Final Sneak Peek — Forbidden Fruit

Hey y’all! Tomorrow, Monica Walters is back with her naughty novella “Forbidden Fruit.” Be careful with this one in advance. Jedrek is nothing to play with!

FF Cover


Vashti Levine, daughter of two prominent doctors, is the opposite of everything she’s expected to be.  Because of that her parents, namely her father, holds the reigns of her life pretty tight. At twenty-four years old, she’s still treated like a teenager, having to ask permission to even leave the house.  Educationally, she’s done everything they’ve required, but they still won’t allow her to live her life. This is the main reason for her rebellion. Enjoying her sexual freedom when she can, she stumbles upon Jedrek Harris.  He makes her feel things she’s never felt, but she insists that he isn’t a long-term option.

Jedrek Harris hasn’t had the world given to him.  In fact, he’s working to give his mother the world his dad died trying to give.  Going to school and working to get him and his mother out the ghetto has been his main priority until he sees Vashti Levine.  Her aura draws him in, and when he finds out that she isn’t as off limits as he thinks, he makes a leap, trying to convince her that with him is where she should be.

When they meet, it’s automatic combustion, lust at first sight, despite their noticeable differences.  Obstacles from trying to obtain forbidden fruit, causes some turmoil. The two of them play tug of war with their emotions, trying to avoid the inevitable.  Will Jedrek be able to convince Vashti, that despite their differences, they are destined to be?


Sneak peek


I’d been sitting there for twenty minutes when I saw Jedrek walk back in.  I buried my head in my phone, scrolling social media, until he sat beside me.  My eyes widened for a moment.  He came back for me?  “So, you are feelin’ a nigga.”

I looked up at him and gave him a slight smile.  He didn’t smile back, but his gaze made my pussy ache for him.  “Let’s get outta here.”

He stood and grabbed my hand, pulling me from the bench and led me out to his car.  Instead of opening the door, he pushed me against the car and pressed his body against mine.  He was so fucking sexy, I couldn’t take it.  My gaze dropped to the ground, but he lifted my head by my chin.  “Nah.  You talk big shit, don’t get shy now.”

I looped my arms around his neck, then slid my hands up to the back of his head and pulled his face to mine, my forehead resting against his.  Before I could kiss him, our breathing had gotten heavy.  “What chu feelin’, lil mama?”

My mouth covered his and I kissed him, sliding my tongue in his mouth.  I hadn’t kissed anybody like this in a long ass time, and it felt like my body was blazing like them fires in California.  Jedrek pulled my hips to him, then squeezed all my cake.  He pulled away and unlocked the car door, then opened it for me.  I sat in the passenger seat, waiting for him to walk around and join me.  When he did, he pulled me on top of him, straddling him like I did at the car wash.  Moans left my lips as he slid my duster off my shoulders, then slid the top of my romper down, exposing my breasts.  “Damn girl,” he whispered, then covered my nipple with his warm mouth.

I grinded my hips on him and he seemed to get harder.  After sliding his fingers underneath my romper, they made their way to where I needed him most.  When he pushed them inside of me, my body went crazy.  “Jedrek, fuck.”

He looked up at me and pulled his fingers out, bringing them to my mouth.  I sucked them clean as he watched me and squirmed beneath me.  After he slowly pulled them from my mouth, he brought them to his.  I was so wet and turned the fuck on, there was no way I was letting him bring me home without getting some. 

Y’all ready?!


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