Sneak Peek – The One He Craves

Take a look at A. Marie Johnson’s upcoming novel “The One He Craves” before it releases Saturday, 10/13! We hope you’re ready!

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“You’re bad for me, Nim, because this is crazy and I know I’m playing a dangerous game but I don’t think I could stop now even if I really wanted to. You got my mind all messed up, and I don’t mind it.” —Andretti

She’s bad for him, he’s bad for her, yet being together seems so right it shouldn’t be wrong… but it is.

The very thing that should pull Nim and Andretti apart pushes them together and they find themselves unable to escape each other after one night of forbidden desire.

In another man’s arms is the one place Nim should’ve never been and also the only place she felt she was ever meant to be. Lust at first sight clouds her better judgment and though she knows Andretti is wrong for her in more ways than he is right, she doesn’t want to leave him alone.

Andretti’s undeniable attraction to Nim went against everything he believed in and also made him imagine things only a man on the verge of love should think. Lust at first sight is the reason he can’t stay away from her and his morals become tested in ways they’ve never been before.

Life can turn unexpectedly unfair when it gives you everything you’ve always craved in the form of a person you’re not supposed to have. What will happen when the choice that can make Nim and Andretti the happiest is the same choice that can break them down emotionally?

Sneak Peek — Nim

Because everything can’t always be so sweet…

“Can I start you off with one of our signature cocktails, ma’am?” a female bartender asked as soon as I took a seat at the bar counter.

“No, thank you. I’m good.”

“Ok. Let me know if anything changes.”

I watched her disappear to the other end of the bar and dialed, Steeze, the client who called me while I’d been going back and forth with Britton. He was a local rapper who recently signed a big record deal with a major rap label. Over the weekend, he reached out to me on Instagram and said he’d be contacting me soon regarding a summer party he wanted to throw. Throwing an event for someone as popular as he was would be a huge help for my business; —financially and professionally.

“Aye yo, Nim. What’s good, ma? I was hoping you’d hit me back soon so this is perfect timing. You got a few minutes to talk about the party I was messaging you about?”

“Of course I do. Tell me more about what you need and what you’re looking to do.”

“A’ight coo’. What I’m tryna do is actually real simple. I’m looking to throw the hood’s first mansion party. Some real exclusive type shit to start the summer off right. I already have the house rented out, names of the two DJs I need, and most of the setup for the party in mind. All I really need you to do is put it all together for me and make it happen.”

The excitement in Steeze’s voice made me smile and temporarily forget about the bad mood Britton put me in. Working with new clients and hearing the happiness in their voices when they explained what they wanted me to do always placed me in a good mood. I loved everything about listening to their visions and bringing them to life.

“OK, OK. I can do that. That sounds real promising. What’s the address to the house? I’d like to check it out soon, and when are you wanting to have the party thrown?”

“The house is off of 32nd and Miami Street. It’s a real dope mini-mansion in that nice Miami Heights community right across the street from Salem Baptist Church. The date of the party is still tentative, but I’m leaning more towards the end of June or early July. Would that work with your schedule and everything?”

“That wouldn’t be a problem for me at all. Who are the DJs you want? I can reach out to them now and let them know some of the details about the party and when it might be.”

“Can I hit you with their information later, Nim? My manager is tryna get through on the other line right now, and I really need to rap with him about some shit. I’ma call you back in an hour or two, though, I promise.”

“Oh, yeah. Of course. Handle your business, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you later.”

“Word. Good looking out, ma.”

Ending the call with Steeze, I swiveled around in the bar chair and was prepared to jump up from it until I saw a man standing in my way.

Not just any man, either.

My heart rate momentarily sped up, and I felt a tingling sensation run from the tips of my fingers and down to my toes. It’d been four days since the night I shared with Andretti, and I hadn’t expected to run into him again so soon… or at all for that matter.

My eyes immediately fixed on his lush, pink lips and flutters swarmed every which way inside of my stomach. Those didn’t last too long, though, because the disapproving look Andretti’s eyes were giving me quickly swatted them all away.

“So you got a nigga, huh? That shit is wild as fuck, Nim. You let me dick you down and then went home to your man like I didn’t ruin any future sex you’d have with him. ‘Cause I know his ass ain’t hitting it right. Not with the way you gave it to me.”

My lips slightly parted and mouth went dry as I thought about what I could say back to him. No matter what I said, I’d look like a ho in his eyes, and there wasn’t much that would make me seem right in the matter.

“I swear it’s not even what you think, Andretti. Britton and I…”

“Britton?” He chuckled and rubbed his forehead. “What kind of corny ass name is that? Sounds like a bitch’s name to me.”

“Are you going to let me explain or not?”

I officially wasn’t in a good mood again. I was trying to explain myself to a man who probably hadn’t thought about me as much as I’d thought about him since we’d had sex, and he had the nerve to be a clown.

“Nah, baby. No explanation is needed. We had a good time, and it’s over now. What’s there to explain? If anything, you need to explain to that nigga why you’re not sexually attracted to him anymore.”

“Oh my God. Are you seriously being this fucking arrogant right now? Seeing me here with him must’ve really touched a nerve because you’re feeling yourself a little too damn much.”

Andretti was tap dancing on all of my good nerves too. I hated how he tried to downplay the night we shared together. Like we both didn’t feel the sparks flying between us while he made love to my body.

“Nah. No nerves touched. I’m good. I didn’t plan on seeing you again after that night, anyway. Today is just a coincidence.”

My goodness! He was truly being a certified asshole. My nostrils flared and hands clamped tightly together as I tried to keep them from wrapping around his damn neck.

“Is that right? So you can honestly tell me you never once thought about seeing me again? You never once thought about me after you, out of your own mouth, told me we were making love while we were having sex? Is that how you fuck every woman?”

Andretti stared at me blankly and shrugged his shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter how I fuck other women. The only thing that matters right now is that you’ve proven to me exactly why I don’t trust women who let me smash on the first night. You had a whole nigga at home and let me fuck you like he didn’t exist. That shit is trifling, Nim, and you know it. I don’t attach myself to women like you.”


Woah! Find out what happens between Nim and Andretti Saturday, 10/13! Are you ready for #TheDrettiExperience yet?!

Until then,

Love, The authors of BLP.




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