Cover Reveal – #NaughtyNovember

I think it’s safe to say BLP has taken over the Erotica chart this month with #NaughtyNovember. Not only do we have three releases lined up for this week… but we also have FIVE lined up for next week. That’s right FIVE. They are…

11/26 – Forever, I’m Yours – ShanicexLola

I never imagined ‘forever’ could have a face until I saw him.

Then, a domineering whisper in my ear contained the capacity to rule my world.

His deep baritone was the beginning of a profound obsession—an irresistible mirage that turned into my incontestable truth.

I never thought I could love someone like him. He was foul-mouthed, demanding, and far from the standard I preferred.

Then he caressed me, and I became hooked.


11/27 – Never Had it Like This – Lex. C

“It was erotic and awakened a primal sense of ownership. She brought out an unfamiliar feeling inside of me… need.” – Macier

Yazlin Vickers finds herself making a quick escape from her office building after a suspicious man barges in demanding to see her. With a father who is into both legal and illegal business dealings, anyone could be after her. Yazlin worked hard to put as much distance between her father’s lifestyle and hers as she could, but the ill choices he’s made have come back to bite both of them, and she lands in close proximity of a man who might be her only chance at a getaway.

Macier Matthews. Mace, by trade, is notorious for moving in the shadows of the most ruthless figures offering the highest payouts. With nothing to lose but his spot on the first flight off of U.S. ground, he embarks on an arrangement that might not only cost him his ticket out but his heart as well.

When these two worlds collide, an escape might be the only thing Yazlin and Macier can provide each other. That escape just might not be the kind either of them expected.


11/28 – The One He Needs – A. Marie Johnson 

“Don’t fall in love with me because I won’t be good for you.” —Bria


After being hurt by one terrible man after another, Bria Willis’ heart has been shattered and is unrepairable in her mind. Her trust issues have made her vow to swear off relationships completely, but deep down she knows her heart is in need of a good man.


The once perfect relationship Keyon Jones shared with his ex-girlfriend changed dramatically overnight and left him with a broken heart and a promise to be a player for the rest of his days, but whether he wants to admit it or not, deep down he knows he is in need of a woman who will love him and never leave.


Sounds like they’re the perfect match, doesn’t it?

Too bad getting together won’t be an easy task for the two.


Bria and Keyon’s broken hearts and trust issues limit their wills to love again and leave them with the choice to love or to lose each other. Which one will they choose?



11/29 – Every Kind of Way – A. Jones


Have you ever found yourself in a relationship out of convenience? A relationship that made sense, but didn’t necessarily make you feel good? You know the ones you tell yourself is for the best because… who wants to be seventy and alone?

That was Marley. 

Marley and Drexel had been dating for two years, and best friends for even longer. On paper they made sense, on paper they were the ideal goals, but in her heart, she knew they were never supposed to be. 

Drexel didn’t give her butterflies. He didn’t make her heart race. Her body flush with heat or her sex thump. No, he didn’t ignite her desire. He didn’t make her choose recklessness over common sense. Risk over safety. 

No one man could do that and do it so well. Well…

Demetri Savant.

The walking embodiment of pure unadulterated sex. The only man to make her abandon every bit of her morals. The only person to singlehandedly challenge the life she settled for. He was a risk she craved, but she was used to safety. 

Torn between her heart and hurting another. What will Marley choose? Better yet, who will she choose?

11/30 – Well… that’s a B. Love potential release. The only way to know for sure is to sign up for her mailing list by clicking here or texting AUTHORBLOVE to 22828 or liking her Facebook page here to find out 🙂

We hope you’re hanging on and ready for the final ride!



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