Final sneak peek – Forever I’m Yours

Tomorrow, ShanicexLola returns with Forever I’m Yours. Here’s one final sneak peek before it goes live!


“Did you know that people around the office refer to you as an asshole?”

Cordell chuckled. “Yeah? Good thing they don’t know what I refer to them as.”

“Is there a reason you’re so mean?”

“Melody, I’m respected.” It was simply put. And it was true. 

Despite the whispers and complaints about him, Cordell’s persistence and hard-work had earned everyone’s respect in the office.

“Perhaps I’ve been mean to you for other reasons,” he added.

“Other reasons?” I scoffed. “My mother didn’t pound that weak shit in my head about a boy liking me if he’s mean to me. You want me, Cordell? You better man up and act like it. Besides, you’re just mean to everyone. You can’t help yourself. I’m not flattered.”

“You done?”

“For now.” I nodded in the darkness of my bedroom.

“I’ve done my research on you, Melody. I peep the good you offer. I know what you can do. The company needs you, not the other way around. They can pamper you around the office all day long, but I won’t. That shit won’t help you open your mouth to voice your opinion any more than you already do. I want you to speak up. That’s why I’ve been mean to you.”

A response to that wouldn’t form easily. I was at a loss for words, both turned on and embarrassed of everything I’d said before he explained himself.

“That still doesn’t give you the right to…”

Cordell’s laughter cut me off. “I didn’t say I had rights, yo. I’m just a bold ass nigga. Far from a boy who’s mean to you because he likes you. I’m a man who sees potential in the woman he’s wanted since she walked in the building six weeks ago.”

My tongue was heavy again. He’d just told me he wanted me to speak up but there I was, silent and lost. Lost in the assurance he’d provided on us noticing each other from the very start.

“It is what it is,” he concluded. “I’ll see you in the morning.”


“I wasn’t going anywhere without hearing you say goodbye.”


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