Final Sneak Peek — Love Doesn’t Hurt

Hey y’all! Tomorrow, Kay Shanee makes her BLP debut with “Love Doesn’t Hurt.”



When Shayla Simms takes a trip with her closest friends, the last thing she’s expecting is to spend that time with a handsome stranger, but that’s exactly what happens when she meets Darius Carter. Although their time together is beautiful, it doesn’t last long.

Shayla and Darius part ways, returning to their lives of normality. For Shayla, that separation leads to meeting and falling for Kurt – a man whose hands hurt more than they heal and show love. Even though she knows their union must end, Shayla can’t quite pull herself to leave… until Darius returns.

The bond between Shayla and Darius was almost instant and too good to be true, which is why it was so easy for the both of them to walk away. This second time around, Darius’ fairytale love is exactly what Shayla needs to get out of her hellish reality. There’s just one problem: Kurt isn’t willing to let her go easily. Will Shayla stay, or will she find the courage to leave and believe because of Darius that love doesn’t hurt?


Sneak peek


Clearing my throat, I began to scoot my chair back. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”

I started to stand but Kurt squeezed my hand real tight and yanked my arm. I sat back down

“Kurt, I need to use the bathroom,” I told him.

“Don’t be all fuckin’ day in there and make me have to come looking for you,” he spoke through clenched teeth, squeezing my hand so tight that my eyes began to water.

I nodded and stood again. I could feel Darius’s eyes on me but I didn’t dare look his way. After a few steps, I could hear Darius’s voice.

“What the fuck is up with you man? You treat that woman like shit!” Darius said.

I didn’t hear Kurt’s response but I’m sure it was nothing but a bunch of bullshit. After asking a hostess, I found the bathroom near the front of the restaurant. As I walked past the entrance, I imagined myself making a run for it. But where would I go?

When I walked into the bathroom, I couldn’t help but notice how nice it was. Each stall was equipped with a sink and of course, a toilet, and even a small bench inside. Impressive!

After handling my business, I walked out of the stall and right into a hard chest, pushing me back into the stall and slamming the door shut. Initially, I didn’t see who it was, so I automatically thought it was Kurt on some bullshit.

Before I could protest, my back was against the wall, his lips are on mine and he shoved his tongue into my mouth. His lips are soft and plump. I could taste a trace of whatever liquor he had been drinking. Our tongues made circles around each other’s and I allowed myself to get lost.

His lips moved down and went back and forth between my ear and my neck, two of my most sensitive spots. He remembers! He lifted my dress above my waist and ripped my thongs off with one hand, while releasing his dick from his pants with the other. Not once did he stop devouring me with his mouth.

I felt his fingers brush against my clit, testing its wetness. He’s not disappointed. In one swift move, he is inside of me and I let out a moan. With my legs wrapped around his waist, he pumped inside of me, hard, fast, and deep.

Hope you’re ready for tomorrow!


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