Final sneak peek – Every kind of Way

Hey! Tomorrow, A. Jones returns with Every Kind of Way. Enjoy this final sneak peek and get ready for tomorrow!



Have you ever found yourself in a relationship out of convenience? A relationship that made sense, but didn’t necessarily make you feel good? You know the ones you tell yourself is for the best because… who wants to be seventy and alone?

That was Marley.

Marley and Drexel had been dating for two years, and best friends for even longer. On paper they made sense, on paper they were the ideal goals, but in her heart, she knew they were never supposed to be.

Drexel didn’t give her butterflies. He didn’t make her heart race. Her body flush with heat or her sex thump. No, he didn’t ignite her desire. He didn’t make her choose recklessness over common sense. Risk over safety.

No one man could do that and do it so well. Well…

Demetri Savant.

The walking embodiment of pure unadulterated sex. The only man to make her abandon every bit of her morals. The only person to singlehandedly challenge the life she settled for. He was a risk she craved, but she was used to safety.

Torn between her heart and hurting another, what will Marley choose? Better yet, who will she choose?

Sneak peek


“You gon’ replace that carpet?”
I stopped walking and looked up toward the door to find the person responsible for my soon to be walk off the deep end. This was wrong and somewhere in the recesses of my mind I knew that.
Swallowing deeply, I tried to find the words to say, but I couldn’t. My body wanted this so bad, but my mind was telling me to take my ass back to the elevator and I almost did it until he stepped into the hallway.
Basketball shorts loosely hung on his hips, black socks adorned his feet and Prada’s Luna Rossa lingered on his skin. I mentally kicked myself for knowing that scent. His scent. It was ingrained into my senses. So many times, I wanted to bury my face in his neck and stay there.
“Stop fighting this shit, Simone.”
He was invading my space and taking all my oxygen with him.
“Stop calling me, Simone.”
Backing me into the hallway wall he took my face in his hands, “I told you to only come if you were certain. You being here means that, correct?”
I thought it did, but I was second guessing myself. Getting lost in my head I questioned myself. I mean couldn’t too much come from this.
I hadn’t thought about him, my boyfriend for almost the last two years, the entire time until now and I questioned why that was. Why was I so willing to jump into another man’s bed without giving him a first or second thought?
Because I wasn’t happy and hadn’t been.
This was me trying to see if I was being completely unreasonable in our relationship or if there was in fact something more out there. That’s what I wanted to explore. I wanted to know deep down in my heart that I wasn’t settling but living life in all its abundance.
Even with all of that I still told Demetri, “I don’t think I can do this. I have a boyfriend, Demetri. You and I both know this isn’t right.”
Bringing his lips close to mine he said, “Woman, fuck that nigga. I ain’t worried about him.”
Smiling against his lips I asked, “Did you just semi quote my favorite movie?”
“I did.”
Another reason why we shouldn’t do this. This man knew me. What started off as us occasionally seeing each other in passing for work turned into us slowly getting to know each other. At least when we weren’t at each other’s throats, and I didn’t mean in a good way.
“I’m trying to give your body a series of blissful eruptions while making melodies out of your screams as you cream…on my d*k. Can I do that for you? Is that alright with you, Marley?”
Shaking my head, I disagreed. I had to at least try to put up a good fight even if my saluting nipples were telling him otherwise.

Are you ready for tomorrow?


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