Sneak Peek — Tell Me It’s Mine: A Naughty Novella

Hey y’all! 11/16 A. Marie Johnson is back with her naughty novella “Tell Me It’s Mine.”

We hope you’re ready to experience Rahmir! Check out a small sneak peek from him and Lynnae below!



“I told you I wouldn’t bless you with my love again until you stopped hiding me. Did you think I was lying to you?” —Rahmir

Forbidden. That was the only way Lynnae and Rahmir’s relationship could be described.
Carrying on a secret relationship with her brother’s best friend was never in Lynnae’s plans, but Rahmir had a way of taking over her mind, body, and soul in ways she never imagined to be possible.

He is everything her heart has ever desired, but his lifelong friendship with her older brother keeps her from allowing Rahmir to have her freely and completely. Yet… secrets can only last for so long, and Rahmir has grown tired of being Lynnae’s best kept one.

Will an ultimatum he delivers put an end to their steady private affair? Or will Lynnae finally listen to her heart and let go of her fears?

Sneak peek


“Who do you want me to be tonight, Mir?” Lynnae walked over to where I stood by the doors and began unbuttoning my shirt.

I couldn’t deny that woman even if I wanted to. She had an unbreakable hold over me. She had a damn death-grip on my soul. I needed her like I needed oxygen.

Shit, I needed her to function period. And she straight up used that knowledge to her advantage, especially when she felt like I was pulling back.

“You want me to be your nasty bitch?” Lynnae bit down on her lip and flashed me a sly and seductive smile. “Or do you want me to be your sweet, submissive misses?”

I hooked her chin in my hand with a little force, squeezing her cheeks together. An undeniable look of sexual desire flickered in her gaze. She loved that rough and kinky shit.

“We’ve been doing this undercover lover shit for too long, Lynn. A nigga is for real tired of being your best-kept secret, and you really don’t deserve to have this dick tonight, but I can tell you’re not gon’ take no for an answer.” I shook my head and pointed toward the staircase. “Go upstairs and get on them knees, ma. I want you on top of my desk. And with all that Henny you got in your system, you already know what type of time we’re on tonight.” I let go of her cheeks and gently slapped the right one three times. “Go get ready to be the nastiest bitch ever, baby.”

Lynnae immediately gripped a fistful of my shirt and slipped her tongue into my mouth. We tongued each other down roughly, barely having a second to catch our breaths as we did until she started to moan in my mouth. She knew the sound of her sweet moans drove me crazy. My dick was so damn hard it hurt.

Pulling back from our kiss, I tightly gripped both of her ass cheeks and shook my head at her.

Lynnae knew what the fuck she was doing. Her finesse skills were un-fucking-matched.

Whenever I tried to put her on no-dick-punishment, she made sure to prove to me that it could never happen.

“Please tell me how you’re gonna fuck me before I go upstairs, Mir,” Lynnae said in a whisper.

The desperation in her tone made the impossible possible, too. My dick throbbed and somehow grew harder than it already was. “Are you gonna make love to me?” her voice dropped even lower, growing sexier each time she spoke. “Or are you gonna fuck me like you hate me?”

Letting go of the grip I had on her ass cheeks, I gave her a knowing look and she smirked. Her question should’ve never been asked in the first place. She knew damn well I was gonna fuck her like I hated her pretty ass… and a small part of me wished that I actually did because I was for real tired of being her secret lover. I was tired of dicking her down on the daily like she was my woman, knowing damn well she wasn’t.

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