Atypical – Now available on Amazon!

ShanicexLola’s new release “Atypical” is now available on Amazon!

Click here to purchase!

Atypical Cover


“You can’t give yourself to anyone else. That’s dead. I won’t let you do it anymore.” —Jason

McKenna Steward longed for a love she presumed was unattainable until the truth revealed itself. After enduring disorder with the wrong one, the right one had proven himself to have been there all along. A friendship of a decade had heartily grown in ways she couldn’t possibly ignore any longer, placing her back against the wall to take on a staunch lover that patiently awaited her.

Jason Tate was determined to conquer McKenna’s heart. Revamping himself in a manner that his pure intentions could be perceived, he became relentless with showcasing his immense affection. Will McKenna weaken to his earnest charm, or will Jason’s disposition of being friend-zoned last a lifetime? 

Click here to purchase!


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