Final sneak peek – Never had it Like this

Hey! Tomorrow, Lex. C. returns with Never had it Like this! Enjoy this sneak peek and get ready for the ride!



“It was erotic and awakened a primal sense of ownership. She brought out an unfamiliar feeling inside of me… need.”  – Macier

Yazlin Vickers finds herself making a quick escape from her office building after a suspicious man barges in demanding to see her. With a father who is into both legal and illegal business dealings, anyone could be after her. Yazlin worked hard to put as much distance between her father’s lifestyle and hers as she could, but the ill choices he’s made have come back to bite both of them, and she lands in close proximity of a man who might be her only chance at a getaway.

Macier Matthews. Mace, by trade, is notorious for moving in the shadows of the most ruthless figures offering the highest payouts. With nothing to lose but his spot on the first flight off of U.S. ground, he embarks on an arrangement that might not only cost him his ticket out but his heart as well.

When these two worlds collide, an escape might be the only thing Yazlin and Macier can provide each other. That escape just might not be the kind either of them expected.

Sneak peek – Raw, explicit, erotic, and unedited.


Relief washed over her as her eyes misted and she reached up to hug me, but I took a step backward, startling her.

“Well damn, Mace. I just wanted to thank you.”

If she touched me, I would not only negotiate her p*y, I’d beg for that shit. After looking into her pleading eyes one more time, I said fuck it.

“Thank me by telling that me fucking you won’t be taking advantage of this situation, Yazlin. Tell me it’s not wrong that I’ve wanted to taste you more than anything I’ve craved in my life, ever since I left this room. Tell me it’s not fucked up that every time I get close to you, I can’t give two fucks about what you might be feeling about your father because our bodies keep speaking some loud ass language I can’t ignore. A language I feel like I won’t understand until…”

“It won’t.”

“What?” I pulled her closer to me by placing my hand against her neck, feeling her pulse travel through my body until my…

Get ready to read the rest tomorrow!



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