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Here’s a look into the latest BLP releases! Are you caught up?

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A. Marie Johnson: The One He Craves

TOHC Cover


We walked in silence for the rest of our way down the long hallway, and it didn’t take much time to arrive at our room. Andretti inserted the keycard into the metal-plated door, dropped our bags on the side of it, and stripped himself of his shirt the minute we walked in.

My eyes glazed over with an emotion I couldn’t quite pinpoint when I saw an array of different artwork covered the majority of his muscled chest.

The emotion very well could’ve been more… lust? Or maybe it was… need?


Did I seriously just think that?

Hell, I wasn’t too sure what was happening to my mind and emotions, but what I did know was my eyes couldn’t help but undress him. In my mind, each time I blinked, a new article of his clothing came up missing. His shirt was the first piece to go. Then the faded blue jeans. The boxers went soon after. And currently? The gift resting between his legs was on full display. My mouth moistened at the thought of it being as thick and long as I imagined.

Hearing him chuckle quickly snapped me out of my sinful stare, and I asked, “Why are you laughing,” even though I knew I’d been caught red-handed.

He wasn’t naive. He knew I’d been eye-fucking him.

“I’m about to keep it straight one hundred with you, beautiful.” Andretti rubbed his jawline thoughtfully and shook his head. “You can’t keep giving me those come-hither eyes and expect me to keep being a gentleman. The freak in me is never far behind, and I don’t think you’re ready for the Dretti experience.”

The alcohol we consumed at the airport was low-key still in effect, and I blamed it for the cause of my easily provoked emotions. I felt not only insulted by his words but also like I had something to prove. That coupled with the thought of Britton being cuddled up in Cassandra’s bed, giving her dick that should’ve been reserved for me only, was enough to push me to make a spontaneously bold move.

Make him pay, screamed loudly over and over in my mind. What I was about to do was totally out of my character, but I felt the strong need to make Britton pay for every single time he looked me in the eyes and told me I was the only woman he loved and wanted. For every single time he told me not to worry about her and then went and laid in her bed. For every single time he made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for him to be faithful.

What I was about to do danced between the line of crazy and downright insane, but as I stared at Andretti’s godly body, I felt like he was the only thing that would ever be able to right Britton’s wrongs.

With slow, deliberate strides, I walked over to him and drew an imaginary line up and down his rock-hard chest using my index finger. Traveling dangerously lower, my finger almost made it to the aroused bulge in his jeans, but he grabbed my hand in the nick of time and looked at me skeptically.

“Are you drunk, beautiful?”

I swiftly shook my head no, being completely honest. I didn’t want him to think he could possibly be taking advantage of me on some she’s too drunk type of shit.

Still holding onto my hand, Andretti placed a tender kiss to it and stared me right in the eyes. “Look, baby, this the kinda dick that’ll make you wanna stalk a nigga. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

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Chelsea Maria: I Should’ve Chosen You



“Thank you. I appreciate everything you do for us.” Standing on her tiptoes, she planted a kiss so tender. So telling. What was understood didn’t have to be explained. That’s what her kiss said to me as a shockwave went through my entire body.

As I roused her passion, my own grew stronger, and if we planned on saving the birds and the bees talk for a few more years, I had to pull away before Luna got a show. Capone breathed heavily between parted lips. Eyes closed with a smile resting on her flushed face.

Pecking her lips one last time, I leaned my head back until she opened her eyes. “Go get dressed, Pooh.” The more I tried to put space between us the more she curled into my chest.

When the tip of her nose ran along my jaw, I had to grab ahold of her nightgown to refrain myself from tossing her over my shoulder and going into my boom-boom room and breaking in my pool table. “I can’t believe I thought staying away from you would make the need I have for you go away. Damn, Pacino.” She all but whined and purred as she ran her warm hands up and down my chest. “Forgive me?” The husk in her voice touched the same place her hands were trying to reach.

I lifted my hand until I had a firm, but not so tight grip around her neck. Her eyes widened then turned to low hoods. Her body squirmed as the desire she felt within radiated off her bronze skin. She whined painfully as if her pain of arousal surpassed mine. False. So false. She had no idea the restraint it took for me to not make love to her next to the pot of burnt grits.

My lips brushed against her ear, raising goosebumps and chills along her body. “Pooh, baby, please,” Exhaling, I laid my forehead on hers and stared in her eyes. “I’m so into you, Capone. So into you. I can’t begin to think of words to explain it. Our time will come, and I promise to satisfy you. Make love to you. Kiss you. Suck on everything hidden by this nightgown. Please, baby, go get dressed,” I begged, squeezing tighter making her moan.

“Can you do that for me?” Unable to find her words, she nodded. Her grip on my shirt tightened. “Capone.” The plea in my voice made her hands drop. Kissing her forehead, I stepped back. “We’re leaving in ten minutes.” Before she could change my mind, I turned around.

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D. Rose: Yearning For Your Love



“How you mess that up?” Damon continued to ogle over her. I shrugged in response before taking a sip of my beer. I can’t front, Toni did look amazing tonight. Her hair was curly and wild like I liked it. Her skin glowed, which added to her peaceful aura. She just seemed different, and I couldn’t put my finger on why.

“You really dropped the ball,” he said while shaking his head.

Growing irritated with talking about her, I focused back on the game. Trying to keep her off my mind since she left was already hard enough. I put in overtime helping with the football camp and Denzel had become my unofficial mentee. Berkeley has been keeping me busy with flipping houses and contract work between flips. Even with all that I had going on Toni was still on my mind heavy.  And all the pep talks I had with myself in preparation for when I would see her again didn’t help like I thought they would.

“If I had her fine lil’ ass…man,” he chuckled as I grilled him. “She’s coming over,” he said a little too giddy for my liking. Although we aren’t on speaking terms right now, everybody knew Toni was off limits.

“Hey Damon.” Toni’s soft airy voice still did something to me.

“Wassup, lil’ Toni,” he said with a wink. She laughed then eased into the space between Damon and me. Her naturally sweet scent of berries made me groan. It was frustrating how she was my weakness. Trying to stay unaffected by her presence was hard.

“Hey, Zig.” Her voice was so low that if she wasn’t standing beside me, I wouldn’t have heard her. She moved closer to me her arm brushing against mine.

“Hey, Toni,” I said in a cold detached tone. My feelings about being around her were still mixed, but the anger was slowly dissolving. I kept my attention on the screen. Afraid if I make eye contact with her I would forget how she played me.

“How you been?” She leaned on the bar; her gaze burning into my profile.

“I’ve been good,” I said while taking a quick look in her direction. When my eyes connected with hers, I regretted ever looking her way. Releasing a breath, I took another drink of my beer. My brows furrowed as I tried to focus on the game. She sat where Damon was previously seated and ordered a whiskey and ginger ale. I laughed quietly thinking about the first time she ever drank. Toni waited until the game ended before speaking to again.

“Can we…talk? Somewhere alone and quiet?” she asked before pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. She hopped down off the bar stool expecting me to say yes. I looked down at her left hand and noticed her ring was missing.

With a humorless chuckle, I responded, “There’s nothing to talk about.”

She really thought since she was back on the outs with ole’ boy I would be her rebound again? I stood from the bar stool, ignoring the pained look on her face. After finishing the last of my beer, I slammed the empty bottle on the bar and left the bartender a nice tip. Her shoulders dropped as she stepped aside allowing me the space I needed to move.

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C. Monet: Will I Ever Be Enough: The Golden Effect



The waiter brought out our meals and I waited… sugar on grits. I was in love. “You know what, Brie, I think I got you figured out.” I knew what I was about to say could possibly offend her, but I was going for it anyway. She was either going to be mad or agree. Either way I was saying it just as she said what came to mind about me. “You single because you don’t let anyone get to know the real you. And before you get mad I’m single because I don’t know the real me to even show. We got a lot more in common than I originally thought.”

“You never let on that you were some philosopher,” she said with a roll of her eyes. The way she was speaking to me now was so different than how she spoke during the day. It was always commanding and sharp. Now it was sweet, almost baby like. I fucked with it.

“It’s just that I’m finding so much out about me, and it has me noticing others more. My main goal in life is to toss the selfish part of me that wants to stick around to the curb. Being that guy has been a lonely life,” I admitted. My selfish ways hadn’t added any value to my life. I knew nothing of caring more for others than I cared for myself. It was always about Lawrence, what I wanted, who I wanted and when I wanted it. I was turning over a new life and it was becoming easier day by day.

The day she set me up with my mom showed me that. The desire to please myself and be my own God didn’t appease me anymore. My mindset was changing, that was the man I was called to be. My dad knew all along what lied within me.

“When my mom left, I silently suffered. I don’t speak on her and I won’t now. But I will speak on me, Brielle Golden is flawed but moves as a perfect being. She is stubborn, she makes the worst decisions but she is a lover, a dreamer, and a go getter. I’m single because I don’t know what I’m worthy of. I take what I can get because it seems so much better than being by myself like I’ve been all my life.”

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ShanicexLola: If This Isn’t Love


Amiyah focused ahead on the ecstasy to come. Her thighs trembled as he indulged passionately and proved just how much he’d missed her.

“Announce it,” he said. Amiyah quivered when he spoke against her pussy. Karim loved hearing her moan, but each time she stuttered and squealed during a powerful orgasm, he fell more in love with her.

“Karim!” She held his head in place to grind her hips. His thick beard tickled her clit. He approved by licking every inch of her pussy until she convulsed and screamed his name.

Karim licked his lips and stood with a boastful smirk on his face. Pulling her into his arms, he sat with his back against the headboard. Amiyah pushed her hair behind her shoulders and rested her head on his chest. It was safe there. The safest place she’d been in three weeks.

“Amiyah.” He lifted her hand to his lips for a gentle kiss.

“Hm?” she hummed, struggling to stay awake each second. Her eyes were heavy. Karim had arrived and suddenly, she could fall asleep with no issue.

“I love you,” he whispered against her forehead. Amiyah was already asleep before he’d completed the sentiment. She snored lightly in his arms but that never stopped him from talking. Those were the moments he spoke the most. When Amiyah slept, he spoke his peace without fear of an interruption, judgment or having her second guess that she was his entire world.

“Marriage doesn’t mean shit,” he whispered harshly. “My mom and dad taught me that. They walked away from each other. They regret taking it that far. She hates everything he stands for, and she blames him for the way me and my brothers took after his hustle. I’m hardheaded, Amiyah. I can’t help that shit. I can try. I just can’t have you grow to hate me after we’re married. Right now, you’re safe. Free to leave me. I can’t tie you down like that, baby. Not when you deserve better than me.” Karim kissed her forehead and sighed. He was expressing exactly what Amiyah needed to hear when she was awake and begging him for some understanding.

In the pocket of his jeans, his phone vibrated. His older brother, Rashad sent a code word through text that told Karim where to meet him. Karim slid from Amiyah’s hold, careful not to wake her. Rubbing over her cheek with the back of his hand, he whispered he loved her a final time, alarmed their condo, and rushed out the door to meet up with his brother on the business tip.

Leaving her side was never easy, only necessary to pay to the bills.

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