Final sneak peek – The One He Needs

Hey! Tomorrow, A. Marie Johnson returns with The One He Needs. Here’s one final sneak peek before this baby goes live tomorrow!



“Don’t fall in love with me because I won’t be good for you.” —Bria

After being hurt by one terrible man after another, Bria Willis’ heart has been shattered and is unrepairable in her mind. Her trust issues have made her vow to swear off relationships completely, but deep down she knows her heart is in need of a good man.

The once perfect relationship Keyon Jones shared with his ex-girlfriend changed dramatically overnight and left him with a broken heart and a promise to be a player for the rest of his days, but whether he wants to admit it or not, deep down he knows he is in need of a woman who will love him and never leave. 

Sounds like they’re the perfect match, doesn’t it?

Too bad getting together won’t be an easy task for the two.

Bria and Keyon’s broken hearts and trust issues limit their wills to love again and leave them with the choice to love or to lose each other. Which one will they choose?

Sneak peek


“Awww,” Bria cooed and nudged me on the shoulder. “That’s so sweet of you, Key. Truly.” She smiled and I smiled back at her goofy self. “You’re honestly not too bad of a man,” she said the last sentence underneath her breath but I heard it.

“What’s on your mind, Bria? Talk to me.”

“Why though? It’s not like either one of us is in a situation to act on how we may truthfully feel, Keyon. I’d never set myself up to be vulnerable for a man again. Real shit.” Bria looked into my eyes and the darkness in them was even darker than usual.

“Who hurt you, baby?”

“It doesn’t matter,” she spoke low. Lower than I’d ever heard her speak before. “I can’t love you, Keyon, and you can’t love me. So why don’t we just… call it a night, OK?”

Apart of me wanted to fight her on everything she’d said, but I knew she was absolutely right and correct. I couldn’t be the good man Bria needed, and the majority of me wouldn’t allow her to be the good woman I needed. Not right now.

Grabbing her gently by the chin, I searched her eyes until she closed them due to my intense stare. 

Placing passion-filled kisses against her jawline, I mumbled my words to her between each kiss. 

“I can’t be what you need, Bria, but in due time I can give you what you want. You want to be blessed with the best dick you’ve ever had in your life? I got you on that, but I can’t love you, baby. I’m not equipped to do that at this time and I hate that shit something serious, believe me.”

Kissing her cheek one last time, I stood up from the couch and told her what room she could sleep in and gave her a rundown on where anything she might need for the night would be before I left the living room. My chest felt heavier and heavier with each step I took away from her, but I knew me retiring for the night was the best thing for both of us.

Bria deserved to be loved correctly, without mistake or misjudgment, and I wasn’t the man to do that right now.

Get ready for tomorrow!


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