Sample Sunday times 3!

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Here’s a look into the BLP releases lined up for next week!

Please note: All sneak peeks are unedited!

Up first…

Chelsea Maria: I Should’ve Chosen You – 10/22



“Thank you. I appreciate everything you do for us.” Standing on her tiptoes, she planted a kiss so tender. So telling. What was understood didn’t have to be explained. That’s what her kiss said to me as a shockwave went through my entire body.

As I roused her passion, my own grew stronger, and if we planned on saving the birds and the bees talk for a few more years, I had to pull away before Luna got a show. Capone breathed heavily between parted lips. Eyes closed with a smile resting on her flushed face.

Pecking her lips one last time, I leaned my head back until she opened her eyes. “Go get dressed, Pooh.” The more I tried to put space between us the more she curled into my chest.

When the tip of her nose ran along my jaw, I had to grab ahold of her nightgown to refrain myself from tossing her over my shoulder and going into my boom-boom room and breaking in my pool table. “I can’t believe I thought staying away from you would make the need I have for you go away. Damn, Pacino.” She all but whined and purred as she ran her warm hands up and down my chest. “Forgive me?” The husk in her voice touched the same place her hands were trying to reach.

I lifted my hand until I had a firm, but not so tight grip around her neck. Her eyes widened then turned to low hoods. Her body squirmed as the desire she felt within radiated off her bronze skin. She whined painfully as if her pain of arousal surpassed mine. False. So false. She had no idea the restraint it took for me to not make love to her next to the pot of burnt grits.

My lips brushed against her ear, raising goosebumps and chills along her body. “Pooh, baby, please,” Exhaling, I laid my forehead on hers and stared in her eyes. “I’m so into you, Capone. So into you. I can’t begin to think of words to explain it. Our time will come, and I promise to satisfy you. Make love to you. Kiss you. Suck on everything hidden by this nightgown. Please, baby, go get dressed,” I begged, squeezing tighter making her moan.

“Can you do that for me?” Unable to find her words, she nodded. Her grip on my shirt tightened. “Capone.” The plea in my voice made her hands drop. Kissing her forehead, I stepped back. “We’re leaving in ten minutes.” Before she could change my mind, I turned around.

Lex. C.:A Boss to Love Me – 10/24


What did you two take?”

I looked at Davina first and she threw her hands up like she didn’t know and added a shimmy with her shoulders to shake her breasts. I looked over at Ramiyah and she shrugged her shoulders before she turned that into a dance of her own, rolling her stomach and swaying her hips. I smacked my forehead, roughly pulling my hand down my face. I had no idea what the fuck to expect next.

“Come dance for me, baby.” Davina lured Ramiyah into grinding on her and Ramiyah reached for the hem of my shorts, pulling me to her as she danced. Those honey irises were pleading with me, and my dick was ready and waiting to answer their call.

“You think you can handle that, Rami?” Ramiyah’s face was eye level with my dick and she hadn’t let go of my shorts. I removed her hand myself then threw her right back over my shoulder.

“I’m not doing this with you two. Stay right here, Davina. I mean that shit.” I walked off with Ramiyah on my shoulder and she was out of it, humming some familiar sounding song. “I need you to sleep this off, Miyah.”

“And I need you, Sedhareeee.” Her soft voice, whining my name in that way only she could, made me hesitate as I opened my bedroom door. A lesser man would have hit rock bottom for compassion of her clouded judgement. I gently let her down onto my bed but she sat right up, provocatively crawling to the edge of my bed until she was right in front me. The potency of her allure caught me in my chest. She had a hold on me that made me grow weaker for her by the second.

She seductively stood up on her knees, running her gentle hands up my arms until they rested on either side of my face. Her tongue swiped across those pinkish peach lips of hers, before her lips parted into a sultry smirk. Her beautiful eyes were fixated on my lips until she pulled them to hers to gently taste. Our connection was too much to pull back from. My hands wrapped around her as I sucked the sweetness of her tongue. With every passionate twist and turn of our tongues, I held her closer to my heart.

Her body against mine, her lips against mine, her scent, her taste… I’d unknowingly yearned for her my whole life without knowing it until now. How something so wrong could feel so right was a mystery to me, but my better judgment eventually gave me enough strength to pull myself from her embrace. “Lay down, Miyah!” I didn’t even look at her as I turned to leave, shutting off the light on the way out. As I descended my stairs, my temper rose.

“Back so soon?”

“Why the fuck you do that to her?”

Monica Walters: Love Like a Nightmare 10/26


Isaac sat my plate in front of me with a cup of orange juice and joined me moments later with his plate. He smiled at me, then grabbed my hand and blessed our food. Looking up at me, he said, “Taste the plantain first. Wait… here.”

He picked one up from his plate and held it close to my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth as Isaac licked his lips. When it hit my tongue, I knew I loved them. It was so good. Similar to a banana, just a milder flavor. My goodness. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the flavor as I heard Isaac chuckle.  “I take it that you like them.”

“They’re delicious,” I said, holding my hand over my mouth since I was still chewing.

He was quiet for a moment as he ate.  “I really enjoy holding you in my arms, Niecey.”

“I enjoy you holding me in your arms too. You make me better, Mateo.”

He stood from his seat and pulled me from mine. Isaac gently pushed me against the wall, lifting my leg to his waist and began kissing my neck. Oh shit. I wasn’t ready. I guess I’d better stop picking with him. I was so turned on though.  

My panties had instantly gotten wet, and I was trembling in anticipation of what all he would do.  I could feel his erection pressed against me as he gently bit my earlobe, then said softly and in a deep voice, “Stop playing with me, Mami. I can tell you nervous, but next time you better be ready.”

He pulled away from me, then led me back to the table, fire in his green eyes. We both continued eating in silence, occasionally stealing glances at one another. Damn, I’d never wanted a man as badly as I wanted him, but that alone scared me. While I knew him, I didn’t. We’d gotten so close so quickly. Once I was done, I said, “Thank you, Isaac. The food was delicious.”

“You’re welcome, Valerie,” he said with a smirk on his face.

He knew he’d gotten me all worked up and discombobulated. I grabbed my plate and went to the sink with it. As I washed it out, Isaac stood closely behind me. He rested his hands at my waist, then kissed my neck as a soft moan escaped me. He turned me around to face him, then lifted me and sat me on the countertop.  

Isaac stared in my eyes and said, “I didn’t mean to make you nervous. It’s just that I want you so badly, I need you to stay away from my buttons until you’re ready to feel all of me, especially when we’re alone.”

I couldn’t answer him verbally. I kissed his lips as he stepped closer to me in between my legs.  His fingers grazed my arm, then went to my neck as we flirted with temptation. He slowly pulled away from me. “Go get ready for work, Niecey, before you don’t make it.”

Brace yourself for these back to back 5 star reads next week!!


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