Final Sneak Peek – You Belong With Me

Hey y’all! Take a final look at ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “You Belong With Me” before it releases tomorrow 8/15! We’re so excited!



“I envied the impeccable skin he lacked a regimen to uphold, despised the arched brows he never touched, and prayed for the long lashes that fluttered beautifully with every blink. Perfection looked good on him.” –Lyla

Whoever said you wouldn’t find perfection in a mate was wrong; Lyla West had found him, loved him, and couldn’t fathom life without his presence. Duke Steward appeared to be the total package — a rarity she was certain she deserved.

It was said everything good eventually comes to an end. For Duke, one disruptive phone call contained the power to threaten his commendable will with Lyla. Conflicted between confessing a secret from his past that could destroy what they have, or hiding it from her, the incriminating truth locates her without his permission.

Will Lyla continue to love him when it pains her the most? Or will his unfortunate betrayal end their devotion?

Sneak Peek — Lyla

“So, you’re the lucky girl.” She smiled that conniving smile again. I had not the slightest idea who she was but I knew one thing for certain… I wanted to slap that smirk off her face.

Remaining professional and classy, I returned a faint smile of my own. “Blessed,” I corrected. I’d never really believed in luck. “But what do you mean?” I wondered. My eyes were low as I tried to note her features. Nope, I definitely didn’t know her.

“You’re in high-demand. I see you up and down my timeline on Instagram. The women in the area love you,” she said. And I was having the hardest time trying to discern if she was genuinely complimenting me or being condescending.

“Thank you… I suppose,” I responded hesitantly. “I’m grateful for all the support. Thank you for booking your slot today as well.”

“Sure.” She shrugged. “I didn’t have much of a choice. After all, I had to look into you after seeing you on Duke’s Facebook page. I needed to check you out for myself if our daughter is going to be around you.” The wind was blowing to provide the fresh air I needed, but suddenly I couldn’t breathe. I’d indulged a big breakfast, drank my entire green smoothie, and felt more alive than ever. Still, my world spun and threatened to knock me to the ground with a foot on my neck after hearing what she’d said.

“I’m sorry?” I managed to speak and question what she’d said. Duke didn’t have children, she had to be confused. It was possible she was also misconstrued on who I was.

“If you’re going to be around our daughter…”

“Right there! Stop there!” I lifted my hand and waved it around like I was an excited student raising it in a crowded classroom to answer a question. “Whose daughter? You and Duke’s? My Duke?” I needed clarity before my buckling knees gave out on me.

“Duke Antonio Steward,” she answered proud. “We have a two-year-old. Well, not quite.” She smiled and pulled her phone out. Holding it directly in front of my face, she gushed over her child and continued. “She’ll be two in a few weeks. Look at those eyes. They are just as beautiful as his, aren’t they?”

“Why, why’d you come here?” I stuttered and swallowed hard. I was unable to think straight, react properly or hold it together. I knew she could see through my weakening facade. She was there to wreck me, and I didn’t appreciate it.

“I already told you, Lyla.” She smiled. There was that fucking smile again! It was driving me crazy. Regardless of her eyebrows being arched a little too thin, she was gorgeous, and that was driving me crazy too. Their alleged daughter did have his eyes. Just thinking of her being tied to Duke in that way tore my heart to pieces. We were supposed to have everything together. Did he obtain everything with someone else? With her!

“Have you talked to Duke?” I whispered. My voice was abandoning me, and she liked it. The satisfaction displayed on her face was torture. There was only one way to describe it, she got off on this.


Woah! That was intense, right? Get the full scene tomorrow 8/15!

Until then,

Love, The authors of BLP.




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