Sample Sunday – You Belong With Me

Hey, y’all! Check out a sample of ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “You Belong With Me” that will be available for download on 8/15!



“I envied the impeccable skin he lacked a regimen to uphold, despised the arched brows he never touched, and prayed for the long lashes that fluttered beautifully with every blink. Perfection looked good on him.” –Lyla

Whoever said you wouldn’t find perfection in a mate was wrong; Lyla West had found him, loved him, and couldn’t fathom life without his presence. Duke Steward appeared to be the total package — a rarity she was certain she deserved.

It was said everything good eventually comes to an end. For Duke, one disruptive phone call contained the power to threaten his commendable will with Lyla. Conflicted between confessing a secret from his past that could destroy what they have, or hiding it from her, the incriminating truth locates her without his permission.

Will Lyla continue to love him when it pains her the most? Or will his unfortunate betrayal end their devotion?

Sneak Peek — Lyla

“Where should I begin?” Duke kissed my collarbone so delicately that I quivered. “So much body to take on with limited time,” he whispered in my ear and tenderly squeezed both sides of my waist. Besides the heavy breathing that filled our bedroom, his vibrating phone persisted with urgency.

“Maybe you should get that.” Although I hissed, I understood the importance of his career. His role as a firefighter not only put him in great danger, it placed him on-call all hours of the day. “It could be important.” I held his face a few inches from mine to stop him. I had to stop him now. Resisting his kisses to my neck would’ve been much harder to deny.

“More important than you? I doubt that shit.” He held both my wrists together and pecked my lips before fully indulging. Parting my lips with his tongue, I moaned and sighed passionately. “Duke,” I whispered when he began kissing his way down my chest. Frustrated with my antics, he kissed his teeth and stepped back to drop his head and pull his phone from his pocket.

“What now!” he growled into the phone. I laughed as I admired his suave grimace. The phone was far from his ear as he shouted into it. “I’m on the way,” he spat and disconnected. “Lyla…” He pulled me into his toned chest and sighed with his mellow lips against my forehead.

“I know.” I smiled lovingly. “It’s okay. I’ll see you later, right?”

“You know better than to question that.” He slapped my ass and dashed out of the bedroom to leave. It never got old. His touch –his kisses –his reluctance to leave my side and return to work when he’d come home on break. After two years, it never got old.

Gnawing on my bottom lip, I fell onto the bed and smiled. Pure bliss overwhelmed my heart; utter ecstasy streamed throughout my blood. The picture frames decorating our bedroom walls were reminders of our first kiss, date and many other special occasions. Duke was always quick to huff whenever I unexpectedly shouted ‘selfie’ and held my phone in front of us to snap a photo. He didn’t understand. He couldn’t fathom how a pinch wasn’t enough to prove that I wasn’t dreaming and our connection was real. Our moments together needed to be captured in more ways than my sweet dreams of him.

I knew my thoughts of him were loud; his voice was sometimes the loudest thing in my head, but there were knocks at the door. Hard knocks that snapped me out of my thoughts and summoned me to the front door of our condo.

“Who is it?” I shouted from afar.

Find out who was waiting for Lyla on the other side of the door on 8/15! We hope you’re ready!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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