Sneak Peek Sunday times 4!

Happy Sunday!

Here’s the release roundup for next week along sneak peeks!


12/18 – Say He’s The One – Monica Walters


Being a good girl has been engrained in Caricia Edwards’ psyche since she was an impressionable little girl. Her mother was sure to let her know the importance of self-love and respect. Those lessons brought her a long way. Recently graduating from college with an education degree and certificate to teach, she realizes just how lonely her life has been. While honoring the things her mom taught her, she finds herself wanting to be loved by someone other than herself. In walks Remo, the man whose present situation looks complicated, but whose presence stirs her to the core.

She does her best to resist him, but can she?

Remo Pierre’s upbringing was one of simplicity.  He grew up in a loving two-parent family where his father taught him to always treat his mother and sister with respect and that his mother is a Queen. So, being charming and respectful to women came easily to Remo. Never being a party animal or player, he always yearned for what his parents had, but hadn’t found his perfect complement. A chance encounter with Caricia changes all that.

While he has difficult circumstances, it doesn’t hinder his desire to make her his.

Love is something magical, especially at Christmas time. Remo and Caricia both realize that there is something special between them, even without knowing one another, however, their perfect attraction to one another doesn’t come without obstacles. Will they decide to let love win or allow those obstacles to defeat their possibilities?

“My mama said if I cooked that steak a certain way, you would be sucking my toes later.”
He looked up at me with a serious look on his face. “I’m sure this food is good, but it could taste like shit. I’d still suck your toes.” -Caricia and Remo


12/20 – Own It – C. Monet


Seveyn Noel Crisco has just had her world rocked by devastating news that could break even the strongest person down. Instead of wallowing in her sorrows and basking in humiliation she changes the plans and decides to take off on a flight with her girls to Trinidad.

What’s supposed to be a girl’s trip turns into so much more when she comes face to face with the owner of Island Raak. Not only is he paid, but he is soul snatching and panty dropping fine.

Raakesh Basset is a bad boy with words smooth like butter. The kicker is, his words match his actions, and Seveyn is left wondering if he can and will own her body if she gives him a chance. The two-day trip was supposed to be for fun, but there’s no fun in questioning if you should throw your already planned life out the window and own the moment or continue to allow your plans to play puppet master.

While they both are completely aware that they want each other, the feeling of running is ever so present. Will Seveyn succumb to Raakesh’s wishes, or will she run back home because it’s not a part of the already laid out plan?

He leaned off the mortared bricks and came a little closer, “It could use some good food and a lot of fucking but nothing a lot of smiles and love from a real man can’t fix.” – Raakesh


12/21 – Until You Came Along – ShanicexLola

“I love him, but I love you too.” —Aumora Puri

Aumora Puri’s perspective of love was black and white until loving two men became her norm. Harboring beauty and brain brought options, and she was unwilling to choose the greater of the goods. Each day, she lived in fear of the inevitable, wondering if she should expose herself or await the universe to reveal her dirty secrets.

Hendrix Turner was a soulful charmer whom she never imagined she was starving for until approached. Handsome with a hustle that could intrigue any woman out of their time, it was hard to turn him down with competence that persistent. Hendrix was aware of Aumora’s role and the way she was playing it coy. He tried to make it easier on her by disappearing from her life to leave her with the one her heart began with, but true love couldn’t be escaped. Aumora was certain he was where her heart would end.

For these lovers, love had never been as perplexed as it was becoming. They learn how complicated things can get when love offers you two roads to travel.

*Please note, this is part one of a two part series that ends with a cliffhanger.

“Greater than loving you, Aumora, I appreciate the woman you are. I’m proud of you,” he whispered and gazed into my mahogany eyes. I swore he looked through me like he knew something. It was only my remorse eating away at me as he continued to stare at me.
He was sincerely in awe of me.
Resting my head on his chest to calm my racing heart, I held onto him as he guided me to the bed to lie down. Each time I closed my eyes, Hendrix invaded my thoughts. I wondered if he’d realized I was missing from his side yet, and if he did, I couldn’t be sure if he’d tried to contact me to tell me how he felt about it.
I kept my phone stashed away when I was with Kingston. Though I definitely had something to hide, keeping our phones at a distance while we spent time together was important to us. We promised to focus on each other when we were together, trying our hardest to limit distractions no matter how much he was on call for his brothers and their family business.
In all, there wasn’t much I could complain about. Kingston took care of us while I worked hard on my personal goals to make it worth his while. There was just something about Hendrix that placed a detour in our growth. I wanted him despite my truth, and I couldn’t help it.
I wanted them both.
Whispering sweet sentiments in my ear as he held me closely, Kingston’s hard dick pressed against my ass, helping me feel secure. It was how we slept every night. I used to feel every bit of content knowing he was near. These days, I just wanted my leg thrown around Hendrix’s waist. His touch brought more comfort.
Overthinking every piece of my position with both men, I prayed for a sign until I drifted asleep to the sound of Hendrix’s baritone in my head. It drowned out whatever Kingston was saying to me as he held me in his arms.
Hendrix’s voice was the loudest thing in my head.


12/22 – The Light of Christmas – S. Revêr


Have you ever met someone who hated Christmas so much he could be classified as the modern-day Grinch?

Meet Nolan Scott a successful owner of a multi-million-dollar marketing farm. Every year, his company throws their annual Christmas Gala in honor of his parents who were killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve five years ago. With the hurt, pain, and guilt weighing down on him, the once bright-eyed Nolan is no more. Tired of this never-ending cycle, his best friend Jeremiah decides to put an end to it all. Finding the perfect person he thought would bring the light back to Nolan’s life, he hires the co-owner of J&J Designs.

Jehlani Wilson loves everything Christmas. With one goal in mind, she sets her sights on nailing the perfect Christmas Gala for J&J Designs. There’s only one problem – Nolan Scott. With her eyes set on a new challenge, Jehlani puts together a plan to kill two birds with one stone.

Will Nolan finally let go of the hurt and commit to the promise he made his mom? Or will he allow it to continue to control him and potentially miss out on something truly special?

Take this journey as we find out if Jehlani can bring the light of Christmas back into Nolan’s life.

The rest of the morning after the meeting with Jehlani went by extremely slow. She crowded my mind, invaded my thoughts to the point where I could remember every little detail about her. From the way her forehead would crease when my actions got to her to the way her eyes lit up at the thought of Christmas. Even her smell. She smelled like vanilla and honey.  – Nolan

Buckle up for the ride!



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