Final Sneak Peek – Tonight I’m Yours

Take a final look at ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “Tonight I’m Yours” before it releases tomorrow, 10/15! We’re so excited about this amazing read!



I welcomed a bit of trouble—a little recklessness to entertain me for one night.

Then he touched me.

His touch thrilled my skin and teased my sensual delicacy. One night of pleasure became insufficient as I yearned for more and more of his graceful willingness to love me. To pleasure me in ways only he could.

I welcomed an inconvenient love—an infinite connection to revamp the dull parts of my world.

Then he caressed me, and I became hooked.


Sneak Peek — Malia

“Tonight, I’m yours,” I whispered near his ear. My lips grazed his lobe, and I smiled while staring into his eyes, listening to him pant like a nervous, teenagedboy.

He’d lied to me. I’d never served him. My coworker Julie had taken over this table. She’d disappeared to the back to complain about Qawan’s inappropriate friend so many times that we’d all began to focus on that particular table to watch the madness unfold. That’s when I noticed him. Screw his sarcastic friend and his comical antics, Qawan was the captivating man to pay attention to. He was calm, laid back, gorgeous, and worth lusting over from afar.

“Oh,” I blurted, astonished when I’d originally laid eyes on him. He’d towered over that short, round table like a six-foot-five giant. His dark brown skin beckoned me to not only admire him but to also move forward until I successfully reached him and licked his chocolate skin. He rubbed over his thick, beautifullygroomed beard whenever he chuckled. I’d fallen head over heels for his smile. 

This wasn’t a drill or a bad case of a drunken woman acting out of character. This was a dream. A dream come true the movement I saw him again and realized that it was really him. Cosmopolitans awakened my bold nature. For the first time, and at twenty-six years old, I was rebelling against my morals. And it had only taken one look in his direction.

Reminiscing on our first unorthodox encounter, Qawan’s warm tongue halted my thoughts. My pulsating sex challenged my breathing. I parted my lips to speak, but nothing emitted. Turning my head to look out of the large window next to us, I valued the heavy rain that fell from the sky. I focused on the magic that played out before my eyes as I moaned through the infinite pleasure. It wasn’t enough. I wanted him to release his dick so that I could see the length and width that had poked me through his jeans. Desperately, I wanted him to put on a condom and enter me with animmense purpose to blow my mind. Despite how badly I wanted to feel him inside of me, I didn’t want to stop his tongue from circulating my sensitive clit. 

“Qawan,” I whimpered and rubbed my fingers through his short cut. I’d finally managed to speak actual words, and I could feel him chuckle between my legs. Entranced by my thighs, he paused frequently to kiss the inside of them. 

He teased me so good. Qawan caressed me from my breasts, down to my thighs as he tasted me so greedilythat I’d almost told him I loved him. I’d surpassed a certain level of lust and been engulfed by a deep pit of infatuation that I couldn’t control myself from melting away. One over the top climax didn’t stop him. Qawan was aiming to sexually deplete me until he’d gotten enough of tasting me.

I tried to push his head backattempting to plead for mercy.

“Have to be careful what you ask for,” he mumbled from between my thighs


Read the entire scene tomorrow, 10/15! You won’t want to miss out on this amazing read!

Until then,

Love, The authors of BLP.




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