Final Sneak Peek – To New Heights

Tomorrow, S. Revër returns with “To New Heights.”

Liz Taylor knows exactly what it means to get it out the mud. With her brother serving a long prison sentence and an alcoholic as a mother, Liz had to figure out how to rise above and become the successful doctor she always dreamed of being.

Tatum Stevens isn’t familiar with not getting what he wants. When he sets his eyes on Scarlett, the sexy alter ego of Liz, he has to have her by any means necessary. After a night of bliss, Liz disappears, and with no number or way to find her Tatum moves on.

With a new club venture on the horizon, he needs his number one girl. What happens when the lines between business and pleasure are blurred and the flame that was ignited years ago comes back full force holding each of them captive?

When things gets too hot will Liz run again, or will she finally realize there’s only one person who can take her mind, body, and soul to new heights?



I needed to sit down and collect my thoughts before work tomorrow. Going into the kitchen, I grabbed my wine glass and poured me a nice glass of Stella Rosa Black. After double checking my locks and cutting my alarm on, I walked into my bathroom. I went over to my cabinet, because I needed my lavender and peppermint oil for my bath tonight.

I stepped into the tub and slowly sunk into the water. My entire body shook as it relaxed against the back of the tub. I inclined my head and allowed my eyes to close as the heat massaged my tired joints. I thought back on the events of this weekend, and without my permission heat started to rise in my body.

It ignited a desire so strong it was unbearable. I took my right hand and slid it under the water and massaged my pearl. Images of Tatum popped into my head causing me to insert two fingers into my p*. My stomach tightened. I felt my release coming.

“Mmm, Tatum,” I moaned as my essence coated my fingers. I slowly slid them out as my body sunk further into the floor of the tub. I caught my breath before I stepped out to take a shower. As I drained the water my phone rung. I walked over to it to see who it was.

“Oh shit.” It’s Tatum facetiming me. With my towel wrapped around me, I slid my finger across the screen to accept the call.

“Yes, Tatum.” I leaned against the sink counter. His face popped on the screen, and I smiled. It looked like he was being slightly propped up with his pillows with his left arm behind his head.

“Why you look like that,” he asked with his eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face. I glanced up to look at the mirror, and sure enough my face looked flushed. I had the I just got f* eyes.

“Liz, did you touch something that doesn’t belong to you?” He positioned himself on the bed which gave me a better view of him. He didn’t have on a shirt, and his chest was on full display. My body reacted before I could stop it. I clenched my thighs together to stop the pressure from building as I watched him lick his lips.

Read more… tomorrow!


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