Sample Sunday – Atypical

Hey, y’all! Check out a sample of ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “Atypical” that will be available for download on 9/14!

Atypical Cover


“You can’t give yourself to anyone else. That’s dead. I won’t let you do it anymore.” —Jason

McKenna Steward longed for a love she presumed was unattainable until the truth revealed itself. After enduring disorder with the wrong one, the right one had proven himself to have been there all along. A friendship of a decade had heartily grown in ways she couldn’t possibly ignore any longer, placing her back against the wall to take on a staunch lover that patiently awaited her.

Jason Tate was determined to conquer McKenna’s heart. Revamping himself in a manner that his pure intentions could be perceived, he became relentless with showcasing his immense affection. Will McKenna weaken to his earnest charm, or will Jason’s disposition of being friend-zoned last a lifetime?

Sneak Peek — McKenna

“Who is it!” I shouted, annoyed with how easily distracted I could become. Shamefully, I’d been welcoming all diversions to salvage me from the bore document I was revising.

“Whoever you want me to be for the night.” Jason’s deep baritone aired from the other side of the door. “I’m him.” Without abashment, I quickly acknowledged that I’d been using him. Jason was a close friend who’d recently become more in sexual ways that caused me to lose my breath, mind, and sanity. He was attentive to my body, and my body alone. Feelings were never discussed between us, because they were invalid. To avoid confusion, they just weren’t allowed, and I’d honestly begun to like it that way. It saved me from enduring an arduous ending.

Yanking the door open with a sly smile, I surveyed him up and down. Jason’s butter-pecan skin harbored a remarkable tan today. His black optics were intimidating, but he’d ruled my body beautifully so many times that I’d grown accustomed to them.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come over tonight? I have a lot of work to do.” I rolled my eyes. Jason could tell I was fronting. Laughing, he showcased his perfect set of glistening white teeth. Looking down at his sides, I noticed he wasn’t empty-handed. Two bottles of wine and a large, brown carry-out bag from my favorite Chinese spot accompanied him.

“I think you said something like that, but your soft tone called me daddy and begged me to head on over. You inviting me in or not?” Pretending that I was dissatisfied, I stepped aside for him to enter and blushed behind his back. Jason and I could never be anything serious. He was somewhat of an egotistical man, whom last time I checked, threatened women’s edges by stressing them out with mind games. He loved that I didn’t question his moves, and I was comfortable with our connection to focus solely on what we meant to each other at the moment. Good sex.

After I secured the locks on my front door, I followed him into the kitchen. “If you would’ve actually called before you came, you would’ve known that I already ate,” I said, barely above a whisper. Jason seemed to be satisfied to hear that as he approached me slowly and licked his lips at the sight of me.

“Good. I have business to tend to soon, and I’m only interested in eating you.” Jason was disgusting, charming, and indubitably handsome. He was the epitome of how I liked my men, despite his negligence to commit to anyone.

Moaning as he kissed my neck, I prayed for forgiveness from above right before he’d weakened my knees and taken me down to the cold, tile floor. I always giggled because his careful touch tickled. Once he hiked the oversized T-shirt I wore to my waist to enter me, it became a different story. Jason muffled my loud moans of pleasure with passionate kisses that would’ve made me believe he was madly in love with me if I didn’t know any better. Pulling his shirt from his back, I replaced it by digging my nails into him. Jason fulfilled my heart’s emptiness, even if it only lasted for a moment. He was the only man I’d been with after experiencing Derrick and his bullshit. He was a fling that was deemed close enough to the real thing. Jason’s kisses always commenced with a fistful of my hair. I didn’t think I liked anything rough until I experienced him sexually. There wasn’t anything gentle about him. As I became familiar with that fact about him, I began to love it.

Are you ready for more? Read the entire scene on 9/14 – save the date!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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