

On stage, rapper KC demanded the attention of his fans. With lyrics that captivated the hardest thug to the nerdiest geek, he mastered the art of appealing to a diverse crowd.

Once KC left the stage and recording studios, he became Kellon Cambridge, the devoted family man. While his purpose was to encourage people through his lyrics, his passion was to make sure that his wife, Delilah Cambridge, never went a day without knowing how much he loved her.

Celebrating seven years of marriage, the happy couple is determined to show that the seven-year itch was nothing but hocus pocus. But, all that changed the minute a blast from Kellon’s past ends up on the couch in their home revealing secrets that Delilah prayed weren’t true.

Fresh off tour and healing from a devastating loss, Kellon and Delilah are left figuring out if their love was worth fighting for. Will the couple remain standing, or allow past transgressions to rob them of their happily ever after?

Sneak Peek — Delilah

When I pulled up in the driveway, the number of cars surprised me. It wasn’t a surprise to see Khiver’s car but seeing his lawyer and accountant’s car surprised me.

I barely turned my key in the lock when the door opened. “Hey, sis.” Khiver kissed my cheek.

Gathering my footing, I looked around. “Hey, Khi, what’s with all the cars?”

Before he could answer, his brother called my name from down the hall. “Delilah.” The bass of Kellon’s voice caused my face to heat and cheeks to turn red. My lady parts had been silent all day. Hearing his voice woke her up and sent her into a frenzy.

I looked over Khiver’s shoulder and met the intense gaze of Kellon. Looking into his eyes was like seeing him for the first time. I’ll never forget how I felt when we first met. Our souls were talking. We were not involved in the manner. It felt like we were intruders invading a very intimate moment.

Standing tall with his legs gapped open, I admired the beautifully sculpted masterpiece. His chiseled features enhanced his dark milk chocolate skin. And those coal eyes had the power to increase my libido just by a sudden glare. A subtle, but intense glare that made my knees weak.

His healthy eating habits and dedicated workout regimen gave him a body that on most mornings he had to pry my limbs from around. Every ounce of Kellon was succulent.

With his index finger, he motioned for me to come to him. I tucked my lips in my mouth to stifle my purr. It had happened on a regular. My body purred for him at any given moment. From the smirk on his face, I failed at hiding it.

My steps faltered as my heart tumbled into the pit of my stomach. “Hi, babe.”

With our height difference, whenever I kissed him, I shamelessly climbed him until I got in the position that I liked…deep in the crevice of his arms.

Staring at me with those intriguing eyes, he demanded me, “Kiss me.” One hand wrapped firmly around my waist, holding me in place, and the other held my neck firm. “Stop playing,” He smacked my booty. “You know what I want.” I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. The minute his tongue touched mine I whimpered and melted into his chest.

When he first kissed me this way many moons ago, I thought he was into those kinky fetishes. Kellon liked to see his saliva run from his tongue onto mine and then he would suck my tongue until I creamed.

Weird, but I loved our weirdness.

The good prude girl I was before him had long ago vanished. I was ruined. He ruined me. He helplessly ruined me. Hopelessly was I devoted to him just as he was devoted to me. Irrevocably I was his as he was mine.

My lips pouted when he separated from me. His heavy chuckle caused my chest to vibrate. Kissing my nose, he promised me a happy ending. “I’ll handle you later. Come on.” He released my body and grabbed my hand.

As he walked towards the living room area, he turned and gave me a somber look. Something felt off. A voice in my head kept telling me to stop and go back outside. The closer we got, the faster my heart pounded.

I glanced down at his trembling hand that had become clammy. What was going on?

We turned the corner, and I gasped. It felt like I was hit in the chest by a large eighteen-wheeler with spiked wheels. My hand separated from Kellon’s as I took in the woman sitting comfortably on my couch.

My head snapped up towards Kellon. “Why is she here?” My voice dripped with so much venom that I frightened myself.

No one said a word. Kellon seemed to forget how to speak. They all seemed to forget their words.

Save the date for 8/1!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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