New Release — A Boss to Love Me

I wondered if this could be a dream because I was entranced by his every movement. His big brown eyes eyed every inch of my body as he licked his juicy rosewood lips. I wanted to move from under his lustrous glare but I couldn’t. My body to his sheets felt like a magnet. —Ramiyah

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“A Boss to Love Me” by Lex. C.
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Final look into “A Boss to Love Me”

Tomorrow, Lex. C. makes her literary debut with “A Boss to Love Me” featuring Ramiyah and Sedhare!



Ramiyah “Princess” Young, sister and most prized possession of one of Atlanta’s most respected dealers, is thrown for a loop when her merciful heart has her opening the door to an unmerciful mistake. Despite her natural creative eye and gifted hand, Ramiyah was blind to the consequences of her mistake. When her life quickly begins to spiral out of control, Ramiyah has to put her hands on something… or someone… in hopes that the love she’s seeking is something she will also be able to feel.

Sedhare Varren has been on “Go” since the moment his mother prematurely landed in an assisted living facility. Her condition leaves building his brand and using his hustle to fuel his rise to the top his main focus. With love for his mother being his motivation, love in any other form is the last thing on Sedhare’s mind. Especially with Davina, his free-spirited partner, and best friend of Ramiyah, grinding for the top spot in his life.

When Ramiyah’s mistake calls for Sedhare to not only step up in her brothers’ absence for his team, but for her, the mutual distance they’ve silently adhered to is compromised and the chemistry could prove detrimental. Detrimental to Ramiyah and Davina’s friendship, Sedhare and Davina’s relationship, and Young’s relationship with Sedhare. With so much love and loyalty on the line, boundaries are crossed, and their secrets hold the power to change all of their lives forever.

Nobody said it would be easy loving a boss.

Sneak peek


My mother and I went our separate ways, and I caught the front end of Cortez asking for a shot to prove he’d be an asset to Young’s team as I respectfully shut my door. Picking up my green colored pencil and placing it in my sharpener, I mulled over what it was that really made me help Cortez. He hadn’t really looked out for me in high school. He actually steered clear like the rest of the boys our age who were shook by Young’s reputation in the streets. He only spoke to me because he was on and off with my best friend Davina. Just reminiscing on their breakups made my stomach knot up again. I stuck my freehand through my wild curls to massage my scalp for some type of soothing relief.

A loud thud on the front door snapped me out my thoughts. “Shit.” My green colored pencil was now half its original size. A second loud thud sent me running down the hall. Another loud thud and the front door was knocked off the hinges. Police officers flooded our small home with their guns drawn and the screams that came from lungs hurt my own ears. Young and Mavis were bum rushed by officers. Neither of them resisted but the officers were rough, jacking them up and forcing them down on the ground with guns aimed at both of their heads. A boot was thrust in my brothers back, and I couldn’t just stand there and watch anymore.

I dropped my hands, running to help my brother. To hold my brother if nothing else, but a gun was turned from him to me. The fear that stifled me took me to my knees. Clutching my own elbows, I watched the rest of the scene unfold, rocking myself into the most painful sobs I’d ever uttered.

“Get the fuck out of my house! You need a warrant to…” A piece of paper was shoved in my mother’s face, immediately silencing her.

“Marquez King Young, you are under arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. You have the right to remain silent…”

“We’ve got a gun!” the same officer whose boot was in my brothers back stepped even harder into Young’s back when he reached down and pulled out the gun tucked into Young’s waist.

“One over here, too,” another officer shouted in the process of searching Mavis.

The officers began searching our home and picking both my brother and Mavis apart with charges. I couldn’t retain anything after the tightening clank off the cuffs locked around my brother’s wrists. They might as well had chained me to him because they were taking my world with him. My protector, confidant, and keeper. The only constant I’d ever known. The aching knot in my stomach turned into pure anguish as I searched the room for Cortez.

“Don’t answer any questions, Ramiyah. You two hold tight until you hear from me.” Taking one look at Young’s pleading eyes magnified the pain piercing my heart so I dropped my head instead. “Princess!” Young roared. He’d been completely collected until he had my complete attention. “You are a Young! Same blood running through our veins! Pull it together. For me.” Young was rammed through the door as I nodded, and Mavis was right behind him.

The streets were beginning to fill up with onlookers as squad cars and paddy wagons lined our street at all angles. Who the fuck did they think they were going to find? The Cartel? Whoever was after Young wanted him in the worst way, and I’d be lying if this shit didn’t look like the odds weren’t going to be in any of our favor. The initial pain I felt was being replaced with anger, and the scowl on my mother’s face let me know her feelings were mutual. We stood there for God only knows how long, and the minute the awkward silence became too loud to ignore, she snapped.

“You! You did this to my baby!”

My mother’s hands were around my neck in a split second.

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Sample Sunday times 3!

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Here’s a look into the BLP releases lined up for next week!

Please note: All sneak peeks are unedited!

Up first…

Chelsea Maria: I Should’ve Chosen You – 10/22



“Thank you. I appreciate everything you do for us.” Standing on her tiptoes, she planted a kiss so tender. So telling. What was understood didn’t have to be explained. That’s what her kiss said to me as a shockwave went through my entire body.

As I roused her passion, my own grew stronger, and if we planned on saving the birds and the bees talk for a few more years, I had to pull away before Luna got a show. Capone breathed heavily between parted lips. Eyes closed with a smile resting on her flushed face.

Pecking her lips one last time, I leaned my head back until she opened her eyes. “Go get dressed, Pooh.” The more I tried to put space between us the more she curled into my chest.

When the tip of her nose ran along my jaw, I had to grab ahold of her nightgown to refrain myself from tossing her over my shoulder and going into my boom-boom room and breaking in my pool table. “I can’t believe I thought staying away from you would make the need I have for you go away. Damn, Pacino.” She all but whined and purred as she ran her warm hands up and down my chest. “Forgive me?” The husk in her voice touched the same place her hands were trying to reach.

I lifted my hand until I had a firm, but not so tight grip around her neck. Her eyes widened then turned to low hoods. Her body squirmed as the desire she felt within radiated off her bronze skin. She whined painfully as if her pain of arousal surpassed mine. False. So false. She had no idea the restraint it took for me to not make love to her next to the pot of burnt grits.

My lips brushed against her ear, raising goosebumps and chills along her body. “Pooh, baby, please,” Exhaling, I laid my forehead on hers and stared in her eyes. “I’m so into you, Capone. So into you. I can’t begin to think of words to explain it. Our time will come, and I promise to satisfy you. Make love to you. Kiss you. Suck on everything hidden by this nightgown. Please, baby, go get dressed,” I begged, squeezing tighter making her moan.

“Can you do that for me?” Unable to find her words, she nodded. Her grip on my shirt tightened. “Capone.” The plea in my voice made her hands drop. Kissing her forehead, I stepped back. “We’re leaving in ten minutes.” Before she could change my mind, I turned around.

Lex. C.:A Boss to Love Me – 10/24


What did you two take?”

I looked at Davina first and she threw her hands up like she didn’t know and added a shimmy with her shoulders to shake her breasts. I looked over at Ramiyah and she shrugged her shoulders before she turned that into a dance of her own, rolling her stomach and swaying her hips. I smacked my forehead, roughly pulling my hand down my face. I had no idea what the fuck to expect next.

“Come dance for me, baby.” Davina lured Ramiyah into grinding on her and Ramiyah reached for the hem of my shorts, pulling me to her as she danced. Those honey irises were pleading with me, and my dick was ready and waiting to answer their call.

“You think you can handle that, Rami?” Ramiyah’s face was eye level with my dick and she hadn’t let go of my shorts. I removed her hand myself then threw her right back over my shoulder.

“I’m not doing this with you two. Stay right here, Davina. I mean that shit.” I walked off with Ramiyah on my shoulder and she was out of it, humming some familiar sounding song. “I need you to sleep this off, Miyah.”

“And I need you, Sedhareeee.” Her soft voice, whining my name in that way only she could, made me hesitate as I opened my bedroom door. A lesser man would have hit rock bottom for compassion of her clouded judgement. I gently let her down onto my bed but she sat right up, provocatively crawling to the edge of my bed until she was right in front me. The potency of her allure caught me in my chest. She had a hold on me that made me grow weaker for her by the second.

She seductively stood up on her knees, running her gentle hands up my arms until they rested on either side of my face. Her tongue swiped across those pinkish peach lips of hers, before her lips parted into a sultry smirk. Her beautiful eyes were fixated on my lips until she pulled them to hers to gently taste. Our connection was too much to pull back from. My hands wrapped around her as I sucked the sweetness of her tongue. With every passionate twist and turn of our tongues, I held her closer to my heart.

Her body against mine, her lips against mine, her scent, her taste… I’d unknowingly yearned for her my whole life without knowing it until now. How something so wrong could feel so right was a mystery to me, but my better judgment eventually gave me enough strength to pull myself from her embrace. “Lay down, Miyah!” I didn’t even look at her as I turned to leave, shutting off the light on the way out. As I descended my stairs, my temper rose.

“Back so soon?”

“Why the fuck you do that to her?”

Monica Walters: Love Like a Nightmare 10/26


Isaac sat my plate in front of me with a cup of orange juice and joined me moments later with his plate. He smiled at me, then grabbed my hand and blessed our food. Looking up at me, he said, “Taste the plantain first. Wait… here.”

He picked one up from his plate and held it close to my mouth. I slowly opened my mouth as Isaac licked his lips. When it hit my tongue, I knew I loved them. It was so good. Similar to a banana, just a milder flavor. My goodness. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the flavor as I heard Isaac chuckle.  “I take it that you like them.”

“They’re delicious,” I said, holding my hand over my mouth since I was still chewing.

He was quiet for a moment as he ate.  “I really enjoy holding you in my arms, Niecey.”

“I enjoy you holding me in your arms too. You make me better, Mateo.”

He stood from his seat and pulled me from mine. Isaac gently pushed me against the wall, lifting my leg to his waist and began kissing my neck. Oh shit. I wasn’t ready. I guess I’d better stop picking with him. I was so turned on though.  

My panties had instantly gotten wet, and I was trembling in anticipation of what all he would do.  I could feel his erection pressed against me as he gently bit my earlobe, then said softly and in a deep voice, “Stop playing with me, Mami. I can tell you nervous, but next time you better be ready.”

He pulled away from me, then led me back to the table, fire in his green eyes. We both continued eating in silence, occasionally stealing glances at one another. Damn, I’d never wanted a man as badly as I wanted him, but that alone scared me. While I knew him, I didn’t. We’d gotten so close so quickly. Once I was done, I said, “Thank you, Isaac. The food was delicious.”

“You’re welcome, Valerie,” he said with a smirk on his face.

He knew he’d gotten me all worked up and discombobulated. I grabbed my plate and went to the sink with it. As I washed it out, Isaac stood closely behind me. He rested his hands at my waist, then kissed my neck as a soft moan escaped me. He turned me around to face him, then lifted me and sat me on the countertop.  

Isaac stared in my eyes and said, “I didn’t mean to make you nervous. It’s just that I want you so badly, I need you to stay away from my buttons until you’re ready to feel all of me, especially when we’re alone.”

I couldn’t answer him verbally. I kissed his lips as he stepped closer to me in between my legs.  His fingers grazed my arm, then went to my neck as we flirted with temptation. He slowly pulled away from me. “Go get ready for work, Niecey, before you don’t make it.”

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Need a weekend read? BLP has you covered!

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Did you catch all the releases B. Love Publications threw your way last week? If not, don’t fret! We’ve got some sneak peeks in time for you to choose your weekend reads! To choose a book, simply click the title to be taken to its Amazon page!

The One He Craves – A. Marie Johnson

TOHC Cover

Sneak peek:

Hearing him chuckle quickly snapped me out of my sinful stare and I asked, “Why are you laughing?” even though I knew I’d been caught red-handed. He wasn’t naive. He knew I’d been eye-fucking him.

“I’m about to keep it straight one hundred with you, beautiful.” Andretti rubbed his jawline thoughtfully and shook his head. “You can’t keep giving me those come-hither eyes and expect me to keep being a gentleman. The freak in me is never far behind and I don’t think you’re ready for the Dretti experience.”

The alcohol we consumed at the airport was low-key still in effect and I blamed it for the cause of my easily provoked emotions. I felt not only insulted by his words but also like I had something to prove. That coupled with the thought of Britton being cuddled up in Cassandra’s bed, giving her dick that should’ve been reserved for me only, was enough to push me to make a spontaneously bold move.

Make him pay, screamed loudly over and over in my mind. What I was about to do was totally out of my character but I felt the strong need to make Britton pay for every single time he looked me in the eyes and told me I was the only woman he loved and wanted. For every single time he told me not to worry about her and then went and laid in her bed. For every single time he made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for him to be faithful.

What I was about to do danced between the line of crazy and downright insane but as I stared at Andretti’s Godly body I felt like he was the only thing that would ever be able to right Britton’s wrongs.

With slow deliberate strides, I walked over to him and drew an imaginary line up and down his rock-hard chest using my index finger. Traveling dangerously lower, my finger almost made it to the aroused bulge in his jeans but he grabbed my hand in the nick of time and looked at me skeptically.

“Are you drunk, beautiful?”

I swiftly shook my head no, being completely honest. I didn’t want him to think he could possibly be taking advantage of me on some she’s too drunk type of shit.

Still holding onto my hand, Andretti placed a tender kiss to it and stared me right in the eyes. “Look, baby, this the kinda dick that’ll make you wanna stalk a nigga. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Well damn, since he put it that way…

I tried to look down at the floor and mull over what Andretti said but he tilted my chin back up with his finger.

“Nah. Don’t do that shy shit. You were just looking at me like you were about that life. Tell me what you want from me?”

As if that was the confidence boost I needed to stand my ground, I looked him right back in the eyes and said, “I want you to fuck me… Until I can’t think straight. Until I’m ready to pull my own damn hair out. Until I…”

Tonight, I’m Yours : ShanicexLola


Sneak peek:

One day, I wanted to have a boyfriend who my father didn’t intimidate or run away. I wanted

“Malia.” Qawan startled me when he opened the door and looked me up and down. Smirking at my pink, silk pajamas, he reached out to pull me close by the end of my jacket. Contemplating my wants were no more. Suddenly, I just wanted him.

“How’d you

“I sensed you.” Qawan inhaled me, then kissed my neck. “Or I’ve been waiting on you since I left the restaurant.”

“Both make me feel good,” I admitted. Maybe it was just him, and it didn’t matter what he said. Qawan made me feel good. “Am I dressed okay for a booty call?” I asked and twirled around. Walking around him, I entered the hotel and sat on the bed with my legs crossed. On the ride over, I daydreamed about the large window with the impeccable view of the buildings in the area. Gazing out of that window as he licked laps around my clit had nearly sent me to heaven.

“Who said this was a booty call?” He leaned on the dresser across from the bed. Next to him were my bra and panties. A matching pair of my favorites.

Covering my face from embarrassment that I’d snuck out without finding them first, I sighed when his large hands grabbed onto me to reel me in. Qawan laughed at my abashment. Forcing me to look up at him, he lifted my chin with a finger and smiled. He was the type of good-looking that made you question how it was possible. This man was so beautiful that I just knew God took His precious time to create him.

“Why am I here?” I questioned him, more so his intentions overall. “Are you trying to make this a common thing or

“You’re here because you want to be.”

“Well, yeah, but you know what I mean.” I rolled my eyes. We were in his hotel room again. And now things were starting to concern me. I was staring around like the atmosphere was brand new. I tried to spot a ring on his finger in case he was married. Damn it! I was searching for clarity after a one-night stand.

“You’re here because I want to know how your day was. How’s your pussy doing after I took good care of it? What’s your favorite color? All that and a little more. You up for it?”

I nodded, unable to gather the right words to respond. In the spur of the moment, I kissed him. Right after I pressed my lips firmly against his, I stepped back at the same time my pussy pulsated for him.


ShanicexLola returns 10/30 with…


Journey to You: S. Rêver


Sneak peek:

Feeling her wrap her arms around me and place her head on my shoulder, I started to feel bad because she was clearly tired.

“Zelle, why are you up?”

“Why are you up?”

“Well, I got up because Mayweather was trying to beat my ass,” I said jokingly while pulling her around to take a seat on my lap. Pulling up the ottoman, I propped my feet up and reached over to grab the small blanket she had from the plane. Wrapping her up, I pulled her into my chest and looked out the window.

Giving me the time I needed to talk, she got comfortable and laid there.

“You know after my injury, things have been weird. Friends I thought I had walked away with the exception of you, Malaysia, and my boy, Jermaine, who I played with at Prairie View. It’s like they only had love when I was up, but as soon as I get down, they too busy to do shit. It’s like they were around only when they thought it would benefit them.”

“They weren’t your friends, so I say fuck ‘em. I know it’s hard, but you can’t let the actions of others disrupt your energy.”

Chuckling I tell her, “You sound like Jermaine.”

“That’s ‘cause we know what we talking about. What else is going on?” she asked while yawning.

“Nothing except the doubt of making it to the league. I just feel like I had one chance, and I blew it.” After I said that, she sat up, straddled me and stared. Her gaze stare was strong, yet gentle, demanding, yet calming.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“I just had to get a better look at you while I heard you talk so much negativity over yourself.”

I looked down because I knew she hated when I talked negatively. She views everything as a positive. Her motto is, “shit happens, now are you going to get up and fix it or walk around looking like an ass?” I’m telling y’all, the growth of this women is absolutely amazing.

Taking a deep breath, she placed her finger under my chin to lift it up.

“What do I always tell you? A king never lets his crown fall. You’re going through a hard time, but that’s all it is, and it will pass. I promise. What did you tell me at the beach? ‘Let’s leave all of our issues here and watch them wash away’, but considering we aren’t at a beach, we’re going to write down all our worries and fears, and tomorrow, we will destroy them. Deal?” she asked.


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Final Sneak Peek – Journey to You

Hey y’all! Tomorrow, S. Rêver makes her literary debut with “Journey to You.”



What happens when one eventful night turns friends into lovers?
JaZelle is a recent graduate trying to figure her life out. One eventful night during her high school graduation trip changes her friendship with her long-time best friend into more. Fast forward five years, she finally graduates college, and it seems as though history is repeating itself. This time, it causes JaZelle to run for the hills.
Trey Clarkson, a football player at Prairie View University, is JaZelle’s best friend. He’s secretly been in love with her since he met her his sophomore year of high school in Spanish class. One event after the next pulls them closer together, but what happens when things move too fast causing friction in a once unbreakable bond?
Follow these two as we find out if the Journey to You is worth it.

Sneak peek


*Knock Knock Knock*

Walking over to the door to open it, I was surprised to see my other best friend, Trey. Shocked is an understatement. I hadn’t seen him since spring break, and he didn’t tell me he was coming home.

“Ahhhhh!” I screamed as I jumped into his arms. “When did you get here? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” he said as he hugged me back.

I met Trey my freshman year in high school. He was a sophomore at the time. At the end of my sophomore year, he transferred schools because his family moved. Once he graduated, Trey moved to Texas because he got a football scholarship. Last I checked, he was still there because he was doing a summer training camp. When I got down, I heard someone clear their throat. Thinking it was Laysia, I turned around, but when I did, I realized it wasn’t Malaysia; it was Jerzey.

“Hey, bae,” I said as I checked my outfit. All he did was stare. Coming out the door, Malaysia greeted Trey, and when she noticed Jerzey she grabbed Trey’s hand so they could give us some privacy.

Before Trey walked off, he looked back at me, silently asking if I was good. When I nodded my head yeah, he turned around and glared at Jerzey and walked away with Malaysia. When they got downstairs, Jerzey walked up on me and got in my face. Taking a few steps back to allow some space between us, I stared at him.

“JaZelle, what the hell was that? I know I told you to cut off communication with him! I swear, you don’t fucking listen!” he yelled through gritted teeth. Granted, he did tell me to cut off communication, but my mama always told me never cut your friends off over a nigga, and even if I tried to, Trey wasn’t having that.

“Jerzey, calm down. I didn’t even know he was coming. I got excited, my bad,” I said trying to walk away. Before I got too far, he pulled me back with the same hand he grabbed me with. He started to squeeze my hand and move it around. I hated when he did that because it hurt. Before things got out of hand, I heard a door open, which caused him to let my hand go. Silently thanking God for the distraction, I turn to see who it was.

“What’s up, Jerzey? What you doing up here with my sister?” Jadore asked, leaning up against the wall outside her bedroom door. I don’t know if she has a sixth sense or what, but this is the second time today she almost found out how Jerzey really was.

“Nothing, I just came up here to see if she was ready to come downstairs,” he quickly said while taking a few steps away from me.

Jadore looked between the both us and I discreetly looked at my hand, making sure I didn’t have a bruise. I swear he gets on my damn nerves doing that shit.

“Yeah, I bet,” she said. “JaZelle, I have something for you. Come meet me in my room.”

“Alright, here I come. Jerzey, head downstairs. I’ll be down in a second,” I told him.

“Alright, bae. I’ll be down there.” Jerzey gave me a kiss and headed downstairs.

As I walked to Jadore’s room, I didn’t know what to expect. I kept wondering if she saw something and if she was about to cuss me out. When I finally got to her door, I hesitated.

“JaZelle, get your ass in here. I know you’re there.” Walking into her room, I realized she had a gift bag on her lap. “JaZelle, I know something’s going on, and I want you to know you don’t have to hide anything from me. I’m going to always be here, and I will never judge you.”

“Jadore, I don’t know what you’re talking about. We just got into a heated conversation because he saw me hugging Trey,” I told her while looking down.

Jadore shifted the bag and moved closer to me. She wrapped her arms around me and said, “Baby girl don’t ever put your head down. We raised you to be a queen, and queens never let their crowns fall. Jerzey is just insecure. Now, pick your head up and open your gift.” Handing me the bag, I ripped it open revealing a black box. As I opened the box, tears started to cloud my vision. Inside the box was a heart pendant with blue stones along with a bracelet that had Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” engraved on the back. Putting the box down, I reached over and hugged my older sister. She has always been the one in my corner, good or bad, and I will always love her for that.

As we pulled apart, Justin came busting inside the room. “Oh, hell naw. Why the hell y’all in here crying? Who I gotta fuck up?”

We both looked at him and shook our heads. This damn nut.

“No one, Justin. I just opened the gift I got from Jadore and was thanking her. Why are you always trying to fight someone?” I grabbed my stuff.

“Because I am and hurry up. Pop pop looking for his ‘baby girl’,” he said in a mocking tone.

“Shut up. Don’t be a hater because pop pop is here to see me and only me,” I said as I stuck my tongue out at him and ran downstairs.

When I finally got downstairs, I saw my pop pop in the kitchen talking to Trey. He was trying to get season tickets for the next school year like he’s actually going to get on a plane to see every game.

“Now, Pop Pop, you know you’re not going to travel that far, but we have a game against Central this year, and I’ll be sure to get you a ticket,” he told him.

“Ima hold you to that, young man.”

While he was talking, I made sure to walk up behind him and cover his eyes.

“Is that my ladybug?” He asked while grabbing my hands and pulling me around.

“Hey, Pop Pop,” I said and sat on his lap. Say what you want, but I will never be too big to sit on my pop pop’s lap. I remember growing up, anytime I was feeling down or I wanted some attention, I went and sat on his lap. He never complained once.

“I’m sooo proud of you, ladybug. I know you’re going to be something amazing.”

“Thanks, Pop Pop,” I said while hugging him.

“Alright, now get up so I can grab my billfold.”

All I could do was shake my head and laugh because not too many people still called their wallets that. When he finally got it out, he pulled out five one-hundred-dollar bills for both me and Malaysia and told us this was for us to have a good time at Senior Beach Week, which starts the Sunday after graduation and ends the following Sunday. High school students from all over the county go down to the beach and turn up. I’m talking drinking, partying, smoking… hell, everything you can think of. I’m looking forward to it because my brother got us a three-bedroom condo on the beach for the week.

“Thanks, Pop Pop,” Malaysia and I said while giving him a hug.

“Girl, the turn up is about to be real,” she whispered—well, tried to whisper, but my mom overheard her.

“Now, JaZelle Denise, and, Malaysia Ariel, do not play with me. Don’t take y’all asses down there acting up and getting into trouble! Let me find out some shit, and I promise you’re gonna hate me!” She yelled while pointing her finger at us.

“Yes, ma’am,” we both said and turned around to hide our laughs.

“I don’t trust y’all so Trey pack a bag. You’re going with them,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“What!” Jerzey yelled out of nowhere, causing everyone to turn to him.

“Um, Jerzey, baby, is everything OK?” my mom asked with her eyebrows raised.

“Uh, ye—yes, ma’am. I was just thrown for a loop. You know I’ll be down there with my boys, so I can look out for them.”

“I’m sure you can, sweetheart, but like I said, Trey will be going with them.”

“You heard what she said!” Justin yelled from the living room, causing everyone to fall out laughing at his nutty ass.

“Well, Trey, since my mom forced you on our trip, we’re leaving tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. Be ready or get left.”

“I’ll be ready by then, Zelle.”

For the rest of the night we chilled, ate food, and made sure we had everything we needed for our trip. Around midnight, everything started winding down and people started leaving. I swear I was so ready for Jerzey to leave. All he did was sit around with an attitude and follow me around everywhere. That shit was annoying.

I know all of you are thinking if he’s doing all these things, why are you still with him? Well, it all comes down to the fact that no matter what I still love him. It’s not always bad, and sadly, the good overshadows things that need to be in the light.

Jerzey finally decided to head home. He claimed his boys were coming over to stay because they were leaving sometime tomorrow for beach week.

“JaZelle, can I speak with you, honey?” my mom asked once I walked Jerzey out.

“Uh, yeah, Ma. I’m coming.”

“Baby, I saw the way Jerzey was acting. Please promise me when you get down to the beach that you won’t allow his jealousy and foolishness to ruin your trip. Go down there and as you young folks say, ‘turn up’,” she said while doing an air quote.

“I got you, Mama. I love you. I’ll see you in the morning,” I said while laughing at her.

“OK, baby. Goodnight.”

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Final Sneak Peek – Tonight I’m Yours

Take a final look at ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “Tonight I’m Yours” before it releases tomorrow, 10/15! We’re so excited about this amazing read!



I welcomed a bit of trouble—a little recklessness to entertain me for one night.

Then he touched me.

His touch thrilled my skin and teased my sensual delicacy. One night of pleasure became insufficient as I yearned for more and more of his graceful willingness to love me. To pleasure me in ways only he could.

I welcomed an inconvenient love—an infinite connection to revamp the dull parts of my world.

Then he caressed me, and I became hooked.


Sneak Peek — Malia

“Tonight, I’m yours,” I whispered near his ear. My lips grazed his lobe, and I smiled while staring into his eyes, listening to him pant like a nervous, teenagedboy.

He’d lied to me. I’d never served him. My coworker Julie had taken over this table. She’d disappeared to the back to complain about Qawan’s inappropriate friend so many times that we’d all began to focus on that particular table to watch the madness unfold. That’s when I noticed him. Screw his sarcastic friend and his comical antics, Qawan was the captivating man to pay attention to. He was calm, laid back, gorgeous, and worth lusting over from afar.

“Oh,” I blurted, astonished when I’d originally laid eyes on him. He’d towered over that short, round table like a six-foot-five giant. His dark brown skin beckoned me to not only admire him but to also move forward until I successfully reached him and licked his chocolate skin. He rubbed over his thick, beautifullygroomed beard whenever he chuckled. I’d fallen head over heels for his smile. 

This wasn’t a drill or a bad case of a drunken woman acting out of character. This was a dream. A dream come true the movement I saw him again and realized that it was really him. Cosmopolitans awakened my bold nature. For the first time, and at twenty-six years old, I was rebelling against my morals. And it had only taken one look in his direction.

Reminiscing on our first unorthodox encounter, Qawan’s warm tongue halted my thoughts. My pulsating sex challenged my breathing. I parted my lips to speak, but nothing emitted. Turning my head to look out of the large window next to us, I valued the heavy rain that fell from the sky. I focused on the magic that played out before my eyes as I moaned through the infinite pleasure. It wasn’t enough. I wanted him to release his dick so that I could see the length and width that had poked me through his jeans. Desperately, I wanted him to put on a condom and enter me with animmense purpose to blow my mind. Despite how badly I wanted to feel him inside of me, I didn’t want to stop his tongue from circulating my sensitive clit. 

“Qawan,” I whimpered and rubbed my fingers through his short cut. I’d finally managed to speak actual words, and I could feel him chuckle between my legs. Entranced by my thighs, he paused frequently to kiss the inside of them. 

He teased me so good. Qawan caressed me from my breasts, down to my thighs as he tasted me so greedilythat I’d almost told him I loved him. I’d surpassed a certain level of lust and been engulfed by a deep pit of infatuation that I couldn’t control myself from melting away. One over the top climax didn’t stop him. Qawan was aiming to sexually deplete me until he’d gotten enough of tasting me.

I tried to push his head backattempting to plead for mercy.

“Have to be careful what you ask for,” he mumbled from between my thighs


Read the entire scene tomorrow, 10/15! You won’t want to miss out on this amazing read!

Until then,

Love, The authors of BLP.



Sneak Peek – The One He Craves

Take a look at A. Marie Johnson’s upcoming novel “The One He Craves” before it releases Saturday, 10/13! We hope you’re ready!

TOHC Cover


“You’re bad for me, Nim, because this is crazy and I know I’m playing a dangerous game but I don’t think I could stop now even if I really wanted to. You got my mind all messed up, and I don’t mind it.” —Andretti

She’s bad for him, he’s bad for her, yet being together seems so right it shouldn’t be wrong… but it is.

The very thing that should pull Nim and Andretti apart pushes them together and they find themselves unable to escape each other after one night of forbidden desire.

In another man’s arms is the one place Nim should’ve never been and also the only place she felt she was ever meant to be. Lust at first sight clouds her better judgment and though she knows Andretti is wrong for her in more ways than he is right, she doesn’t want to leave him alone.

Andretti’s undeniable attraction to Nim went against everything he believed in and also made him imagine things only a man on the verge of love should think. Lust at first sight is the reason he can’t stay away from her and his morals become tested in ways they’ve never been before.

Life can turn unexpectedly unfair when it gives you everything you’ve always craved in the form of a person you’re not supposed to have. What will happen when the choice that can make Nim and Andretti the happiest is the same choice that can break them down emotionally?

Sneak Peek — Nim

Because everything can’t always be so sweet…

“Can I start you off with one of our signature cocktails, ma’am?” a female bartender asked as soon as I took a seat at the bar counter.

“No, thank you. I’m good.”

“Ok. Let me know if anything changes.”

I watched her disappear to the other end of the bar and dialed, Steeze, the client who called me while I’d been going back and forth with Britton. He was a local rapper who recently signed a big record deal with a major rap label. Over the weekend, he reached out to me on Instagram and said he’d be contacting me soon regarding a summer party he wanted to throw. Throwing an event for someone as popular as he was would be a huge help for my business; —financially and professionally.

“Aye yo, Nim. What’s good, ma? I was hoping you’d hit me back soon so this is perfect timing. You got a few minutes to talk about the party I was messaging you about?”

“Of course I do. Tell me more about what you need and what you’re looking to do.”

“A’ight coo’. What I’m tryna do is actually real simple. I’m looking to throw the hood’s first mansion party. Some real exclusive type shit to start the summer off right. I already have the house rented out, names of the two DJs I need, and most of the setup for the party in mind. All I really need you to do is put it all together for me and make it happen.”

The excitement in Steeze’s voice made me smile and temporarily forget about the bad mood Britton put me in. Working with new clients and hearing the happiness in their voices when they explained what they wanted me to do always placed me in a good mood. I loved everything about listening to their visions and bringing them to life.

“OK, OK. I can do that. That sounds real promising. What’s the address to the house? I’d like to check it out soon, and when are you wanting to have the party thrown?”

“The house is off of 32nd and Miami Street. It’s a real dope mini-mansion in that nice Miami Heights community right across the street from Salem Baptist Church. The date of the party is still tentative, but I’m leaning more towards the end of June or early July. Would that work with your schedule and everything?”

“That wouldn’t be a problem for me at all. Who are the DJs you want? I can reach out to them now and let them know some of the details about the party and when it might be.”

“Can I hit you with their information later, Nim? My manager is tryna get through on the other line right now, and I really need to rap with him about some shit. I’ma call you back in an hour or two, though, I promise.”

“Oh, yeah. Of course. Handle your business, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you later.”

“Word. Good looking out, ma.”

Ending the call with Steeze, I swiveled around in the bar chair and was prepared to jump up from it until I saw a man standing in my way.

Not just any man, either.

My heart rate momentarily sped up, and I felt a tingling sensation run from the tips of my fingers and down to my toes. It’d been four days since the night I shared with Andretti, and I hadn’t expected to run into him again so soon… or at all for that matter.

My eyes immediately fixed on his lush, pink lips and flutters swarmed every which way inside of my stomach. Those didn’t last too long, though, because the disapproving look Andretti’s eyes were giving me quickly swatted them all away.

“So you got a nigga, huh? That shit is wild as fuck, Nim. You let me dick you down and then went home to your man like I didn’t ruin any future sex you’d have with him. ‘Cause I know his ass ain’t hitting it right. Not with the way you gave it to me.”

My lips slightly parted and mouth went dry as I thought about what I could say back to him. No matter what I said, I’d look like a ho in his eyes, and there wasn’t much that would make me seem right in the matter.

“I swear it’s not even what you think, Andretti. Britton and I…”

“Britton?” He chuckled and rubbed his forehead. “What kind of corny ass name is that? Sounds like a bitch’s name to me.”

“Are you going to let me explain or not?”

I officially wasn’t in a good mood again. I was trying to explain myself to a man who probably hadn’t thought about me as much as I’d thought about him since we’d had sex, and he had the nerve to be a clown.

“Nah, baby. No explanation is needed. We had a good time, and it’s over now. What’s there to explain? If anything, you need to explain to that nigga why you’re not sexually attracted to him anymore.”

“Oh my God. Are you seriously being this fucking arrogant right now? Seeing me here with him must’ve really touched a nerve because you’re feeling yourself a little too damn much.”

Andretti was tap dancing on all of my good nerves too. I hated how he tried to downplay the night we shared together. Like we both didn’t feel the sparks flying between us while he made love to my body.

“Nah. No nerves touched. I’m good. I didn’t plan on seeing you again after that night, anyway. Today is just a coincidence.”

My goodness! He was truly being a certified asshole. My nostrils flared and hands clamped tightly together as I tried to keep them from wrapping around his damn neck.

“Is that right? So you can honestly tell me you never once thought about seeing me again? You never once thought about me after you, out of your own mouth, told me we were making love while we were having sex? Is that how you fuck every woman?”

Andretti stared at me blankly and shrugged his shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter how I fuck other women. The only thing that matters right now is that you’ve proven to me exactly why I don’t trust women who let me smash on the first night. You had a whole nigga at home and let me fuck you like he didn’t exist. That shit is trifling, Nim, and you know it. I don’t attach myself to women like you.”


Woah! Find out what happens between Nim and Andretti Saturday, 10/13! Are you ready for #TheDrettiExperience yet?!

Until then,

Love, The authors of BLP.



Sample Sunday – Tonight I’m Yours

Hey, y’all! Here’s a sample of ShanicexLola’s upcoming release “Tonight I’m Yours” that will be available for download on 10/15!



I welcomed a bit of trouble—a little recklessness to entertain me for one night.

Then he touched me.

His touch thrilled my skin and teased my sensual delicacy. One night of pleasure became insufficient as I yearned for more and more of his graceful willingness to love me. To pleasure me in ways only he could.

I welcomed an inconvenient love—an infinite connection to revamp the dull parts of my world.

Then he caressed me, and I became hooked.


Sneak Peek — Qawan

“G-string make his dick stand…” her sing-along was interrupted when she backed into me. “Sorry.” She giggled. Her sweet voice emitted as a soft whisper. Thankfully, I’d heard her. Towering over her short height, I was taken aback when she looked up into my face—nonetheless, grateful that she’d blessed me by exposing who she was.

“Malia?” I wondered. I knew it was her, I just didn’t expect she could look a thousand times better than she initially did. That uniform and apron needed to be damned to hell for hiding such perfection. She cleaned up nice. Too fucking nice for me not to acknowledge it. “You look beautiful.” I surveyed her up and down. Her curls were down, some tucked behind her ears. Her diamond earrings drew attention to her round face. And those eyes. I hadn’t caught them before, but they were teasing me now. Malia’s light-brown eyes were mesmerizing. I was hooked. I was questioning my pride and double-checking my ego as I stood before her evidently impressed and awestricken.

“I’m almost certain I don’t know you. You’re either psychic or a stalker.” She backed away from me to expand the space between us. “Either way, I want you to know that I’ve been taking up boxing since I was ten. I’m sixteen years in now. You do the math!” She spat over the music. It only took me a few moments to realize Malia was tipsy. Stumbling over her thick heels, she maintained her balance and glared at me. “I also have mace.” She tugged at the crossbody purse wrapped around her.

“Relax, bad ass. That won’t be necessary.” I chuckled. “Are you the same Malia that works at Keen’s? Me and a friend dined there yesterday.”

“Oh.” She settled down and softened her expression. “Yes, I work there. I don’t remember serving you.”

“It’s all good. You’re pretty unforgettable,”  was all I was willing to say. If I’d told her she hadn’t actually served us and that Coop strained his eyes to read her name tag from across the room, she probably would’ve finished reaching in her bag to retrieve the mace she’d threatened me with. “Can I buy you a drink?” I asked, breaking our staring contest. It wasn’t awkward, just more intense than I could stand. I wondered if she knew the vast power she possessed. Malia projected a vibe that I would’ve never known existed if I hadn’t embarked upon the five-star steakhouse she worked at.

“Hell no.” She laughed. She was out of my league, and I knew it. Didn’t matter where she worked or what she had going on. The way she held her head high at all times intrigued me. Malia’s walk, her unspoken power, and beauty trampled my busy thoughts from focusing on anything else. In a room filled with hype, pompous drunks, she was all I could see. “But you can buy me two.”

“Two?” I followed her to the bar. Signaling a bartender to come to her, she turned to me and smiled. “How many have you had already?”

“I can’t tell you my business. I don’t even know your name.” She lowered her eyes to peer at me. 

“Two more cosmopolitans?” The bartender questioned her.

“Yes. And on this handsome man’s tab.” She nodded toward me. Confirming her order, I handed my card over and requested a glass of whiskey for myself.

“I’m Qawan.”

“Nice to meet you, Qawan. Can I have a last name? You know, just in case something happens.”

“Stone.” I scoffed, amused. “Something like what? You’ve warned me of your upbringing of boxing classes and that you carry mace in your bag. You’ll hurt me before I ever think of harming you.”

“You’re smart,” she whispered. “And fine as fuck.” She was so cute that I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling. Malia amused me with her drunk slurs, then brought me right back to a mesmerized reality when she flashed a gorgeous smile.

“Yeah. So what’s your last name?”

“Arlington. Wanna dance?” She walked into me, standing so close that I could inhale her. Her perfume would linger on me until I washed her off at this point.

“To a playlist of Trina’s originals? No. I’m good, beautiful.”

Malia giggled behind her hands until I pulled them from her face. A smile like that should never be hidden.

“Just hold onto me then,” she whispered, her words slurring more each time she spoke. She needed to be cut off, and I was going to be the one to do it. “Take me home with you,” she said. My eyes widened at how quickly everything was transpiring.“What?” She questioned my shock. “Do you have a wife at home?”

I shook my head before whispering in her ear. “No. And you’re cut off. No more cosmopolitans for you.”

“I don’t have a husband either,” she rambled. “You know why?”

“Tell me.”

Malia looked up at me and blushed as she rolled her eyes. “Because I can’t be claimed, tamed, or handled, but I’ll let you try. Do you want to try, Qawan?”

“I want to take you home,” I admitted. I wanted to put her to bed and leave her there safe and sound before she tried to venture to another nigga in the bar for the special attention she wanted. Everything about her had me wishing to keep her to myself.

“To fuck me?” She reached up to wrap her arms around my neck. I threw my hand up and signaled the bartender to close our tabs. Not much surprised me, but Malia’s behavior didn’t even match the sweet nature she’d originally showcased. Shit stunned me to no end how wild she’d become with liquid courage. “Or are you too pussy?”

“The only pussy amongst us is the one between your thighs that you’re begging me to have my way with. How long before the seat of your romper can’t take anymore and your juices are running down your leg?” I whispered in her ear, holding onto her tightly as her knees buckled, and her body quivered against me. We were utterly consumed with each other, entangled in one another’s arms. Malia’s breathing sped intensely, becoming more difficult to settle down as I held onto her securely.

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Love, the authors of BLP.

Sample Sunday – Journey to You

Hey, y’all! Check out a sample of S. Rever’s upcoming debut novel “Journey to You” that will be available for download on 10/19!



What happens when one eventful night turns friends into lovers?

JaZelle is a recent graduate trying to figure her life out. One eventful night during her high school graduation trip changes her friendship with her long-time best friend into more. Fast forward five years, she finally graduates college, and it seems as though history is repeating itself. This time, it causes JaZelle to run for the hills.

Trey Clarkson, a football player at Prairie View University, is JaZelle’s best friend. He’s secretly been in love with her since he met her his sophomore year of high school in Spanish class.

One event after the next pulls them closer together, but what happens when things move too fast causing friction in a once unbreakable bond?
Follow these two as we find out if the Journey to You is worth it.

Sneak Peek — JaZelle

Coming back from my daydream, I saw my water was just right so I put the stopper in
the tub and grabbed my glass of wine. I must have fallen asleep shortly after or something because all of a sudden I felt someone tapping my shoulder and telling me to wake up. Jumping up, I didn’t know who it was at first but then I realized it was only Trey.

“Oh shit, Trey, what are you doing?”

Trey didn’t answer me, he just stared and blinked his eyes.

“Uh, first Ima need you to cover up.”

Looking down, I realized all of my bubbles were gone and I was sitting there with my titties and my kitty showing. I quickly drew my knees to my chest so everything was covered.

“My bad, but what are you doing in here?”

“Well I came to your room to watch TV, but you weren’t in there so I knocked on the bathroom door and you didn’t answer so I came to check on you. I apologize for just barging in though,” he replied while standing up. “Uh, I’m gonna head out and give you some privacy,” he said as he grabbed my towel and helped me out the tub before he turned to walk away. 

Thinking fast I grabbed his arm. After the other night, I couldn’t let him walk away, even if it was just this one night we had together I was ok with that.

“What’s up, Zelley…” he said and wasn’t able to get his whole sentence out because I
kissed him.

The kiss was filled with so much passion and lust I didn’t want it to end. Everything felt right, but he pulled away and told me he would let me get dressed and would be outside waiting. Leaving me to feel crazy that I kissed him when we both decided after the last slip up we had that we would stop. Getting dressed, I grabbed a blanket and went to go find Trey. Walking up behind him sitting on the beach while he smoked a blunt, I sat beside him and wrapped the blanket around both of us. He passed me the blunt and started to talk.

“JaZelle, what are we doing?”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I took a few pulls and passed the blunt back to him.

“I mean this whole week we’ve been crossing the line of uncharted territory, and I would
hate for us to ruin a friendship off of temporary feelings,” he said while looking me in the eyes.

Something was there, I can’t explain what it was, but it made me feel complete. A feeling I wasn’t used to.

“Trey, I… I don’t know, but whatever this is it feels right. I understand your reservations
because of my relationship with Jerzey but honestly, even if it’s just for tonight I want us to leave all of our worries behind and focus on what we want to do. You’re heading back to school and I’ll be starting my freshman year so we have to be realistic. Prairie View isn’t around the corner, it’s on the other side of the country, and let’s be real neither one of us is strong enough to handle anything serious right now so let’s just let whatever happens, happen.”

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Love, the authors of BLP.