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ShanicexLola: If This Isn’t Love – 10/30


“What are you doing here, Karim?” She sighed.

Karim’s chewing slowed to a halt. Swallowing hard, he sat the plate on the counter to approach her. “No.” She backed away from him. “I asked you a question.” 

I’m eating,” he said. “And I’ve been hitting your line all daypretty girl. I paid the bill, so I know it’s on.” Karim didn’t need permission to pull her into his arms. He practically snatched her into him and held her close to his chest.

“I had a busy day at work.”

“That’s new? Muthafuckers used to be in the waiting room cursing you out for taking so long to get to them. You would stop everything moving to answer my call.”

“Karim,” she whined, struggling to break free from his arms. Eventually, she gave up the fight to rest her head against his chest. “Watch your mouth in my parent’s house.”

“My bad.” Karim stepped back and shook his head. Towering over her, he raised her chin with his index finger to finally have her eyes. “I don’t deserve this shit.”


“You got a good nigga, pretty girl. Flawed like a muthafucker but I’m…”

“You can’t even help yourself, can you?”

Karim nodded and paused before trying it again. As he rubbed his fingers through his beautifully groomed beard, he never took his eyes off her. She’d hidden herself from him for weeks. Unsure of when he would see her again after this, he took his time to admire her.

“You don’t know what you’re doing. That’s what this is.”

“What?” she scoffed.

“You don’t know what you’re doing to me,” he whispered harshly and patted his chest aggressively. With Amiyah, he was a patient man. These days, Karim was fighting to get his point across—fighting to prove his love to a woman who thought marriage defined it

A. Jones: Just For One Night – 10/31



“Bear, this was supposed to be for one night.”

“Who said that it had to be?”

“We do, I do.”

“And why is that, Kadee?”

Because I’m feeling things I shouldn’t for a man that I can’t be with, won’t be with.

“If you don’t love you don’t lose.”

“If you don’t love, you don’t live. You have to stop running one day, Kadence.”

“And what do you think I’m running from, Barry?” Since he wanted to use governments I would too. I took a bite of my gumbo waiting for him to tell me that he thought I was running from him.

It was typical of men to think that they were the root of every woman’s pain and happiness. That couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth.


Now that, that was the truth and I wasn’t expecting him to know it. So, much so my gumbo went down the wrong way.

Barry stood to help me, but I lifted my hand to stop him from getting up.

After clearing my throat a few times I was good. The heat was evident in his gaze as a blush spread across my cheeks. A reaction I was becoming more accustomed to having in his presence.

Subconsciously I tugged at the neckline of my sweater. “Is it hot in here to you?”

Barry smirked. He knew what I was doing, but like the gentleman that he was, he didn’t call me on it. “Pretty Girl, you’re eating gumbo and wearing a sweater like it’s December. It’s only October, baby.”

If my heart didn’t flutter at him calling me baby then a bigot wasn’t president. That ‘baby’ took me back to the night we first shared our bodies with each other.

If it wasn’t hot before it was definitely hot now.

Looking Bear over once more I made up my mind.

What was one more night?


C. Monet: Will I Ever Be Enough: The Golden Effect – 11/3



“Brent spare me the bullshit, you never wanted to be serious. Don’t come in here acting like you wanted to save the day. We both know you really don’t and never did care. And when you know how to successfully lead, you can speak on leading and not a moment sooner.” I commented.

“What do you need?”

“I’m pregnant.” I blurted out. This was the shit I hated about him. His dirty words always came out to play when he was hurt, well no longer the center of attention. I ignored him I was bulletproof. Certain shit didn’t have to be said and his time had ran out. I didn’t need his shit today. I didn’t need his little speech about how terrible of a woman I was. Shit I was already coming to that conclusion on my own.

He stepped closer to me biting his lip and eyes wider than saucers. “Are you really pregnant?” he asked.

“Yea now what?”

“We can’t have this baby. I’m married,” he whispered looking around. I knew something was up with him. That long speech he just gave was bullshit he couldn’t be serious with if he wanted to be serious. And how stupid was I to miss the signs. “After things ended with me and you, we decided to work things out. This would be a major setback for me. Get rid of it.”

“Stay the hell away from me and have a nice life.” I said through gritted teeth leaving him standing there. He might as well said fuck me with his speech of a setback. Somehow in his minds my feelings didn’t matter. My heart exploded, not because I would miss him but because I could be so damn reckless. I don’t know where that trait came from and why it was only present with men.

Looking out the window, I could see Toya out there going off on Brent about how he wasn’t shit and how low down he was. Her finger was extended in his face just an inch away from his nose. He was backing away with his hands raised as if he didn’t want anymore problems. I never wanted him here, I knew this would happen. I knew he would somehow make this about him and what was best for him.

“Why didn’t you just listen to me?” I asked she walked inside my house, pissed off. She was pacing and punching her hands. Her small petite frame had always been deadly and nothing to play with. I loved her for sticking up to me but nothing she said to him bothered him.

Brace yourself for these back to back 5 star reads next week!!



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