Final look into “A Boss to Love Me”

Tomorrow, Lex. C. makes her literary debut with “A Boss to Love Me” featuring Ramiyah and Sedhare!



Ramiyah “Princess” Young, sister and most prized possession of one of Atlanta’s most respected dealers, is thrown for a loop when her merciful heart has her opening the door to an unmerciful mistake. Despite her natural creative eye and gifted hand, Ramiyah was blind to the consequences of her mistake. When her life quickly begins to spiral out of control, Ramiyah has to put her hands on something… or someone… in hopes that the love she’s seeking is something she will also be able to feel.

Sedhare Varren has been on “Go” since the moment his mother prematurely landed in an assisted living facility. Her condition leaves building his brand and using his hustle to fuel his rise to the top his main focus. With love for his mother being his motivation, love in any other form is the last thing on Sedhare’s mind. Especially with Davina, his free-spirited partner, and best friend of Ramiyah, grinding for the top spot in his life.

When Ramiyah’s mistake calls for Sedhare to not only step up in her brothers’ absence for his team, but for her, the mutual distance they’ve silently adhered to is compromised and the chemistry could prove detrimental. Detrimental to Ramiyah and Davina’s friendship, Sedhare and Davina’s relationship, and Young’s relationship with Sedhare. With so much love and loyalty on the line, boundaries are crossed, and their secrets hold the power to change all of their lives forever.

Nobody said it would be easy loving a boss.

Sneak peek


My mother and I went our separate ways, and I caught the front end of Cortez asking for a shot to prove he’d be an asset to Young’s team as I respectfully shut my door. Picking up my green colored pencil and placing it in my sharpener, I mulled over what it was that really made me help Cortez. He hadn’t really looked out for me in high school. He actually steered clear like the rest of the boys our age who were shook by Young’s reputation in the streets. He only spoke to me because he was on and off with my best friend Davina. Just reminiscing on their breakups made my stomach knot up again. I stuck my freehand through my wild curls to massage my scalp for some type of soothing relief.

A loud thud on the front door snapped me out my thoughts. “Shit.” My green colored pencil was now half its original size. A second loud thud sent me running down the hall. Another loud thud and the front door was knocked off the hinges. Police officers flooded our small home with their guns drawn and the screams that came from lungs hurt my own ears. Young and Mavis were bum rushed by officers. Neither of them resisted but the officers were rough, jacking them up and forcing them down on the ground with guns aimed at both of their heads. A boot was thrust in my brothers back, and I couldn’t just stand there and watch anymore.

I dropped my hands, running to help my brother. To hold my brother if nothing else, but a gun was turned from him to me. The fear that stifled me took me to my knees. Clutching my own elbows, I watched the rest of the scene unfold, rocking myself into the most painful sobs I’d ever uttered.

“Get the fuck out of my house! You need a warrant to…” A piece of paper was shoved in my mother’s face, immediately silencing her.

“Marquez King Young, you are under arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. You have the right to remain silent…”

“We’ve got a gun!” the same officer whose boot was in my brothers back stepped even harder into Young’s back when he reached down and pulled out the gun tucked into Young’s waist.

“One over here, too,” another officer shouted in the process of searching Mavis.

The officers began searching our home and picking both my brother and Mavis apart with charges. I couldn’t retain anything after the tightening clank off the cuffs locked around my brother’s wrists. They might as well had chained me to him because they were taking my world with him. My protector, confidant, and keeper. The only constant I’d ever known. The aching knot in my stomach turned into pure anguish as I searched the room for Cortez.

“Don’t answer any questions, Ramiyah. You two hold tight until you hear from me.” Taking one look at Young’s pleading eyes magnified the pain piercing my heart so I dropped my head instead. “Princess!” Young roared. He’d been completely collected until he had my complete attention. “You are a Young! Same blood running through our veins! Pull it together. For me.” Young was rammed through the door as I nodded, and Mavis was right behind him.

The streets were beginning to fill up with onlookers as squad cars and paddy wagons lined our street at all angles. Who the fuck did they think they were going to find? The Cartel? Whoever was after Young wanted him in the worst way, and I’d be lying if this shit didn’t look like the odds weren’t going to be in any of our favor. The initial pain I felt was being replaced with anger, and the scowl on my mother’s face let me know her feelings were mutual. We stood there for God only knows how long, and the minute the awkward silence became too loud to ignore, she snapped.

“You! You did this to my baby!”

My mother’s hands were around my neck in a split second.

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