Sample Sunday – Journey to You

Hey, y’all! Check out a sample of S. Rever’s upcoming debut novel “Journey to You” that will be available for download on 10/19!



What happens when one eventful night turns friends into lovers?

JaZelle is a recent graduate trying to figure her life out. One eventful night during her high school graduation trip changes her friendship with her long-time best friend into more. Fast forward five years, she finally graduates college, and it seems as though history is repeating itself. This time, it causes JaZelle to run for the hills.

Trey Clarkson, a football player at Prairie View University, is JaZelle’s best friend. He’s secretly been in love with her since he met her his sophomore year of high school in Spanish class.

One event after the next pulls them closer together, but what happens when things move too fast causing friction in a once unbreakable bond?
Follow these two as we find out if the Journey to You is worth it.

Sneak Peek — JaZelle

Coming back from my daydream, I saw my water was just right so I put the stopper in
the tub and grabbed my glass of wine. I must have fallen asleep shortly after or something because all of a sudden I felt someone tapping my shoulder and telling me to wake up. Jumping up, I didn’t know who it was at first but then I realized it was only Trey.

“Oh shit, Trey, what are you doing?”

Trey didn’t answer me, he just stared and blinked his eyes.

“Uh, first Ima need you to cover up.”

Looking down, I realized all of my bubbles were gone and I was sitting there with my titties and my kitty showing. I quickly drew my knees to my chest so everything was covered.

“My bad, but what are you doing in here?”

“Well I came to your room to watch TV, but you weren’t in there so I knocked on the bathroom door and you didn’t answer so I came to check on you. I apologize for just barging in though,” he replied while standing up. “Uh, I’m gonna head out and give you some privacy,” he said as he grabbed my towel and helped me out the tub before he turned to walk away. 

Thinking fast I grabbed his arm. After the other night, I couldn’t let him walk away, even if it was just this one night we had together I was ok with that.

“What’s up, Zelley…” he said and wasn’t able to get his whole sentence out because I
kissed him.

The kiss was filled with so much passion and lust I didn’t want it to end. Everything felt right, but he pulled away and told me he would let me get dressed and would be outside waiting. Leaving me to feel crazy that I kissed him when we both decided after the last slip up we had that we would stop. Getting dressed, I grabbed a blanket and went to go find Trey. Walking up behind him sitting on the beach while he smoked a blunt, I sat beside him and wrapped the blanket around both of us. He passed me the blunt and started to talk.

“JaZelle, what are we doing?”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I took a few pulls and passed the blunt back to him.

“I mean this whole week we’ve been crossing the line of uncharted territory, and I would
hate for us to ruin a friendship off of temporary feelings,” he said while looking me in the eyes.

Something was there, I can’t explain what it was, but it made me feel complete. A feeling I wasn’t used to.

“Trey, I… I don’t know, but whatever this is it feels right. I understand your reservations
because of my relationship with Jerzey but honestly, even if it’s just for tonight I want us to leave all of our worries behind and focus on what we want to do. You’re heading back to school and I’ll be starting my freshman year so we have to be realistic. Prairie View isn’t around the corner, it’s on the other side of the country, and let’s be real neither one of us is strong enough to handle anything serious right now so let’s just let whatever happens, happen.”

Are you ready for more? Read the entire scene on 10/19 – save the date!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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