Sample Sunday times 2!

Hey y’all!

Here’s a look into the next BLP releases!

Please note: All sneak peeks are unedited!

Up first…

Monica Walters: Forbidden Fruit – 11/9

FF Cover


That fuckin’ voice.  My panties were already soaked.  I couldn’t have that shit dripping down my legs in this lil cami dress I was wearing.  It stopped about mid-thigh, so it wasn’t hiding shit.  I stood and watched him lick those lips again as I slid my shades from the top of my head over my eyes.  I grabbed my clutch, then took the walk to my car, deliberately taking slow strides and flipping my long tresses over my shoulder.

When I got to him, he opened my car door, waiting for me to inspect it and tell him if it was good or not.  I glanced inside and looked back at him.  He was so close to me, the hairs were standing on my arms.  “There are fingerprints on the stick of the gear shit.”

I said that shit so slow, making sure it was dripping in seduction.  The amusement danced in his eyes, as he looked me over.  Judging by how hard my nipples were, realization hit me that it was a bad decision to go without a bra, because them shits were hard enough to cut glass.  He stepped closer to me as I unashamedly stared up at him.  He had to be every bit of six feet, no comparison to my five-foot-seven.  “Let me get by you, baby girl.”

I side-stepped as he glanced at my hard nipples.  He wiped the gear shift in its entirety, then stood dangerously close to me.  “What about now?  Anything else?”

His voice was low and seductive, and my eyes couldn’t seem to tear away from his dark ones.  I imagined him pulling me close and sliding his hands up my thighs, grabbing my ass… Shit!  He cleared his throat.  I tore my gaze away from him and looked back at my Range.  “There’s dust on the Navigation screen.”

I could play this game all day.  He gave me a one-cheeked smile as he stepped closer to me and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Why is that important?”

“Hell, we spending all this time together, we gon’ be old friends by the time you leave, lil mama.”

I twisted my lips and shifted my weight to one side.  He gently played with a strand of my hair as I got lost in him again, barely whispering out, “Vashti.”

“Vashti, huh?  That’s different.  It fits you though.  Exotic and unique.”

“What’s yours?”


My eyebrows lifted slightly.  Hmm, not what I expected.  “That’s a strong sounding name.”

I lightly slid my fingertips up his arm, and I could feel a slight tremble from him.  Jedrek looked back towards the building and returned his gaze to me.  “Let me knock the dust off it right quick.”

Oh fuck.  Is he talking about the screen or my pussy?  “Pleeaase do,” I moaned.

He slowly slid beside me, my nipples grazing his t-shirt and wiped my screen.  Once that was done, his eyes met mine.  “I close tonight… alone.”

C. Monet: All or Nothing – 11/12



“I’m following your lead, you wanna do a lazy day, count me in. You wanna club, count me in. I’m just here to make sure your day is your day. It’s your journey, I’m just walking beside you.” he breathed into my neck. I curled up in his lap more and we sat there until I calmed down.

Before I knew it we were full on making out in the dressing room, his mouth covered my neck with soft kisses and my back arched giving him more access. My hands planted securely on his broad shoulders. I held on for dear life as his nibbles caused a rush of ecstasy between my legs. The gates were opened and flowing without interruption.

He massaged my back with one hand and held my neck with the other. He was rough and yet tender with me at the same time. It was blissful, the dressing room was cramped but with our bodies meshed together it was still plenty of room. I wanted to tell him to stop but I couldn’t form any words. The more I opened my mouth the more moans escaped.

“Do you mind?” he asked, playing with my lips. Shaking my head I answered no. Of course I didn’t mind. There was no way I could turn back now after the anticipation of good love that hung over my head.

Brace yourself for these back to back 5 star reads!!!



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