Final Sneak Peek — Yearning For Your Love

Hey y’all! Tomorrow, D. Rose makes her BLP debut with “Yearning For Your Love.”



Toni Johnson’s life was a fairytale. She had the dream guy, dream job, and dream house until her fiancé, Mekhi, leaves her without warning. While trying to put the pieces of her heart back together, Toni travels home to visit her family, where she plans to mend the estranged relationships she created. One person she doesn’t plan on mending her relationship with is her high school crush turned ex-lover, Zain.

Zain Murphy had no intentions of being in love nor being in a relationship. Focusing solely on his contracting business and football, he simply had no time to devote to a woman, until he hears his first love will be returning home. His unconventional relationship with Toni was the only taste of love he’d ever known. Him leaving for college put an end to them before they knew it. Now older and wiser, Zain knows Toni is the woman he wants. The only problem is, Toni wants nothing to do with him.

Their yearning for one another becomes stronger than the forces pulling them apart. Toni knows her heart lies with Zain, but she’s still healing from being left by Mekhi. Will she be able to overcome her heartache and give her and Zain the chance they deserve?


Sneak peek


“Get dressed. I have a surprise for you.” Trent patted my knee before getting up. “You have twenty minutes before I change my mind.”

My brother’s surprises always included food, so I wasted no time getting dressed. I threw on a Howard alum shirt and a pair of stone-washed jeans. By the time I got downstairs, Trent was already at the door with his keys in his hand.

“Come on, kid.” He nodded his head in the direction of the door.

Trent surprised me by taking me to the new location of my favorite ice-cream stand. We sat in the parking lot eating our sundaes while he played a mixed CD we made years ago. It reminded me of our weekly ice-cream dates after we his left football practices. My parents made me stay after school with him so I wouldn’t be home alone. He knew how much I hated sitting in on his practices, so he always treated me with a sundae.

Trent put in another mixed CD that made me burst out into laughter. The CD was a mix of songs he’d made for his first crush.

“Remember Tanya Wilson?” I asked, and he groaned in response.

Trent had the biggest crush on her in high school. She was considered the most popular and prettiest girl in school. After crushing on her for a year, he finally built up the courage to ask her to the Valentine’s Day dance. Trent was too cool for a locker note or asking during lunch. Instead, he made her a mixed CD with all the songs that reminded him of her.

“Yes,” he said with flared nostrils.

He hated when I brought her up. Technically, that was his first girlfriend. And probably his first love, but he would never admit it. They dated for a year and broke-up after prom. A few months later, she was pregnant by her neighbor and now they were married with four kids.

“She’s happily married,” Trent said with a mean side-eye.

“I know. But why do you still have this CD though?”

He shrugged. “I like the songs.”

“Just admit she’s your first love,” I teased.

He turned up the music, completely ignoring me. A call coming through interrupted our jam session. The name that appeared on the screen made me roll my eyes. Trent smirked as he answered the phone.

“‘Sup, Zig.”

I sucked my teeth before stuffing a spoonful of ice cream in my mouth.

“You coming to the field today?” Zain’s voice was always calm and confident.

The two things that attracted me to him the most were his voice and calm demeanor. He was always laid back, no matter the situation. Even before games, he would be calm, almost in a meditative state. I remembered watching him from the bleachers as he mentally prepared for a game. He never had a hard time finding me and winking before running on the field. A faint smile appeared on my lips before I remembered I was supposed to be mad at him.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in an hour. Toni and I came to Sprinkles.”

I punched Trent for mentioning I was with him.

Zain laughed as he responded, “That woman loves some ice cream. Tell Bunni I said hey.”

Trent winked at me, and I turned to look out the window.

“I’ll see you later, bro.”


After Trent disconnected the call, I punched him in the arm again.

“Why did you do that?” I fussed.

He shrugged before starting the car.

“He was going to ask about you anyway.” A playful smile covered his face. “The only reason you’re all in your feelings is because you still want him. Stop trying to play hard to get all the damn time.”

“Shut up. I don’t want to talk about him.” My tone had more inflection than I wanted.

That only made Trent more amused, but he dropped the subject and turned up the music.

Hope you’re ready for tomorrow!


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