Just For One Night — Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, A. Jones makes her comeback with “Just For One Night” and it’s yet another beautifully written story to add to your collection! Here’s a small sneak peek to get you prepared!




Kadence Victor hasn’t had much experience in the love department, but what she has had reaffirms her decisions to keep her distance. She’s completely content with living closed off to love until her friends intervene in an unconventional way.

A lost bet fates her in having a chance encounter with Barry “Bear” Williams, an old family friend and crush from her youth.

“It’s just for one night. Afterwards, you two can move forward like nothing ever happened.”

Listening to her best friend, Kadence agrees. For one night, Kadence lets her guard down to experience a night of bliss she never knew existed.

But what happens when one night turns into two and two nights into three and love starts valiantly knocking at her door?

Will she answer?

Will she open her mind, her heart, and her body to the good love could bring?

Or will she let her past heartaches continue to dictate her future?

Sneak peek


“Bear, this was supposed to be for one night.”

“Who said that it had to be?”

“We do, I do.”

“And why is that, Kadee?”

Because I’m feeling things I shouldn’t for a man that I can’t be with, won’t be with.

“If you don’t love you don’t lose.”

“If you don’t love, you don’t live. You have to stop running one day, Kadence.”

“And what do you think I’m running from, Barry?” Since he wanted to use governments I would too. I took a bite of my gumbo waiting for him to tell me that he thought I was running from him.

It was typical of men to think that they were the root of every woman’s pain and happiness. That couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth.


Now that, that was the truth and I wasn’t expecting him to know it. So, much so my gumbo went down the wrong way.

Barry stood to help me, but I lifted my hand to stop him from getting up.

After clearing my throat a few times I was good. The heat was evident in his gaze as a blush spread across my cheeks. A reaction I was becoming more accustomed to having in his presence.

Subconsciously I tugged at the neckline of my sweater. “Is it hot in here to you?”

Barry smirked. He knew what I was doing, but like the gentleman that he was, he didn’t call me on it. “Pretty Girl, you’re eating gumbo and wearing a sweater like it’s December. It’s only October, baby.”

If my heart didn’t flutter at him calling me baby then a bigot wasn’t president. That ‘baby’ took me back to the night we first shared our bodies with each other.

If it wasn’t hot before it was definitely hot now.

Looking Bear over once more I made up my mind.

What was one more night?

We hope you’re ready for this sweet love story! The full version will be available for download tomorrow, 10/31!


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