Final Sneak Peek — Tell Me It’s Mine: A Naughty Novella

Hey y’all! Tomorrow A. Marie Johnson’s naughty novella “Tell Me It’s Mine” will be available for download!!!

Are you sure you’re ready? Check out one final sneak peek from Rahmir and Lynnae below!



“I told you I wouldn’t bless you with my love again until you stopped hiding me. Did you think I was lying to you?” —Rahmir

Forbidden. That was the only way Lynnae and Rahmir’s relationship could be described.
Carrying on a secret relationship with her brother’s best friend was never in Lynnae’s plans, but Rahmir had a way of taking over her mind, body, and soul in ways she never imagined to be possible.

He is everything her heart has ever desired, but his lifelong friendship with her older brother keeps her from allowing Rahmir to have her freely and completely. Yet… secrets can only last for so long, and Rahmir has grown tired of being Lynnae’s best kept one.

Will an ultimatum he delivers put an end to their steady private affair? Or will Lynnae finally listen to her heart and let go of her fears?

Sneak peek


“I want you to shut the fuck up.” I let go of my hold on her hair and gripped her around the hips to pull her ass toward me. Slowly, I ran the tip of my dick along the crack of her ass and watched her toes instantly curl up. “How bad do you want this dick, ma?”

“Rahmir.” Lynnae whined my name so damn passionately that I almost slipped my dick inside of her… almost. “I want it so fucking bad I could scream. Stop playing with me, Mir.”

“Beg me for it then. Prove to me how bad you fucking want it.”

“I want it so fucking bad, baby. Please fucking give it to me. Ple…”

The feel of my dick slamming into her pussy made her stop speaking mid-sentence as she yelled out in pain. It was always painful for her the first time I slid inside. The pain never lasted long, though. Soon after, she was sweetly whining my name again and calling out so many Oh my Gods that I lost count after the first three. I pounded into her at a steady rhythm and placed bitemarks up and down her back.

“I swear I fucking hate your pretty ass, Lynn. Fuck.” It was my turn to moan, and I had no shame in doing so. If real niggas could cry, I would’ve shed a few fucking tears. I still hadn’t found another pussy that could squeeze my dick the way hers could. “Tell me who this pussy belongs to, Lynn. Whose pussy is this?”

“Oh my God, it’s yours, Mir. It’s yours!”

“Oh, so now it’s mine, huh? This wet ass pussy belongs only to me?”


“So you gon’ stop fucking playing and tell the world about us, right?”


Hearing that, I halted my movements and fisted her hair again. My lips were at her ear when I spoke… Nah… Growled.

“I’m not playing, Lynnae. I’m not gon’ be yo’ muthafuckin’ secret no fucking more. You hear me? Ima for real take this dick away from you if you don’t stop playing with me, ma.”

And I wholeheartedly meant that shit.

Lynnae wasn’t going to continue having access to my dick and my heart without completely giving me all of her.

I was over that bullshit.

Pre-order today on Amazon!


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