Final Sneak Peek – Love Like A Nightmare

Hey y’all! Tomorrow, Monica Walters makes her BLP debut with “Love Like A Nightmare.”



Love is risky, and in life, people take risks. Valerie Denise Porter takes a risk to love Eric Draymond Walker, an aspiring rapper, despite her sister and best friend’s uncertainties about him. His looks had her mesmerized from the beginning. That risk eventually proves to not be worth taking. Valerie discovers that her life with Eric isn’t what she thought it would be.

Like many women in toxic relationships, she feels trapped. She’s living a nightmare, a live horror flick that she can’t seem to escape from, until Isaac Mateo Ramirez makes her acquaintance. While she likes Isaac, Eric is the man she loves. Love should be reciprocated, but somehow, Valerie forgets what love is supposed to look like, sound like, and feel like.

Isaac wants to be the man to remind her of how amazing love can feel, but she can’t seem to break free of Eric’s grasp. Despicable decisions lead to unfortunate events, and Valerie finds herself at a crossroad. She knows what’s right, but will she make the right decision, or will she stumble and fall in the horror flick of love?


Sneak peek


As I sat at my desk, my mind drifted off, wondering what my life would have been like had I never met Eric. When Melissa came in, she scared the shit out of me. I’d never seen her walk in. “You okay, Valerie?” When I looked at her, her eyes widened, and she asked, “What happened to your eye?”


She didn’t push. She just put her arm around my shoulder and said, “Be strong enough to choose you. I’m gonna pray for you.”

I smiled slightly, then said, “Thank you.”

The day was slow, thank God, which meant there wasn’t a lot of up and down either. It was hard enough sitting there like I wasn’t in excruciating pain, so I was grateful that I didn’t have to keep getting up. Around two o’clock, a delivery guy walked in with flowers. It was a huge bouquet of pink stargaze lilies and cream-colored roses, accented with greenery and baby’s breath. I said to Melissa, “Those are beautiful. Somebody’s a lucky woman.”

“They really are.”

I continued to look over some notes to try to familiarize myself with the system.  I looked up to see the delivery guy in the doorway. “Valerie Porter?”

My eyes widened. “Um, yes. That’s me.”

He sat them on my desk and said, “Have a good day.”

“Thank you. You too.”

Melissa smiled tightly at me, assuming they were from Eric, I was sure. Eric had never bought me flowers. We didn’t have money for him to even think about buying a bouquet this extravagant. I swallowed hard then pulled the card from the envelope. It read:

Whenever you’re ready, Ms. Porter.  Call me 924-1652. Have a great day.

Isaac Ramirez

I showed the card to Melissa, and she nearly yelled. I smiled as I slid the card in my desk drawer.  I almost threw it in the trash, but I’d be a fool. There was no way I was gonna put that in my purse for Eric to find, though. She stared at me for a moment, then asked, “Are you gonna call him?”

My mind was saying, maybe, but to her, I said, “No.”

“Okay.  Not my business.” She called in our next customer.

My mind had been filled with thoughts of Isaac for the rest of the day. He was a pleasant and welcomed distraction from Eric. My body was hurting so badly I wanted to say fuck it and just go home. When I walked outside, again, Eric wasn’t here. I took a deep breath, wincing in pain shortly after, as I called him.  “Hello?”

“Are you on your way?”

“No. I’m still in Houston.”

“A call would have been nice, Eric, so I would have known to get a ride.”

“Yo, E! You ready to go in the booth?” I heard someone ask.

“Yeah!” he yelled back at them. “We’ll deal with your attitude when I get home.”

I threw my phone in my bag and let the tears fall freely.

Hope you’re ready for tomorrow!


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