Final Sneak Peek — All or Nothing

Hey y’all! Tomorrow, C. Monet is back with her naughty novella “All or Nothing.”

You won’t want to miss out on another classic C. Monet book!



Tueveray Toussaint hails from London in hopes of calming down and taking a sho t at adulting for once. The moment he lays eyes on the plain Jane that walks into his coffee shop, he knows it’s him that must reveal the many hidden layers that has him enchanted.

Accepting a challenge by her friends to kiss the first guy she sees, Tueveray leaves no room for Kavi to say no. One kiss seals the deal of him tagging along for the scavenger hunt set forth by her wild and free friends.

Every challenge goes against her morals and values,i but she swears to give it her all or have nothing.

Will one kiss seal the deal? Or will that one kiss cause all of her dreams to come to a screeching halt?


Sneak peek


“Tue, is everything ok out there?” I asked on my tippy toes. I was attempting to see what was going on, but I saw nothing but his forehead, grey eyes, and skull cap. Ducking back down, I backed up to the wall covering myself with my hands. He was stealthy like a ninja. I never heard him coming.

“Everything is fine, open the door a little.” 

“I can’t I’m not dressed.” I yelled back like he wasn’t two feet away. I was embarrassed. No man had ever seen me naked. And the first one that did happened to be a stranger. This day was already going to shit. This was a mistake. I wouldn’t dare continue on. I wasn’t comfortable. 

“Open your eyes,” he whispered. Opening my eyes I could see him looking directly at me. I couldn’t remember him being that tall. But he was definitely looking at me effortlessly over the stall. I stomped and pouted as he entered the dressing room. “Hey, tell me what’s wrong?” he said now caressing my cheek and holding one of my hands. When we touched, my worries ran off and electricity pulsed through me forcing me forget exactly what moment we were in. Something about him was just absolutely freeing, I was headed for trouble.

“I’m not built for all this adventure. I like my boring life.” I shrugged. I really didn’t, but I had to find a way to get out of this damn situation before I gave him the one possession that mattered the most. I didn’t know anything about this man before this morning and now he was standing in my dressing room helping me release my inhibitions. This was crazy, and I knew it but as he looked at me with his concerned eyes, I sat on his lap and cried like a baby. 

“K, stop crying and tell me what’s wrong.” He urged rubbing my back in circular motion. He was slowly rubbing the stress away as I continued to think the worse.

“I’m afraid I may like this too much. Tue, what if this day changes me for the worse?” I cried into his arm, his strong strong arms were wrapped around me as he rubbed my exposed back. I wanted this so bad however I was afraid that it would open a window that I wouldn’t be able to close. I always had the opportunity to do me, but I never took that chance. I was too frightened of what it might do to me, who I would become. This could potentially turn me into someone I never knew and couldn’t shake.

Tomorrow! Get ready for download!


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