That’s What It’s Made For – Final Sneak Peek

Tomorrow, D. Rose returns with “That’s What It’s Made For.”



“Every kiss he placed on my bare skin elicited a moan I’d never heard before. Every spot that came in contact with his lips felt like a new type of euphoria. I’d never reacted this way to a man’s touch. Ever.” – Isha

Isha Williams needed an escape from her overwhelming senior year. After months of being buried in her studies, she seeks a thrill to brighten up her dull world.

Kameron Davis appeared at the right place, at a perfect time. He was instantly attentive to her every want and need, willing to evoke pleasure that was out of her norm.

What was supposed to be one fun night of lust and pleasure turned into something more. Problem is, she just wants to keep it as the fling they’ve created. Will Kameron be able to convince her that they can be more? Or will Isha deny him the fulfillment he needs?

Sneak peek


She looked me in my eyes and said, “Don’t start something you can’t finish.” Her tone was flirty, but I knew she was serious. Her bottom lip was pulled between her teeth again making her look innocent. My brows shot up at her blunt response. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting such a bold response from her.

Leaning down, I whispered in her ear, “You have no idea what I would do to you.” And I meant that. The positions I wanted to see her in had me ready to take her back to my hotel room.

“I wanna know,” she purred in my ear. “Matter fact, I want you to show me.” She ran her index finger down my chest and didn’t stop until she reached my belt.

“You sure about that, baby girl?” I ran my nose down her neck inhaling her sweet floral scent. Chills appeared on her skin when I grazed my lips over her neck. I pulled back when I heard her moan. Her moan, I could listen to it all night. She tilted her head back, lightly brushing her lips against mine.

“I’m very sure,” she said against my lips. Licking my bottom lip, I took a step back from her. It took everything in me not to take her bottom lip and suck it.

Get ready to read the rest of this story tomorrow!


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