Cover Reveal — Times 3!!!

Hey y’all! The BLP takeover isn’t over yet! Check out the covers for our upcoming back to back releases!

D. Rose – 11/21 – That’s What It’s Made For



“Every kiss he placed on my bare skin elicited a moan I’d never heard before. Every spot that came in contact with his lips felt like a new type of euphoria. I’d never reacted this way to a man’s touch. Ever.” – Isha

Isha Williams needed an escape from her overwhelming senior year. After months of being buried in her studies, she seeks a thrill to brighten up her dull world.

Kameron Davis appeared at the right place, at a perfect time. He was instantly attentive to her every want and need, willing to evoke pleasure that was out of her norm.

What was supposed to be one fun night of lust and pleasure turned into something more. Problem is, she just wants to keep it as the fling they’ve created. Will Kameron be able to convince her that they can be more? Or will Isha deny him the fulfillment he needs?

S. Rever – 11/23 – To New Heights



Liz Taylor knows exactly what it means to get it out the mud. With her brother serving a long prison sentence, and an alcoholic as a mother, Liz had to figure out how to rise above and become the successful doctor she always dreamed of.

Tatum Stevens isn’t familiar with not getting what he wants. When he sets his eyes on Scarlett, the sexy alter ego of Liz, he has to have her by any means necessary. After a night of bliss, Liz disappears, and with no number or way to find her Tatum moves on.

With a new club venture on the horizon he needs his number one girl. What happens when the lines between business and pleasure are blurred and the flame that was ignited years ago comes back full force holding each of them captive?

When things get too hot will Liz run again, or will she finally realize there’s only one person who can take her mind, body, and soul to new heights?

Chelsea Maria – 11/24 – Say You’ll Never Leave




If I tell you how I feel, will you keep bringing out the best in me? – Sade

He gave me love. The sweetest taboo my lips ever tasted. He opened my eyes to see that if I gave him the sweetest part of me, he would keep on loving me. So I gave until the wells of my water ran dry. Now I’m empty and he’s ready to replenish. The echo of my beating heart reminds me that he left us because he was afraid. Unwilling to change my name from Worthy to Secret, I said goodbye.

She said I Do and eloped her soul to me when she moaned my name. Time and time again I gave her an open door. A chance to run and not be chained to me. But in the end it was me who snuck out through the back door and cowardly walked away without some much as a goodbye. Time passed on and I grew as a man. Strengthened up my muscle to carry her weighted troubles. Learned how to fight on my knees so when her late night dreams bring forth tears, I’m there covering and slaying all her fears.

We promised each other forever. I won’t allow him to hurt me again. I need her to trust me with her heart again. The quiet storm called “us” is brewing and it never felt so hot.

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Until next time,

Love, the authors of BLP.



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