Sample Sunday – Tonight I’m Yours

Hey, y’all! Here’s a sample of ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “Tonight I’m Yours” that will be available for download on 10/15!



I welcomed a bit of trouble—a little recklessness to entertain me for one night.

Then he touched me.

His touch thrilled my skin and teased my sensual delicacy. One night of pleasure became insufficient as I yearned for more and more of his graceful willingness to love me. To pleasure me in ways only he could.

I welcomed an inconvenient love—an infinite connection to revamp the dull parts of my world.

Then he caressed me, and I became hooked.


Sneak Peek — Qawan

“G-string make his dick stand…” her sing-along was interrupted when she backed into me. “Sorry.” She giggled. Her sweet voice emitted as a soft whisper. Thankfully, I’d heard her. Towering over her short height, I was taken aback when she looked up into my face—nonetheless, grateful that she’d blessed me by exposing who she was.

“Malia?” I wondered. I knew it was her, I just didn’t expect she could look a thousand times better than she initially did. That uniform and apron needed to be damned to hell for hiding such perfection. She cleaned up nice. Too fucking nice for me not to acknowledge it. “You look beautiful.” I surveyed her up and down. Her curls were down, some tucked behind her ears. Her diamond earrings drew attention to her round face. And those eyes. I hadn’t caught them before, but they were teasing me now. Malia’s light-brown eyes were mesmerizing. I was hooked. I was questioning my pride and double-checking my ego as I stood before her evidently impressed and awestricken.

“I’m almost certain I don’t know you. You’re either psychic or a stalker.” She backed away from me to expand the space between us. “Either way, I want you to know that I’ve been taking up boxing since I was ten. I’m sixteen years in now. You do the math!” She spat over the music. It only took me a few moments to realize Malia was tipsy. Stumbling over her thick heels, she maintained her balance and glared at me. “I also have mace.” She tugged at the crossbody purse wrapped around her.

“Relax, bad ass. That won’t be necessary.” I chuckled. “Are you the same Malia that works at Keen’s? Me and a friend dined there yesterday.”

“Oh.” She settled down and softened her expression. “Yes, I work there. I don’t remember serving you.”

“It’s all good. You’re pretty unforgettable,”  was all I was willing to say. If I’d told her she hadn’t actually served us and that Coop strained his eyes to read her name tag from across the room, she probably would’ve finished reaching in her bag to retrieve the mace she’d threatened me with. “Can I buy you a drink?” I asked, breaking our staring contest. It wasn’t awkward, just more intense than I could stand. I wondered if she knew the vast power she possessed. Malia projected a vibe that I would’ve never known existed if I hadn’t embarked upon the five-star steakhouse she worked at.

“Hell no.” She laughed. She was out of my league, and I knew it. Didn’t matter where she worked or what she had going on. The way she held her head high at all times intrigued me. Malia’s walk, her unspoken power, and beauty trampled my busy thoughts from focusing on anything else. In a room filled with hype, pompous drunks, she was all I could see. “But you can buy me two.”

“Two?” I followed her to the bar. Signaling a bartender to come to her, she turned to me and smiled. “How many have you had already?”

“I can’t tell you my business. I don’t even know your name.” She lowered her eyes to peer at me. 

“Two more cosmopolitans?” The bartender questioned her.

“Yes. And on this handsome man’s tab.” She nodded toward me. Confirming her order, I handed my card over and requested a glass of whiskey for myself.

“I’m Qawan.”

“Nice to meet you, Qawan. Can I have a last name? You know, just in case something happens.”

“Stone.” I scoffed, amused. “Something like what? You’ve warned me of your upbringing of boxing classes and that you carry mace in your bag. You’ll hurt me before I ever think of harming you.”

“You’re smart,” she whispered. “And fine as fuck.” She was so cute that I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling. Malia amused me with her drunk slurs, then brought me right back to a mesmerized reality when she flashed a gorgeous smile.

“Yeah. So what’s your last name?”

“Arlington. Wanna dance?” She walked into me, standing so close that I could inhale her. Her perfume would linger on me until I washed her off at this point.

“To a playlist of Trina’s originals? No. I’m good, beautiful.”

Malia giggled behind her hands until I pulled them from her face. A smile like that should never be hidden.

“Just hold onto me then,” she whispered, her words slurring more each time she spoke. She needed to be cut off, and I was going to be the one to do it. “Take me home with you,” she said. My eyes widened at how quickly everything was transpiring.“What?” She questioned my shock. “Do you have a wife at home?”

I shook my head before whispering in her ear. “No. And you’re cut off. No more cosmopolitans for you.”

“I don’t have a husband either,” she rambled. “You know why?”

“Tell me.”

Malia looked up at me and blushed as she rolled her eyes. “Because I can’t be claimed, tamed, or handled, but I’ll let you try. Do you want to try, Qawan?”

“I want to take you home,” I admitted. I wanted to put her to bed and leave her there safe and sound before she tried to venture to another nigga in the bar for the special attention she wanted. Everything about her had me wishing to keep her to myself.

“To fuck me?” She reached up to wrap her arms around my neck. I threw my hand up and signaled the bartender to close our tabs. Not much surprised me, but Malia’s behavior didn’t even match the sweet nature she’d originally showcased. Shit stunned me to no end how wild she’d become with liquid courage. “Or are you too pussy?”

“The only pussy amongst us is the one between your thighs that you’re begging me to have my way with. How long before the seat of your romper can’t take anymore and your juices are running down your leg?” I whispered in her ear, holding onto her tightly as her knees buckled, and her body quivered against me. We were utterly consumed with each other, entangled in one another’s arms. Malia’s breathing sped intensely, becoming more difficult to settle down as I held onto her securely.

Whew! Are you ready for more yet? Read the entire scene on 10/15 – save the date!

Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.


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